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Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden 'dead'

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Do you really expect these walls of text posted above to convince anyone? I mean do you really expect anyone not already in the choir to skim it, if they bother to look at it at all?



Burke doesn't back gaal's theories see previous post.


MOST KEY OF ALL , MOST KEY OF ALL , MOST KEY OF ALL.....MOST KEY OF ALL....most.... most... AND NOW YOU KNOW 911............now u know 911........... :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:


The Pentagon’s secret alliance with Islamic elements allowed Mujahideen fighters to be ‘flown into Bosnia:

How we trained al-Qa’eda

by Brendan O’Neill

The Spectator September 13, 2003

www.globalresearch.ca 13 September 2003

The URL of this article is: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/ONE309A.html

The author only provided citations for two of his claims:

“As part of the Dutch government’s inquiry into the Srebrenica massacre of July 1995, Professor Cees Wiebes of Amsterdam University compiled a report entitled ‘Intelligence and the War in Bosnia’, published in April 2002. In it he details the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamic groups from the Middle East, and their efforts to assist Bosnia’s Muslims. By 1993, there was a vast amount of weapons- smuggling through Croatia to the Muslims, organised by ‘clandestine agencies’ of the USA, Turkey and Iran, in association with a range of Islamic groups that included Afghan mujahedin and the pro-Iranian Hezbollah. Arms bought by Iran and Turkey with the financial backing of Saudi Arabia were airlifted from the Middle East to Bosnia – airlifts with which, Wiebes points out, the USA was ‘very closely involved’.”


“According to a report in the Los Angeles Times in October 2001, from 1992 as many as 4,000 volunteers from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, ‘known as the mujahedin’, arrived in Bosnia to fight with the Muslims.”

The second barely qualifies as a citation without an exact date, author name, or article title tracking down the supposed article would be quite time consuming if at all possible if the report ever existed. Despite the fact that Oct 2001 articles from the paper are indexed it does not appear in a Google News search.


These problems aside the article did not really live up to its title because the author didn’t produce evidence the US trained AQ as opposed to other Islamist groups. And his thesis certainly was NOT the one Gaal is pushing i.e. that the US was in cahoots with AQ after the Bosnia conflict let alone “that Al Qaeda is not an "outside enemy" but rather a creation of the US military-intelligence apparatus”. Rather his theory was that “a cool analysis of today’s disparate Islamic terror groups, created in Afghanistan and emboldened by the Bosnian experience, would do much to shed some light on precisely the dangers of such intervention.”

The mystery surrounding the death of John O'Neill:

The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11

by Chaim Kupferberg

This risible essay suffers from a number of fatal flaws:

1) The principle of which is that it cites no sources.

2) Any theory that O’Niell was marked to be killed in the WTC collapse has to explain how the plotters could be sure he would stay in the towers evacuating people till they collapsed

3) An even bigger hole is that he was one of the main if not the principle government official preoccupied with the danger presented by AQ the plotters would have no reason to want to kill him. IF he had survived he obviously would have been one of the most vocal and well informed experts point his finger at them.

It also has some factual errors for example:

“Another anomaly: on the very day that the ISI Chief was in deep consultation at the Pentagon, Ahmed Shah Massoud, the head of the Afghani Northern Alliance - a cultishly popular figure within that group, and a mortal foe of Pakistan's ISI - was assassinated by two terrorists posing as cameramen. Keeping in mind the fact that, throughout the '90's, American leaders such as Clinton, and American companies such as Unocal, were largely throwing their support over to the Taliban in opposition to the Northern Alliance (or United Front), it seems rather convenient that, in the aftermath of 9/11, the way was now cleared for the Northern Alliance to be co-opted as an instrument for setting up a more pliant Afghani government (now headed, incidentally, by a former consultant to Unocal).”

No evidence was provided for any of these claims and the paragraph contradicts itself going from claiming the US backed the Taliban to claiming they staged 9/11 to over throw them. The evidence that Karzai was “a former consultant to Unocal” is weak. The only source for this claim was an article in Le Monde which claimed without attribution that he was a consultant for them “fut un moment” (‘for a moment’/ briefly). This does not appear in his bios and was denied by both parties. The claim makes little sense because none of his other bios (that I’ve seen at least) indicate he ever lived in the US and the French paper indicated he consulted for the company after finishing his studies in India; but he got his master’s there and moved from the country in 1983 when the country was still very much under Soviet control and even worse for the theory the areas where the natural gas is was part of the USSR.




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To be honest I’m not 100% convinced OBL was killed a few days ago

That's interesting. Why do you say that?

When I said I’m not 100% sure I meant that I’m only about 95% sure. No body, no photos, no videos, no witness statements etc. Now there are explanations for all that but I have small measure of doubt.

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http://www.serbianna.com/columns/mb/032.shtml see review below


BOOK REVIEW: Al-Qaida's Jihad in Europe

The battle al-Qaeda hasn’t lost yet

By M. Bozinovich

Despite the reliance on dubious analysts and inconsequential quotes designed to favor Bosnian Muslims, Al-Qaida's Jihad in Europeis an important read on the contribution of Bosnian Muslims to the international Islamic terrorism.

Evan Kohlmann's book on Al-Qaeda in Bosnia will, in all likelihood, become an unspoken taboo by the journalists and the media because it renders many of them idiots, particularly the ones who have invested a vast effort in manufacturing a romantic image of Bosnian Muslims struggling for "national" independence and, perhaps intentionally, ignoring the Bosnian hospitality to the al-Qaeda seeking to establish a stronghold in Europe.

With only one brief big media mention, Kohlmann's Al-Qaeda's Jihad In Europe: The Afghan-Bosnian Network is already showing signs, much like the Cees Wiebes' book on spies in Bosnia, that any research on al-Qaeda in Bosnia is a mortal violation of the manufactured wisdom and thus deserving of a blackout in the media.

'I found there was much sympathy for the Bosnian Muslims, especially among journalists; and sometimes I think there is an inclination to silence things that do not fit with their view of the war.' concludes Cees Wiebes who's Intelligence and the War in Bosnia 1992-1995 explores a vast body of facts, including confidential interviews with high-level diplomats and military personnel whose stories question many of the prevailing dogma about that war. 'Some people seem pissed off that I did not take sides over the war in Bosnia. I suppose I was more interested in reporting all of the facts.'

While Wiebes' book examines multinational archives and had an unprecedented access to them because of the diplomatic stamp his Dutch government gave to him (in the interest of finding the truth on Srebrenica), Kohlmann's effort is more modest! The author examines virtually every public document where the word Bosnia is even remotely mentioned and attempts to make a comprehensible whole. Kohlmann connects, superbly, all the al-Qaeda publicly known dots on Bosnia and makes a readable whole of it. His references and bibliography, for example, are just as interesting as the narrative they produce.

Narrative of the Bloody

Whereas Wiebes describes how Iran, and other Muslim states, helped bring al-Qaeda to Bosnia under the watchful eye of Clinton whose policy of 'no instruction' on this matter in effect approved of it, Kohlmann does not shy away from narrating what these blood thirsty killers for Allah actually did in Bosnia.

- In 1992 a 13-year old Croatian was stopped by three al-Qaeda killers who cut off the ring finger of the boy's right hand.

- An American surgeon from California found that irregular Muslim soldiers, including al-Qaeda... routinely performed crude, disfiguring, non-medial circumcision of Bosnian Serb soldiers.

- In 1993, al-Qaeda seized a Croat village of Miletici and proceeded to slaughter the villagers. One survivor, an 83-year-old Pavolic recalled the massacre, as 'their blood gushed out, it was collected in a bowl and ladled back over their heads as they died.'

- Videotapes circulate in Bosnia of the 'interrogation' of Serb prisoners that show them being held like animals and starved for days... Serb detainees were given knifes and ordered to kill each other... 'once they fell from wounds, Mujahadeen would decapitate them, with cleavers and chainsaws, and those who were still alive were forced to kiss severed heads that were later nailed to the tree trunks. Videos of these executions were sold in the store of the Zavidovici municipal "Cultural Hall."

