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Looking for Sergio Arcacha Smith

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Not everything, but here's a few significant dates from my files:

January 22, 1923: Sergio Vicente Arcacha Smith born in Havana

April 1945: Comes to US to attend college in Texas

1951: returns to Cuba, joins diplomatic service. First assignment to Bombay, India. Marries Sheila Duarte, a native of Pakistan.

1954: Assistant Manager of Lago Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela

1957-1960: lives in New York City, Miami, Havana.

August 23, 1960: Leaves Cuba for good. Travels to New York City, New Orleans

October 1960: Arrives in Miami

November 1960: Sent by Manuel Antonio de Varona y Loredo, as New Orleans Delegate of Frente Revolucionario Democratico. Secures office in room 207, Balter Building

December 5, 1960: Arcacha and Manuel Eleuterio Quesada Castillo check-in with New Orleans FBI office.

December 22, 1960: NO States Item report that Arcacha is new FRD delegate in New Orleans

December 23, 1960: Arcacha contacts Rafael Goyeneche of International Export Packers about obtaining bazookas and small boat for FRD

February 2, 1961: Arcacha interviewed by FBI SAs Regis L. Kennedy and Ernest C. Wall Jr. about FRD. Arcacha tells them Guy Banister is running name checks on prospective members, and on Cubans at LSU

April 1961: FBI report that Carlos Marcello has offered Arcacha money, in return for gambling concessions in post-invasion Cuba

Late April 1961: Arcacha, who had been lukewarm to FRD volunteer David Ferrie since November, becomes very close to Ferrie, who helps reinvigorate New Orleans FRD.

May 12, 1961: FBI Baton Rouge contacted by VFW about desirability of Arcacha addressing convention on 6/24/61

May 13, 1961: Arcacha flown to Miami in Ferrie's plane by Hugh Ward, to meet Bay of Pigs survivors. Meets Julian Buznedo Castellanos, Carlos Lopez and Endrik Ceijas, invites them to New Orleans

May 15, 1961: Buznedo, Lopez, Ceijas arrive in NO, move in with Arcacha at his home at 112 Egret Street. Ferrie and Buznedo hit it off, Ferrie gives flying time to Buznedo.

June 1961: Ferrie friend Alexander H. Landry Jr. joins Ferrie, Arcacha and others at Arcacha's home to view films of Bay of Pigs invasion

June 14, 1961: Ferrie brings Arcacha to meet Herb WagnerJr. about a loan. They mention "Operation Mosquito"

June 27, 1961: Ferrie speech to Exchange Club at Sheraton Charles Hotel. Arcacha introduces Ferrie to Jack S. Martin Sr. in coffee shop

July 18, 1961: Arcacha letter to Eastern Air Lines general manager Captain Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, asking leave of absence for Ferrie to help FRD

August 17-18, 1961: Arcacha intervenes on Ferrie's behalf in police matter involving Ferrie and runaway boy, Al Landry. Ferrie arrested, Arcacha begins severing relationship.

Early September 1961: Arcacha apparently involved in pickup of armaments at bunker in Houma, LA

September 18, 1961: Arcacha reports to FBI about being approached by 2 Americans to obtain arms. Possible reference to Houma

September 1961: Arcacha introduces Ferrie to Carlos Crusto Quiroga. Quiroga has heard of morals arrests and dislikes Ferrie.

October 1961: Arcacha introduces Ferrie to Dr. Carlos Jose Bringuier, who has also heard of morals arrests and dislikes Ferrie.

October 9, 1961: Arcacha contacts FBI, tells them FRD has been bsorbed into Cuban Revolutionary Council. He has vacated Balter Building, moving group temporarily to his home.

October 12, 1961: Arcacha put in touch with Sam Mike Newman by Jack Martin, rents Suite 6 at 544 Camp Street for CRC at $50. monthly (but does not pay his rent).

October 30, 1961: Arcacha gives certificate of appreciation to Martin

Late November 1961: Arcacha moves to Parkchester Apartments

November 26, 1961: Arcacha approaches PR man Ronny Caire about funraising for CRC.

December 1961: Arcacha hosts organizational meeting of Crusade to Free Cuba at Hotel Monteleone. One idea is to sell Bay of Pigs commemorative coins

January 20, 1962: Arcacha fired by CRC due to mismanagement, in coin scam and failure to disassociate from Ferrie. Luis Ravel becomes new CRC delegate

February 9, 1962: Ravel moves CRC out of 544 Camp Street, to his home, owing 5 months rent ($250.)

February 12, 1962: Arcacha hired by Ronnie Caire as PR man.

April 2, 1962: Arcacha applies for political asylum in US, granted April 11

July-August 1962: Arcacha travels to Mexico. Uses false name, irritating Ronny Caire

September 18, 1962: Caire fires Arcacha

September 28, 1962: Arcacha borrows car from Joseph L. Milla, fails to return it

October 20, 1962: Arcacha moves to Miami

December 20, 1962: Arcacha settles in Tampa

January 1, 1963: Arcacha's wife loses baby shortly after birth

January 14, 1963: Arcacha moves to Houston. Calls Milla, tells him car is in Miami

March 1, 1963: Arcacha begins employment at Calvin Clausel marketing company in Houston, selling air conditioners

May 1963: Because Clausel will not meet salary, Arcacha becomes Assistant Manager of America Hotel in Houston

August 1963: Clausel lures Arcacha back with salary.

Late 1963: Arcacha begins talks with Climatic Air of Dallas.

June 10, 1964: Arcacha moves to Dallas to take job with Climatic Air

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