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Belief in Conspiracies Linked to Machiavellian Mindset

Len Colby

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Equating belief that 9-11 was an inside job, or that the moon landings were faked with the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, MLK Jr., Paul Wellstone, etc is a terrible mistake. And very common.

The CIA takes great care in establishing cover stories, controlling investigations and covering up.

But you know what, have it your way. Julius Ceasar killed himself. Oswald acted alone. Reagan and Bush Sr. never knew about Iran Contra. It's all looney whackos with tin foil hats who think aliens are talking to them. All official stories are absolute truth. Whatever you say..........

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I suppose this thread is as good a place to link this story :


Bilderberg mystery: Why do people believe in cabals?

Hmmmm : "British Labour politician Denis Healey was a founding member"

Damn! I knew there was good reason to hate Labour!! probably why they keep forcing the UK unilaterally into joining the EU fully.


Edit : The comments are pretty good, too!


Francis power

4 Hours ago

The conspiracy theory is the exclusive preserve of the uninformed and disengaged. When you get academics indulging in them it usually speaks of a personal bitterness at not being invited to join something. As for the rest of us, anybody who has ever had anything to do with the allegedly 'powerful' knows perfectly well that nobody is that organised.

lol. "Bitterness" :hotorwot

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