Based in Zenica, the al-Qaeda members initially joined the Bosnian Muslim army on the ad-hoc basis but later were reorganized as a special, all-foreigners, unit within the Bosnian Muslim army. According to many sources cited by Kohlmann, the al-Qaeda was supported by the Bosnian government and was dully given Zenica's large Vatrostalna Factory building as a base for their training and other terrorist operations.

The city of Zenica was also a host to the unidentified inbound military flights that were loaded with military supplies for the Bosnian Muslims, thus presumably this al-Qaeda unit also received some of it. Cengic family that Wiebes describes as “mafia” with deep connections with Iranian intelligence controlled the airfield. Wiebes mentions anonymous Pentagon sources confidently citing General Wesley Clark as a concerned general on a phone daily with Bosnian Muslim general in Sarajevo going over intelligence debriefings on these matters as well as general daily military matters.

"The Dayton Accords had specifically mandated that the Bosnian government expel soldiers who were not of 'local origin'. In order to evade this provision, Izetbegovic's regime simply issued thousands of passports, birth certificates..." writes Kohlmann. According to one State Dept. official, the mujahadeen 'would get boxes of blank passports and just print them up themselves'.

Bosnian leadership was so confident in its aid and comfort to the al-Qaeda that the Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic arrogantly dismissed all of the Washington's pressure to remove the Jihadists.

Illustrates Kohlmann: "... Richard Holbrooke was dispatched on an urgent diplomatic trip to Bosnia... Holbrooke met with [Muslim] President Alija Izetbegovic in Sarajevo to stress 'the absolute critical need' for the Bosnian government to remove any vestiges" of mujahadeen. Clinton suggested that Muslims would lose $200 million in aid if they don't and Izetbegovic nodded and understood the American concern.

By late 2000, the "Clinton administration was presented with a classified... report on the Bosniak issue; it warned of a problem of such size and scope that it 'shocked everyone'" so Albright was dispatched to talk to Izetbegovic and in 10 to 12 meetings with him, recounts a State Department official, he was told that "the entire U.S.-Bosnia relationship will change from friends to adversaries" if foreign mujahadeen is not removed out of Bosnia.

Izetbegovic later turned up in Zenica to preside over a Bosnian army military parade where "10,000 Bosnian troops and several allied 'elite units' (including foreign mujahadeen) marched in front of Izetbegovic and his commanders shouting Allahu Akhbar! and 'American tanks will not scare us!" Later, Izetbegovic wrote an angry letter to his senatorial friends, Bob Dole and Joseph Lieberman, that it is "incompatible with the moral principles of our people to expel the people [al-Qaeda] who fought on our side.”

So much for Clinton's attempts to remove al-Qaeda out of Bosnia.

"Ultimately," wisely concludes Kohlmann, "American and European demands for the Bosnians to cast out their former Arab-Afghan allies went substantially unfulfilled until even after 11 September 2001. By then it was already too late - generations of new foreign mujahadeen were given safe haven, training, financing and ideological inspiration by supposedly demobilized Al-Qaeda fighters hiding in Bosnia."

Two of the Bosnian mujahadeen in the 1995 Bosnian Muslim army were Saudis Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. In 2001 they played an organizing role in the Sept. 11 attacks and died on the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

Faulty Epilogue

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the democratically elected Bosnian Muslim government gave aid and comfort to Al-Qaeda, Kohlmann capriciously attempts to disassociate this guilt by citing a rather inconsequential and often ridiculous statements that Bosnian Muslims are not guilty of shielding al-Qaeda because they are European and that, for example, Bosnian Muslims drink liquor and want to have sex with European girls.

A typical ridiculous example of this whitewash is the quote at the beginning of Chapter 10 that cites a Bosnian Muslim soldier as saying "We are European. I love to drink and I like seeing women in mini-skirts." ... a condescending definition of the European culture as drunk perverts as much as it is ridiculous.

Author's choice of condescending quotes of these type are compounded by his choice of repetitive paraphrase of a "Balkan expert" Stephen Schwartz as a supposed final authority on the matters Balkan. Schwartz, whose wife was a prostitute, is an ex-Trotskyite Jewish convert to Islam now calling himself Suleyman Ahmad and has made solemn vows to Islimicize Bosnia and Kosovo: "As I have told others, the remainder of my years will be dedicated to service of Allah. I have personally pledged to do all I can to help rebuild the masajid of Bosnia and Kosova.” writes this Balkan expert who is also keen on concealing his Muslim identity from the public.

Despite the unfortunate that Kohlmann mars its potent analytical narrative with dubious analysts and inconsequential quotes, an astute reader should be able to conclude that Clinton chose a wrong ally in Bosnia, that he did not do anything to prevent the metastasis of al-Qaeda in Europe and his policy of 'no instruction' was in effect a pro-terrorist favor to Osama bin Laden whose terrorist network now includes the Balkans.

Richard Clarke's statement at the back cover of the Kohlmann's book should instead read: "The definitive account of a battle Al-Qaeda" hasn't lost yet, in "their attempt to add Bosnia and Kosovo to their Caliphate."

M. Bozinovich

About the Author

M. Bozinovich currently teaches Mathematics and holds degrees in Political Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics and Pedagogy.




another source

SEE LINK ( now just below from said link) http://www.mondialisation.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=750

DIA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>US policy in Bosnia endangered safe zones by opposing UN requests to provide enough personnel to demilitarize these endaves and by facilitating illegal arms shipments to Muslim forces through C-130 Hercules night time deliveries to the Tuzla airport. The US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) led this operation which also welcomed mujahedin fighters allied with al-Qaida, according to Prof. Cees Wiebes, who wrote the intelligence section of the Dutch Government report on Srebrenica.



FROM FREE REPUBLIC BLOG>>>>>Two of the fighters who took part in defending Bosnian Muslims from Serbs and Croats in 1995 were young Saudis named Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. They went on to play an organizing role in the Sept. 11 attacks and died on the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon.<<<<<

There is more:

* Mohammed Haydar Zammar, the man who recruited key 9-11 hijacker, Mohammad Atta, to the Al-Qaeda network, based his terrorist activities in Bosnia. Zammar also brought two of Atta's lieutenants into the Al-Qaeda network, namely Ramzi Binalshibh and Said Bahaji.

Two major terrorist organizations, al-Qaeda and the Egypt-based Islamic Jihad, formally merged into one. This completes a merging process that had been going on for years (see August 11-20, 1988, December 1, 1996-June 1997, and February 22, 1998). The technical name of the new entity is Qaeda al-Jihad, though it is widely called al-Qaeda.

>>>>>>> Bin Laden visits Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic in Sarajevo. He sponsors

and more info on video here


Edited by Steven Gaal
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Karzai's ISI-CIA-Unocal Nexus

OCT 7 - Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai is a former associate of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and he worked for it when the agency had its horns locked with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, a former ISI official disclosed in an interview in Qatar, reported its leading daily the Peninsula today.

“Mr Karzai had been with us during the entire Jihad. He was commissioned with me. Not only him — his brother, his father — all of them were working with us — I know the whole family,” revealed former ISI officer Col (Retd) Shuja Khanzada in the interview.

“They (Karzai's) used to call on me every week for instructions. Today, he is talking rubbish,” he added.

Several sources, most notably the film Fahrenheit 9/11, have reported that Karzai once worked as a consultant for the oil giant Unocal.

Karzai has denied any such relationship.

The claim appears to have originated in the December 9, 2001 issue of the French newspaper Le Monde. It was also stated by the Christian Science Monitor.

In 1997, UNOCAL led an international consortium - Centgas - that reached a memorandum of understanding to build a $2 billion, 1,275-kilometer-long, 1.5-meter-wide natural-gas pipeline from Daulatabad in southern Turkmenistan to Karachi, via the Afghan cities of Herat and Kandahar, crossing into Pakistan near Quetta. A $600 million extension to India was also being considered. The dealings with the Taliban were facilitated by the Clinton administration and the ISI. But the civil war in Afghanistan would simply not go away. UNOCAL had to pull out. In this geostrategic grand design, the Taliban were the proverbial fly in the ointment.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth, a friend of Karzai's, has reportedly said that after the murder of his father, Karzai approached Washington with plans for leading resistance to the Taliban. "It did seem like a mission impossible," says Inderfurth, "because he'd be putting himself at great risk."

Karzai joined the struggle against the Soviets in 1982 and became director of operations of the Afghan National Liberation Front (ANLF) building supply lines between anti-Soviet Afghan guerrillas and American backers - the CIA et al.

When the Taliban erupted on to Afghanistan's political scene in the early 1990s, Karzai initially supported them.

However, by late 1994 he had become suspicious of the movement, fearing it had been infiltrated and was controlled by foreigners, including Pakistanis and Arabs.

In 1997, Karzai joined many of his family members in the United States, from where he worked to reinstate King Zahir Shah.

When his father - a former parliamentary deputy - was assassinated in 1999 in Quetta, the murder was widely attributed to the Taliban. Karzai swore revenge by working to help overthrow them.

The assassination also saw Karzai enshrined as the head of the influential Popalzai clan with long links with Afghanistan's monarchy.

In the months following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Karzai worked with the United States to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan and muster support for a new government.

On Oct. 7, 2001 he "slipped" inside southern Afghanistan, recruiting tribal elders to join an anti-Taliban coalition. It was not long before the Taliban got on his trail. He escaped ambush and certain death by calling in U.S. forces who rescued him by helicopter. The U.S. says it whisked him out of the country; he insists he never left-- perhaps concerned about being seen as too close to the U.S.

In his recent visit to the US, Karzai complained to the Americans that the ISI was supporting the resurgent Taliban movement that controls much of southern Afghanistan today. His complaint came at the same time a report was published by the British Ministry of Defense, stating that the ISI has been fostering ties with “extremist” elements in the region. The document went so far as to propose the dismantling of the agency.

Former ISI official Khanzada brushed all these charges aside, pointing out that the timing of the back-to-back accusations revealed a visible pattern behind the sudden onslaught on the ISI. “This appears to be the sequel to the campaign launched by American media in 1992 when they wanted to clip the wings of the ISI,” he said.

Presenting the other side of the picture, Khanzada said: “The ISI is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. It has been tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the country’s integrity and sovereignty both domestically and internationally.

“The Afghan Jihad could never have been possible, leave alone successful, without the ISI. The bear-trap could never have been laid and the Soviet superpower could never have been brought to its knees had the ISI not planned, coordinated and conducted the Afghan resistance for 10 long years.

“The ISI is the same organization that defended the world from Soviet


Pipeline politics

Pipeline politics taint U.S. war

Chicago Tribune

Mar 18, 2002


Ahmed Rashid, who has reported on Afghan wars for more than 20 years as a correspondent for the Eastern Economic Review and the Daily Telegraph, carefully documents in his book how the U.S. and Pakistan helped install the Taliban in hopes of bringing stability to the war-ravaged region and making it safer for the pipeline project. Unocal pulled out of the deal after the 1998 terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were linked to terrorists based in Afghanistan.

Full Text:

An ongoing source of frustration and anger for many Americans is the lack of support the war on terrorism has received abroad. Other nations are considerably less enthusiastic about our use of “daisy cutter” and “thermobaric” bombs than we think they should be. Why is that?

One reason is their media. Stories alleging imperial and commercial motives for the war on terrorism are rife.

Outside this country, there is a widespread belief that U.S. military deployments in Central Asia mostly are about oil.

An article in the Guardian of London headlined, “A pro-western regime in Kabul should give the U.S. an Afghan route for Caspian oil,” foreshadowed the kind of skeptical coverage the U.S. war now receives in many countries.

“The invasion of Afghanistan is certainly a campaign against terrorism,” wrote author George Monbiot in the Oct. 22, 2001, piece, “but it may also be a late colonial adventure.”

He wrote that the U.S. oil company Unocal Corp. had been negotiating with the Taliban since 1995 to build “oil and gas pipelines from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and into Pakistani ports on the Arabian sea.” He cited Ahmed Rashid’s authoritative book “Taliban, Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia” as a source for this information.

Rashid, who has reported on Afghan wars for more than 20 years as a correspondent for the Eastern Economic Review and the Daily Telegraph, carefully documents in his book how the U.S. and Pakistan helped install the Taliban in hopes of bringing stability to the war- ravaged region and making it safer for the pipeline project. Unocal pulled out of the deal after the 1998 terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were linked to terrorists based in Afghanistan.

“The war against terrorism is a fraud,” exclaimed John Pilger in an Oct. 29 commentary in the British-based Mirror. Pilger, the publication’s former chief foreign correspondent, wrote, “Bush’s concealed agenda is to exploit the oil and gas reserves in the Caspian basin, the greatest source of untapped fossil fuel on earth.”

These harsh assessments are not just those of embittered ideologues. They are common fare. “Just as the Gulf War in 1991 was about oil, the new conflict in South and Central Asia is no less about access to the region’s abundant petroleum resources,” writes Ranjit Devraj in the Hong Kong-based Asia Times, a business- oriented publication.

A popular French book titled “Bin Laden, the Forbidden Truth,” which alleges that the Bush administration blocked investigations of Osama bin Laden while it bargained for him with the Taliban in exchange for political recognition and economic aid, is guiding much of the recent European coverage.

Written by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie, the book adds another plank to the argument that America’s major objective was to gain access to the region’s oil and gas reserves.

According to the book, the Bush administration began to negotiate with the Taliban immediately after coming into power. The parties talked for many months before reaching an impasse in August 2001.

The terrorist acts of Sept. 11, though tragic, provided the Bush administration a legitimate reason to invade Afghanistan, oust the recalcitrant Taliban and, coincidentally, smooth the way for the pipeline.

To make things even smoother, the U.S. engineered the rise to power of two former Unocal employees: Hamid Karzai, the new interim president of Afghanistan, and Zalmay Khalizad, the Bush administration’s Afghanistan envoy.

“Osama bin Laden did not comprehend that his actions serve American interests,” writes Uri Averny, in a Feb. 14 column in the daily Ma’ariv in Israel. Averny, a former member of the Israeli Knesset and a noted peace activist, added, “If I were a believer in conspiracy theory, I would think that bin Laden is an American agent. Not being one I can only wonder at the coincidence.”

Averny argues that the war on terrorism provides a perfect pretext for America’s imperial interests. “If one looks at the map of the big American bases created for the war, one is struck by the fact that they are completely identical to the route of the projected oil pipeline to the Indian Ocean.”

The Asia Times reported in January that the U.S. is developing “a network of multiple Caspian pipelines,” and that people close to the Bush administration stand to benefit.

For example, the proposed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, linking Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey, is represented by the law firm Baker & Botts. The principal attorney is James Baker, former secretary of state and chief spokesman for the Bush campaign in the Florida vote controversy.

In 1997, the now disgraced Enron Corp. conducted the feasibility study for the $2.5 billion Trans-Caspian pipeline being built under a joint venture between Turkmenistan, Bechtel Corp. and General Electric, the article noted.

There are many other connections, too numerous to recount here. No wonder the rest of the world is a bit skeptical about our war on evildoers.



fAhmed Wali Karzai, the half-brother of Afghanistan’s president and boss of the strategically important Kandahar province, has been on the CIA payroll for over a decade.

By the fall of 2008, Woodward says, “Ahmed Wali Karzai had been on the CIA payroll for years, beginning before 9/11. He had belonged to the CIA's small network of paid agents and informants inside Afghanistan. In addition, the CIA paid him money through his half-brother, the president.” (for how long?)




According to Afghan, Iranian, and Turkish government sources, Hamid Karzai, the interim Prime Minister of Afghanistan, was a top adviser to the El Segundo, California-based UNOCAL Corporation which was negotiating with the Taliban to construct a Central Asia Gas (CentGas) pipeline from Turkmenistan through western Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Karzai, the leader of the southern Afghan Pashtun Durrani tribe, was a member of the mujaheddin that fought the Soviets during the 1980s. He was a top contact for the CIA and maintained close relations with CIA Director William Casey, Vice President George Bush, and their Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Service interlocutors. Later, Karzai and a number of his brothers moved to the United States under the auspices of the CIA. Karzai continued to serve the agency's interests, as well as those of the Bush Family and their oil friends in negotiating the CentGas deal, according to Middle East and South Asian sources.

When one peers beyond all of the rhetoric of the White House and Pentagon concerning the Taliban, a clear pattern emerges showing that construction of the trans-Afghan pipeline was a top priority of the Bush administration from the outset. Although UNOCAL claims it abandoned the pipeline project in December 1998, the series of meetings held between U.S., Pakistani, and Taliban officials after 1998, indicates the project was never off the table.

Quite to the contrary, recent meetings between U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Wendy Chamberlain and that country's oil minister Usman Aminuddin indicate the pipeline project is international Project Number One for the Bush administration. Chamberlain, who maintains close ties to the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan (a one-time chief money conduit for the Taliban), has been pushing Pakistan to begin work on its Arabian Sea oil terminus for the pipeline.

Meanwhile, President Bush says that U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan for the long haul. Far from being engaged in Afghan peacekeeping -- the Europeans are doing much of that -- our troops will effectively be guarding pipeline construction personnel that will soon be flooding into the country.

Karzai's ties with UNOCAL and the Bush administration are the main reason why the CIA pushed him for Afghan leader over rival Abdul Haq, the assassinated former mujaheddin leader from Jalalabad, and the leadership of the Northern Alliance, seen by Langley as being too close to the Russians and Iranians. Haq had no apparent close ties to the U.S. oil industry and, as both a Pushtun and a northern Afghani, was popular with a wide cross-section of the Afghan people, including the Northern Alliance. Those credentials likely sealed his fate.

When Haq entered Afghanistan from Pakistan last October, his position was immediately known to Taliban forces, which subsequently pinned him and his small party down, captured, and executed them. Former Reagan National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane, who worked with Haq, vainly attempted to get the CIA to help rescue Haq. The agency claimed it sent a remotely-piloted armed drone to attack the Taliban but its actions were too little and too late. Some observers in Pakistan claim the CIA tipped off the ISI about Haq's journey and the Pakistanis, in turn, informed the Taliban. McFarlane, who runs a K Street oil consulting firm, did not comment on further questions about the circumstances leading to the death of Haq.

While Haq was not part of the Bush administration's GOP (Grand Oil Plan) for South Asia, Karzai was a key player on the Bush Oil team. During the late 1990s, Karzai worked with an Afghani-American, Zalmay Khalilzad, on the CentGas project. Khalilzad is President Bush's Special National Security Assistant and recently named presidential Special Envoy for Afghanistan. Interestingly, in the White House press release naming Khalilzad special envoy, no mention was made of his past work for UNOCAL. Khalilzad has worked on Afghan issues under National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, a former member of the board of Chevron, itself no innocent bystander in the future CentGas deal. Rice made an impression on her old colleagues at Chevron. The company has named one of their supertankers the SS Condoleezza Rice.

Khalilzad, a fellow Pashtun and the son of a former government official under King Mohammed Zahir Shah, was, in addition to being a consultant to the RAND Corporation, a special liaison between UNOCAL and the Taliban government. Khalilzad also worked on various risk analyses for the project.

Khalilzad's efforts complemented those of the Enron Corporation, a major political contributor to the Bush campaign. Enron, which recently filed for bankruptcy in the single biggest corporate collapse in the nation's history, conducted the feasibility study for the CentGas deal. Vice President Cheney held several secret meetings with top Enron officials, including its Chairman Kenneth Lay, earlier in 2001. These meetings were presumably part of Cheney's non-public Energy Task Force sessions. A number of Enron stockholders, including Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, became officials in the Bush administration. In addition, Thomas White, a former Vice Chairman of Enron and a multimillionaire in Enron stock, currently serves as the Secretary of the Army.

A chief benefactor in the CentGas deal would have been Halliburton, the huge oil pipeline construction firm that also had its eye on the Central Asian oil reserves. At the time, Halliburton was headed by Dick Cheney. After Cheney's selection as Bush's Vice Presidential candidate, Halliburton also pumped a huge amount of cash into the Bush-Cheney campaign coffers. And like oil cash cow Enron, there were Wall Street rumors in late December that Halliburton, which suffered a forty per cent drop in share value, might follow Enron into bankruptcy court.

Assisting with the CentGas negotiations with the Taliban was Laili Helms, the niece-in-law of former CIA Director Richard Helms. Laili Helms, also a relative of King Zahir Shah, was the Taliban's unofficial envoy to the United States and arranged for various Taliban officials to visit the United States. Laili Helms' base of operations was in her home in Jersey City on the Hudson River. Ironically, most of her work on behalf of the Taliban was practically conducted in the shadows of the World Trade Center, just across the river.

Laili Helms' liaison work for the Taliban paid off for Big Oil. In December 1997, the Taliban visited UNOCAL's Houston refinery operations. Interestingly, the chief Taliban leader based in Kandahar, Mullah Mohammed Omar, now on America's international Most Wanted List, was firmly in the UNOCAL camp. His rival Taliban leader in Kabul, Mullah Mohammed Rabbani (not to be confused with the head of the Northern Alliance Burhanuddin Rabbani), favored Bridas, an Argentine oil company, for the pipeline project. But Mullah Omar knew UNOCAL had pumped large sums of money to the Taliban hierarchy in Kandahar and its expatriate Afghan supporters in the United States. Some of those supporters were also close to the Bush campaign and administration. And Kandahar was the city near which the CentGas pipeline was to pass, a lucrative deal for the otherwise desert outpost.

While Clinton's State Department omitted Afghanistan from the top foreign policy priority list, the Bush administration, beholden to the oil interests that pumped millions of dollars into the 2000 campaign, restored Afghanistan to the top of the list, but for all the wrong reasons. After Bush's accession to the presidency, various Taliban envoys were received at the State Department, CIA, and National Security Council. The CIA, which appears, more than ever, to be a virtual extended family of the Bush oil interests, facilitated a renewed approach to the Taliban. The CIA agent who helped set up the Afghan mujaheddin, Milt Bearden, continued to defend the interests of the Taliban. He bemoaned the fact that the United States never really bothered to understand the Taliban when he told the Washington Post last October, "We never heard what they were trying to say... We had no common language. Ours was, 'Give up bin Laden.' They were saying, 'Do something to help us give him up.' "

There were even reports that the CIA met with their old mujaheddin operative bin Laden in the months before September 11 attacks. The French newspaper Le Figaro quoted an Arab specialist named Antoine Sfeir who postulated that the CIA met with bin Laden in July in a failed attempt to bring him back under its fold. Sfeir said the CIA maintained links with bin Laden before the U.S. attacked his terrorist training camps in Afghanistan in 1998 and, more astonishingly, kept them going even after the attacks. Sfeir told the paper, "Until the last minute, CIA agents hoped bin Laden would return to U.S. command, as was the case before 1998." Bin Laden actually officially broke with the US in 1991 when US troops began arriving in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. Bin Laden felt this was a violation of the Saudi regime’s responsibility to protect the Islamic Holy Shrines of Mecca and Medina from the infidels. Bin Laden’s anti-American and anti-House of Saud rhetoric soon reached a fever pitch.

The Clinton administration made numerous attempts to kill Bin Laden. In August 1998, Al Qaeda operatives blew up several U.S. embassies in Africa. In response, Bill Clinton ordered cruise missiles to be launched from US ships in the Persian Gulf into Afghanistan, which missed Bin Laden by a few hours. The Clinton administration also devised a plan with Pakistan's ISI to send a team of assassins into Afghanistan to kill Bin Laden. But Pakistan's government was overthrown by General Musharraf, who was viewed as particularly close to the Taliban. The CIA cancelled its plans, fearing Musharraf's ISI would tip off the Taliban and Bin Laden. . The CIA's connections to the ISI in the months before September 11 and the weeks after are also worthy of a full-blown investigation. The CIA continues to maintain an unhealthy alliance with the ISI, the organization that groomed bin Laden and the Taliban. Last September, the head of the ISI, General Mahmud Ahmed, was fired by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf for his pro-Taliban leanings and reportedly after the U.S. government presented Musharraf with disturbing intelligence linking the general to the terrorist hijackers.

General Ahmed was in Washington, DC on the morning of September 11 meeting with CIA and State Department officials as the hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Later, both the Northern Alliance spokesman in Washington, Haron Amin, and Indian intelligence, in an apparent leak to The Times of India, confirmed that General Ahmed ordered a Pakistani-born British citizen and known terrorist named Ahmed Umar Sheik to wire $100,000 from Pakistan to the U.S. bank account of Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker.

When the FBI traced calls made between General Ahmed and Sheik's cellular phone - the number having been supplied by Indian intelligence to the FBI - a pattern linking the general with Sheik clearly emerged. According to The Times of India, the revelation that General Ahmed was involved in the Sheik-Atta money transfer was more than enough for a nervous and embarrassed Bush administration. It pressed Musharraf to dump General Ahmed. Musharraf mealy-mouthed the announcement of his general's dismissal by stating Ahmed "requested" early retirement.

Sheik was well known to the Indian police. He was arrested in New Delhi in 1994 for plotting to kidnap four foreigners, including an American citizen. Sheik was released by the Indians in 1999 in a swap for passengers on board New Delhi-bound Indian Airlines flight 814, hijacked by Islamic militants from Kathmandu, Nepal to Kandahar, Afghanistan. India continues to believe the ISI played a part in the hijacking since the hijackers were affiliated with the pro-bin Laden Kashmiri terrorist group, Harkat-ul-Mujaheddin, a group only recently and quite belatedly placed on the State Department's terrorist list. The ISI and bin Laden's Al Qaeda reportedly assists the group in its operations against Indian government targets in Kashmir.

The FBI, which assisted its Indian counterpart in the investigation of the Indian Airlines hijacking, says it wants information leading to the arrest of those involved in the terrorist attacks. Yet, no move has been made to question General Ahmed or those U.S. government officials, including Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, who met with him in September. Clearly, General Ahmed was a major player in terrorist activities across South Asia, yet still had very close ties to the U.S. government. General Ahmed's terrorist-supporting activities - and the U.S. government officials who tolerated those activities - need to be investigated.

The Taliban visits to Washington continued up to a few months prior to the September 11 attacks. The State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research's South Asian Division maintained constant satellite telephone contact with the Taliban in Kandahar and Kabul. Washington permitted the Taliban to maintain a diplomatic office in Queens, New York headed by Taliban diplomat Abdul Hakim Mojahed. In addition, U.S. officials, including Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Christina Rocca, who is also a former CIA officer, visited Taliban diplomatic officials in Islamabad. In the meantime, the Bush administration took a hostile attitude towards the Islamic State of Afghanistan, otherwise known as the Northern Alliance. Even though the United Nations recognized the alliance as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, the Bush administration, with oil at the forefront of its goals, decided to follow the lead of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and curry favor with the Taliban mullahs of Afghanistan. The visits of Islamist radicals did not end with the Taliban. In July 2001, the head of Pakistan's pro-bin Laden Jamiaat-i-Islami Party, Qazi Hussein Ahmed, also reportedly was received at the George Bush Center for Intelligence (aka, CIA headquarters) in Langley, Virginia.

According to the Washington Post, the Special Envoy of Mullah Omar, Rahmatullah Hashami, even came to Washington bearing a gift carpet for President Bush from the one-eyed Taliban leader. The Village Voice reported that Hashami, on behalf of the Taliban, offered the Bush administration to hold on to bin Laden long enough for the United States to capture or kill him but, inexplicably, the administration refused. Meanwhile, Spozhmai Maiwandi, the director of the Voice of America's Pashtun service, jokingly nicknamed "Kandahar Rose" by her colleagues, aired favorable reports on the Taliban, including a controversial interview with Mullah Omar.

The Bush administration's dalliances with the Taliban may have even continued after the start of the bombing campaign against their country. According to European intelligence sources, a number of European governments were concerned that the CIA and Big Oil were pressuring the Bush administration not to engage in an initial serious ground war on behalf of the Northern Alliance in order to placate Pakistan and its Taliban compatriots. The early-on decision to stick with an incessant air bombardment, they reasoned, was causing too many civilian deaths and increasing the shakiness of the international coalition.

The obvious, and woefully underreported, interfaces between the Bush administration, UNOCAL, the CIA, the Taliban, Enron, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, the groundwork for which was laid when the Bush Oil team was on the sidelines during the Clinton administration, is making the Republicans worried. Vanquished vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman is in the ironic position of being the senator who will chair the Senate Government Affairs Committee hearings on the collapse of Enron. The roads from Enron also lead to Afghanistan and murky Bush oil politics.

UNOCAL was also clearly concerned about its past ties to the Taliban. On September 14, just three days after terrorists of the Afghan-base al Qaeda movement crashed their planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, UNOCAL issued the following statement: "The company is not supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan in any way whatsoever. Nor do we have any project or involvement in Afghanistan. Beginning in late 1997, Unocal was a member of a multinational consortium that was evaluating construction of a Central Asia Gas pipeline between Turkmenistan and Pakistan [via western Afghanistan]. Our company has had no further role in developing or funding that project or any other project that might involve the Taliban."

The Bush Oil Team, which can now rely on the support of the interim Prime Minister of Afghanistan, may think that war and oil profits mix. But there is simply too much evidence that the War in Afghanistan was primarily about building UNOCAL's pipeline, not about fighting terrorism. The Democrats, who control the Senate and its investigation agenda, should investigate the secretive deals between Big Oil, Bush, and the Taliban.

The URL of this article is:



+++++++++++++++++ LAST BUT NOT LEAST +++++++++++

++++++++++++++++++++++ LAST +++++++++++++++++++++++++

BUT NOT LEAST, >>>>>>> FROM A MAY 1.2011 NEWSNET article


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The alleged link between CIA and Al Queda man al-Zawahiri is discussed in this website.


Could be that Zawihiri is on the CIA's payroll. He could be an informant. How else would we so consistently know where not to look for Osama?

FROM INTERNET SITE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mohammed Al-Zawahiri, the comander of special forces of #KLA is the brother of 2nd man of #alQuaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Ayman Al- Zawahiri doesn't have to be on the CIA's payroll to get his payoffs. Just a few weeks after 9-11, this article came out: Bin Laden Puppetmasters Smoked Out In Balkans. One of Ayman's brothers was caught running a KLA-NLA training camp in the US-occupied sector of Kosovo. His trainees were headed for the "jihad" in Macedonia. Since the Cold War, the US has consistently maintained operational ties with Zawahiri. In the 1990's, Aymam held a powwow with a CIA "asset" to hammer out the Balkans strategy:

The Strange Saga Of `Mohamed The American' -

····So, it is not hard to see why the ``Islamists' would

have an open channel with Western agencies including the

CIA. The man who reportedly presented to al-Zawahiri the

$50 million proposal and the encouragement to destabilize

Egypt, is known as Abu Mohamed al-Amriki, ``Mohamed the



)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Islamic fundamentalist link to British Fascists

Special Report: By Wayne Madsen and Umberto Pascali

July 15-16, 2005

Liaisons between renditioned U.S. intelligence asset Italy and Al Qaeda cells in Balkans; U.S. links to Al Qaeda all coming together in a nexus of intrigue and deception Although British law enforcement has tied the London Transport bombings to three British citizens of Pakistani origin and one British citizen from Jamaica and the British and American governments are citing Al Qaeda links to the bombers, the fact remains that there are well-defined links between British fascists and Islamic terrorist groups.

The head of Britains anti-terrorism branch, Peter Clarke, has identified the bombers as Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Husain, and Mohammad Sidique Khan of Pakistani descent and Lyndsey Germail (aka Jamal), a Jamaican by birth. They have been linked to Mohammad Barbar, a Queens, New York computer specialist arrested last year by U.S. authorities after he took part in an Al Qaeda summit in Pakistan.

David Myatt, a native of Englands Midlands, was the founder of a fascist group called Combat 18, the security service for the British National Front. Members of British intelligence penetrated the group as a way to insert agents into Northern Irelands Protestant paramilitary groups. Myatt, an Adolf Hitler admirer and self-styled Satanic Fuhrer since the 1960s, has been trying to stir up an ethnic war in Britain by pitting his followers against Africans, Asians, and Jews. The founder of a Fascist satanic occult group, the Order of the Nine Angels, Myatts blueprint for a fascist takeover of Britain was contained in his 1997 book, The Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution. However, according to an article in the Birmingham, UK /Sunday Mercury/ in 2003, Myatt experienced a metamorphosis from white Aryan nationalist to Islamic fundamentalist follower of Osama bin Laden. In his writings and web postings, Myatt/Aziz continues to attempt to meld Nazism with Islamic fundamentalism.

Myatt converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul Aziz. He also used the names Abdul bin Aziz, Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt, and Abdul al Haqq and has used the email address sheikh@al-qaeda.com. Myatt/Aziz continues to fan the flames of British Fascism while adhering to his newly-found Islamic beliefs. He runs Britains National Socialist Movement and a web site called Aryan Nation at the same time he leads a pro-Al Qaeda group called the Islamic Liaison Group. In many Islamic circles in Britain and abroad, Myatt/Aziz, who has become an expert on the Koran, is viewed as an Islamic scholar and even a holy man.

After 911, Myatt/Aziz began echoing the most extreme Al Qaeda propaganda. He continued to pen such anti-Semitic tracts as The Crusader War Against Islam and The Zionist Quest for World Domination. Myatt/Azizs extremism was embraced by one British Islamic extremist group, Al Muhajiroun, whose leader, Sheikh Omar Bakri, told /The Mercury/ in 2003, I am very keen to meet up with him [Myatt/Aziz] as we both share a lot in common and I am sure he can help the Islamic cause. Although he moved from his Worcestershire home in 2003, Myatt/Aziz has continued to post inflammatory messages on Islamic and Nazi web sites using various aliases. Now comes word from /The Guardian/ that the fascist British Nationalist Alliance and British National Front are planning a series of incendiary anti-Muslim marches and seeking support from British football hooligan groups in West Ham, Milwall, Crystal Palace, and Arsenal (oddly, Arsenal, in particular, has multi-ethnic players), which contain cells of racist and neo-Nazi football club fans.

British Nazi-Al Qaeda Links? They are unmistakable and definite

The Independent reported on July 10, 2005 that Al Qaeda may have hired a gang of white mercenary terrorists to carry out the London bombings.The Daily Mirror reported on July 16, 2005 that the four bombers may have been duped into carrying their bomb-laden backpacks on to the Underground and a bus.

There is also intelligence that points to Italian neo-fascist, Pentagon Task Force 121, and Balkan Islamic fundamentalist links to the London bombers. French counter-terrorism official have reported that Balkans or Eastern European-origin military grade explosives were used in the London blasts. A major Italian investigation into the operations of a secret parallel neo-fascist network called DSSA, a hybrid group of Pentagon-CIA Special Activities Division covert operators working under the umbrella of Task Force 121, and the Balkans and Italian operations of CIA asset Husain Moustapha Omar Nasr (Imam Omar), a fundamentalist Imam kidnaped by the Pentagon covert operators from Milan on February 17, 2003 and flown on an extraordinary rendition flight to his native Egypt where he was tortured. But Imam Omar had another function. He was, according to Albanian intelligence sources, a CIA asset who kept tabs on Al Qaeda activities in the Balkans, particularly among Albanian Islamist extremists in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. With French intelligence reporting that the explosives used in London were Eastern European or Balkan in origin, it is important to revisit the U.S. relationship with Al Qaeda elements in the Balkans.

As in Britain, there are Italian Fascist-Islamic terrorist connections in Italy. Cera Franco Freda, the original neo-Fascist terrorist connected to the Servizi Deviati in Italy, which is being currently being probed by a Genoa magistrate, Freda was also pushing Islamist radicalism. Freda, it should be noted, created the group of anarchists who were used as front of for the Gladio/P2-backed neo-Fascist Milan bombings in 1969. Like Myatt in Britain, Claudio Mutti of the National Front of Thilger and other neo-Fascist Italian groups converted to Islam and created groups of Italian Islamic fundamentalists. The links between the neo-Fascists and Islamists in Italy are as unmistakable as those in Britain.On October 16, 2001, weeks after 911, the Russian news agency Novosti reported an Al Qaeda training at Ropotovo, Kosovo, near an American base at Kosovska Kamenica. The report stated that according to Russian peacekeeping forces in the breakaway province, the camp is now training 50 Afghan and Algerian mujahideen, led by Zaiman Zawahiri. He is reportedly the brother of one of the closest associates of international terrorist Osama bin Laden. This camp prepares militants for terrorist formations in Kosovo and Macedonia. Their instructors are former [ethnic] Albanian officers who, in 1991-92, deserted from the Yugoslav Army. /The Independent/ (UK) reported on October 21, 2001 that Interpol has linked bin Laden to Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) crime gangs, and that he supplied one of his top military commanders for an elite KLA unit in Kosovo. The Al Qaeda units were also operating in neighboring Macedonia. The Macedonian daily /Dnevnik/ reported on Oct. 19 that the group led by the brother of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the closest associate of bin Laden, had crossed the border from Kosovo into Macedonia. Quoting intelligence sources, /Dnevnik/ wrote: The younger brother of the chief of the Balkan headquarters of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, with around 50 mujahideen, has entered Macedonia and has started building fortifications in the Skopska Crna Gora region. The aim of the terrorist group is to attack the water supply for Skopje.

The Macedonian newspaper reported that the gang had been stationed earlier in the training camp near the village of Ropotovo, Kosovoas Novosti also reportedand received orders to enter the Macedonian town of Matejce. On Oct. 16, a convoy of refugees, who were previously expelled by the KLA, were supposed to visit their destroyed houses. However, the observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Europe entered the village first, and reported that at least 50 armed men had communicated they were going to fire on the convoy if they dared to enter Matejce. The OSCE order to the heartbroken refugees was: Go back, we cannot guarantee your security!

But who is Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, whose brother Zaiman is running terrorist camps under NATO protection in the U.S. zone in Kosovo? As the London /Guardian/ wrote, Even to say he is bin Ladens right-hand man may understate his importance. He is considered by many to be the real head of what is known as the bin Laden group. Some analysts believe that in his current role in Afghanistan, al-Zawahiri has taken over control of much of bin Ladens terrorist finances, operations, plans, and resources, wrote the /Guardian/. His known terrorist career started no later than 1981, with his involvement in the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat; it includes the massacre of 70 people on a tourist bus in 1997 Luxor, Egypt, and the assassination attempt against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 1995.

Strangely enough, according to an expert who testified before a U.S. Congressional committee in January 2000, al-Zawahiri was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Servicesomething almost impossible for many legitimate immigrants to obtain. Should we be surprised that one of the centers of operation for al-Zawahiri was London, where one of his closest relatives resided? President Mubarak is believed to have referred to him when, after the Luxor massacre, he stated: There are people who carried out crimes and who were sentenced [in Egypt] and live on British soil.

A deputy director in Macedonian intelligence was quoted in an interview in the /Halifax Herald/ stressing: We have already provided a substantial dossier to the CIA, and obtaining further proof [of the link between bin Laden and the KLA] is our ministrys number-one priority. The intelligence official revealed that the Macedonian forces had contained the KLA assault in May, despite the KLAs superior armaments, because Ukraine supplied helicopter gunships. However, the KLA was able to neutralize this Macedonian advantage. He said, Shortly after that, our helicopter pilots reported being targeted by sophisticated [u.S. made] Stinger [anti-aircraft] missiles. It is our information that the (KLA] received these Stingers from their mujahideen connections in Afghanistan.

During the time of the Al Qaeda/Albanian incursions into Macedonia, Macedonian intelligence began reporting about the narco-terrorist connections between the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the Taliban, and between these two groups and high-level U.S. and British intelligence agencies. This network, which was linked through Turkish intermediaries, figures largely in what former FBI Turkish/Farsi/Azeri translator Sibel Edmonds discovered while working for the FBI and explains why the Bush administration invoked a state security provision on her to prevent her from revealing what she knew about U.S. cooperation with and coddling of Islamic terrorist groups and Middle East and Balkans drug cartels.

On Oct. 23, 2001, Gwen McClure of Interpols Criminal Subdivision officially informed a group of parliamentarians from NATO countries that Interpol has evidence that bin Laden is linked to Albanian gangs which have taken over the growing web of crime across Europe. Their investigations have also shown that bin Laden deployed one of his top military commanders for an elite KLA unit during the NATO war in Kosovo. The Interpol confirmation of the direct collaboration between bin Laden networks and the NATO-KLA operations during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, is further confirmed by an article in the Swiss financial daily (/Neue Zuercher Zeitung/) on Oct. 25, 2001: According to Egyptian and French intelligence services, in the late 1990s, bin Laden brought 500 Arab mujahideen to Tirana [Albania]. They are reported to have fought side by side with the KLA and to have been involved in the most brutal acts of revenge against Serbian civilians. McClure also stated that a meeting took place in Albania, in the presence of bin Laden, according to Albanian police. Several Algerian terrorists were present at the meeting. It was during this meeting, she stressed, that many structures and networks were established for propaganda and fundraising activities and for providing the Algerian armed groups with logistical support. During and immediately after the Kosovo war, when the KLA took over the province, heroin and weapons trafficking exploded unchecked. The so-called Albanian mafia ended up controlling 80% of the heroin distribution in Western Europe, when Kosovo had become a NATO protectorate.

A short article which appeared from the Egyptian Mideast News Agency on Sept. 8, 1996, entitled Al-Jihad Terrorist Claims Strong CIA Terror Ties. It read: An important cadre in the al-Jihad organization, who has returned from Afghanistan, has disclosed that there are strong relations between the CIA and British intelligence on one side, and terrorist leaders in Egypt and the Arab countries. Ahmad Rashid, the former ideologue of the Jihad, said that (Ayman al-Zawahiri, the military commander of the Jihad organization, had asked the CIA for $50 million) early in the 1990s to stage a coup in Egypt.·Other reports say that it was actually a man called al-Amriki (the American in Arabic) who made the offer. The $50 million offer was accompanied with the assurance that the United States would not interfere with an Islamist takeover of Egypt, and allegedly proposed a (modus vivendi) between U.S. forces and the Islamists in the Balkans. Reportedly, al-Amriki was known among Islamist circles as a CIA go-between to various militant groups especially connected to the Afghan Jihad. And, connections among the CIA, British intelligence, and Afghan fighters are nothing secret or surprising, given that Western agencies provided support, training, logistics, and financing for those who were willing to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

In January 1998, in an interview with the French journal /Le Nouvel Observateur/, former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, an advocate of a Clash of Civilizations between the West and Islam, confirmed that, indeed, secret CIA support to the mujahideen started six months before the date given officially. The secret support was intended as a provocation to the Russians, to lure them into the Afghan trap.

Brzezinski stated: According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the mujahideen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, on Dec. 24, 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely the opposite: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979, that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the President in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention. When asked if he regretted that provocation today, Brzezinski replied, Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trapthe day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: `We now have the opportunity of giving to the U.S.S.R. its Vietnam War. Indeed, for almost ten years, Moscow had to carry on a war that was unsustainable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire. What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some whipped-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?

So, it is not hard to see why the Islamists would have an open channel with Western agencies including the CIA. The man who reportedly presented to al-Zawahiri the $50 million proposal and the encouragement to destabilize Egypt, is known as Abu Mohamed al-Amriki, Mohamed the American, real name Ali Mohammad. An Egyptian military man, al-Amriki joined the Jihad organization in 1981, the year that the Jihad claimed credit for the Oct. 6, 1981 assassination of President Anwar Sadat. Among the persons arrested for that assassination was Ayman al-Zawahiri, charged with illegal weapons possession. The stories of al-Amriki and al-Zawahiri tend to intersect not only in Afghanistan and Egypt, but also in the United States. It was al-Amriki who organized the visit of al-Zawahiri to New York, California, and Texas, to collect money, officially, for the families of the Afghan war victims. In reality, part of the money, according to the courtroom testimony of Khalid Abu-al-Dhahab in Cairo 1999, was used to finance the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. Al-Amriki reportedly began his career as the elusive American in 1981, when he first arrived in the United States immediately after having joined the Jihad organization, and was enlisted in a U.S. Special Forces school for foreign officers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

In 1985, after leaving the Egyptian Army, he came to California and married. In 1986, he joined the U.S. Army. As a sergeant, he was stationed again at Fort Braggs Special Warfare center, and in the late 1980s he popped up at an Afghan refugee center in Brooklyn, New York. There he gave combat training to Afghan and Muslim recruits who were to be sent back to Afghanistan to fight the Russians. Al-Amriki in 1992 went to Pakistan and Afghanistan to train the bin Laden men, providing especially military and basic explosives training, according to U.S. court records. Al-Amriki terrorist career took off from there, putting him in contact and in a position of leadership with virtually every major Islamist terrorist organization. Al Amriki/Mohammad was indicted and convicted for his involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. One of the prosecutors in that case was Special Prosecutor in the RoveGate case, Patrick Fitzgerald. Nevertheless, Al Amriki/Mohammad was a prized contact for Pentagon special operations personnel. One of his closest colleagues, a former member of Delta Force, is now involved with Task Force 121 and the Pentagons Strategic Support Branch (Project Icon) and passing intelligence to the neo-conservative parallel intelligence unit operating inside the Pentagon. Task Force 121 is the group responsible for the kidnaping of Imam Omar from Milan and other irresponsible and dangerous adventurism around the world.



"British intelligence paid large sums of money to an al-Qaeda cell in Libya in a doomed attempt to assassinate Colonel Gadaffi in 1996 and thwarted early attempts to bring Osama bin Laden to justice."

Full story at http://politics.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,9174,837333,00.html

On the evening of 7th October, Tony Blair ordered a D-Notice on British media reporting government officials signing court gag orders. This regards the case of former MI5 officer David Shayler, who has evidence to prove MI6 gave £100,000 to bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, arms to Iraq and had prior knowledge of several terrorist attacks on London in the 1990's. The original articles stated that top Labour MP's had signed gag orders, whereby upon mention of this evidence in court, media have to immediately leave the trial. Newspapers all over the country, including the Guardian, the London Evening Standard and the Scotsman either completely removed or amended their articles. This evidence is damning. The British government is trying to bury the story before it buries them.

I first noticed that the Guardian article I had earlier posted on my website had disappeared. Already aware that Blair may well have ordered a D-Notice to eliminate these reports, I immediately started searching on Google for some more. In Britain, a D-Notice is where the government order a gag on a particular breaking story. I came across a very similar London Evening Standard report and immediately put it on my web site. Low and behold, five minutes later the link was dead! Amazingly, I still had the article up on my screen on a different browser window. I tried to archive the page to my desktop but to no avail. I did manage to print out a copy which I have scanned and linked below.

This story is massive because Shayler has them on the wracks on a number of different issues, from colluding with bin Laden, to arms deals with questionable characters. This could be particularly embarrasing for Jack Straw, who I, using mainstream reports, have identified as a key placeman in hawking arms to Pakistan, India and even Iran. Bilderberg member Peter Mandelson is also trying to cover his dirt by gagging these reports. The London Times reported how his new 'think tank' was being bankrolled by the Rothschilds two weeks ago. The Rothschilds control the BBC, who haven't even mentioned that the trial has started, never mind the accusations Shayler raises.

The original London Guardian report was entitled 'Ministers issue gag orders for MI5 trial' and was located at http://www.guardian.co.uk/shayler/article/0,2763,806009,00.html - as you will see if you click on the link, it's disappeared down the memory hole. The text I extracted from the report for my original link to it is as follows...

"Ministers issue gag orders for MI5 trial: They appear to be worried that he will make further allegations about MI5 and MI6 knowledge of a plot to assassinate the Libyan leader, Muammar Gadafy, in 1996. A book, Forbidden Truth, published this summer claims that British intelligence was in contact with "Osama bin Laden's main allies" who were opposed to Colonel Gadafy."

UPDATE - A Google cache of the Guardian article has now been posted online. Note that Google automatically cache popular web documents, the Guardian have not officially re-posted their article. View it by clicking here.

The London Evening Standard article was entitled 'Calls for secret Shayler trial' and was at http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/1488303 - again, it has now been removed. Luckily I saved the text to a Word file and printed the article: UPDATE - After pressure, this article is now back online! But for how long? Save it to your hard drive.

Before you read this, it is important to understand the issue at hand. We're talking about MI6 cooperation with bin Laden, arms to Iraq and, as reported today in the Scotsman, claims that, 'secret services ignored warnings that might have prevented bombings in the London in 1993 and 1994.' Shayler has evidence that MI5 wilfully failed to stop the bomb attack on Israel's London embassy in 1994 and the IRA's 1993 Bishopsgate bombing, which killed one person. Here it is in Shayler's own words plus the actual MI6 Gaddafi plot document - MI6 Plot to assassinate Colonel Gaddafi: Police enquiry confirms Plot is not "fantasy" - http://cryptome.org/shayler-gaddafi.htm

Here is the London Evening Standard report I managed to rescue.

Update! Take a look at the scans of the article I printed off -

why was it removed? Judge for yourself...

Calls for secret Shayler trial

By Patrick McGowan, Evening Standard

The Government has been accused by lawyers of trying to interfere in the trial of former MI5 officer David Shayler by insisting that part of the proceedings are held in private.

Ministers are demanding that trial judge Mr Justice Alan Moses agree in advance that the case go into private session without saying why and without hearing arguments to the contrary from the defence.

Shayler's trial, on charges under the Official Secrets Act, was beginning at the Old Bailey today. He is being prosecuted following newspaper interviews he gave five years ago and the trial is expected to last for at least four weeks.

On Friday Home Secretary David Blunkett and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw signed identical public interest immunity certificates under which the press and the public will have to leave court if sensitive security issues are raised.

The certificates do not specify what information they are trying to keep secret on the grounds that to do so would cause the very damage the Government is seeking to avoid.

They claim: "Publication of information of the kinds referred to would be likely to assist those whose purpose it is to injure the security of the United Kingdom and whose actions in the past show that they are willing to kill innocent civilians, both inside and outside the UK, in pursuance of their aims."

Mr Blunkett and Mr Straw also claim present and future intelligence operations would be compromised.

PII certificates signed by Conservative ministers were controversially used during the arms-to-Iraq trials in the Nineties.

Normally the judge in a trial would read documents in the case and, after hearing arguments from both sides, decide whether they should be disclosed. Now he is being asked to make his decision in advance.

Shayler, 36, faces three charges. They allege he disclosed information, disclosed information obtained by interception of communications and disclosed documents. The Crown Prosecution Service has already given notice that it will apply for some parts of the trial to be held in camera. This will apply to evidence on "sensitive operational techniques of the Security and Intelligence Services".

It is expected that the court will also be asked to keep the identities of MI5 agents secret and allow them to give evidence from behind screens.

Today Geoffrey Robertson QC, representing civil rights group Liberty, will oppose the Government's move. Michael Tugendhat QC, appearing for various national newspapers, is expected to argue that the Government has provided no evidence that national security will be threatened by the trial and will underline the importance of open justice.

During the arms-to-Iraq cases Mr Justice Moses was prosecuting counsel and Mr Robertson was counsel for the defence when three directors of the machine tool company Matrix Churchill were accused of selling equipment to the Iraqi regime.

Shayler will be defending himself during the trial. He is expected to claim that British secret service agents paid up to £100,000 to al Qaeda terrorists for an assassination attempt on Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffy in 1996. He is seeking permission to plead a defence of "necessity" - that he acted for the greater good by revealing wrongdoing by the security service.

Although much of the trial may end up being held in camera, the arguments about which parts should be kept secret will be held in public. Only after they are concluded is the jury expected to be sworn in so the trial proper can begin.

UPDATE: The London Evening Standard have published a shorter, watered down, version of this story. It does not mention MI5's £100,000 transfer to Al-Qaeda. Yet more evidence of a top down cover-up - read the new whitewashed piece here and compare it to my scanned original that was pulled along with all the others!


The Scotsman also released a report which remains online but both the title and the article has been amended!!! The new article talks about new MI5 head Eliza Manningham-Buller, only mentioning the Shayler case in passing. It certainly does not include information concerning the Labour MP's involved and government prior knowledge of terrorist bombings in London.

http://www.thescotsman.co.uk/index.cfm?id=1113312002 is the amended version - I archived the original at http://www.propagandamatrix.com/renegade_mi5_agent_to_face_jury.htm.'>http://www.propagandamatrix.com/renegade_mi5_agent_to_face_jury.htm. The report was originally entitled 'Renegade MI5 agent ready to face jury' it is now called 'Has MI5 really emerged from shadows?' This is the report with the most damning information (the one they erased).

Here is the text of the original - again archived at http://www.propagandamatrix.com/renegade_mi5_agent_to_face_jury.htm

Renegade MI5 agent ready to face jury


DAVID Shayler, the former M15 officer branded a traitor by the government, is due to take on the legal establishment today, as his trial opens at the Old Bailey in London.

The renegade agent, who faces six years imprisonment for breaching the Official Secrets Act after making a number of sensational revelations about M15 to a national newspaper in 1997, will represent himself for part of the landmark case. The trial will centre around a number of allegations made by Shayler about M15 holding files on prominent politicians, including former cabinet minister Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary. He also claimed the secret services ignored warnings that might have prevented bombings in the London in 1993 and 1994.

Shayler, 36, faces two charges under section one of the Official Secrets Act for disclosing documents and information about the work of M15 and another under section four, for disclosing information about telephone taps.

He has failed so far to win his argument that his revelations were in the public interest. The High Court, Court of Appeal and the House of Lords, have all ruled that he cannot claim he disclosed information in the public interest or out of necessity. They also ruled out the main plank of Shaylers defence - that the Officials Secrets Act is incompatible with the Human Rights Act.

Shayler, who made other allegations for which he was not charged, including a claim that M16 was involved in a plot to assassinate the Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, will argue that he is only guilty of "exposing wrongdoing".

"I aim to persist in my argument that the Official Secrets Act as it currently stands is totally incompatible with the Human Rights Act," he told a newspaper yesterday.

Some of the hearing is expected to be taken up by an application by newspapers objecting to plans to hold parts of the trial in secret.

The prosecution applied for hearings to be held in camera after its concerns that Shayler will make fresh allegations to the jury to back up his public interest defence.

Shaylers decision to defend himself, against the advice of his legal team, for part of the trial was prompted by the belief that he will be freer to argue his case than his barrister, Geoffrey Robertson, QC, whose hands are tied by earlier court rulings.


If we make a big stink about this it could really hurt them. We can't let it disappear down an Orwellian memory hole. Please E mail all three publications and asked them why they removed or altered their reports.

E mail the London Guardian at userhelp@guardian.co.uk E mail the London Evening Standard at editor@thisislondon.co.uk E mail the Scotsman at newsdesk_TS@scotsman.com

Even local papers such as the Leicestershire Mail and the Derby Evening Telegraph have removed the story from their websites! The original stories were here and here respectively. They were entiled ''SHAYLER AT OLD BAILEY FOR TRIAL' and 'SHAYLER ARRIVES FOR TRIAL.' As you can see by clicking the links, they are gone. As is a London Independent article that was entitled 'MI5 faces accountability test as new chief takes reins.' As of 4am UK time, you can still see the original titles of the reports as stored on Google's Beta News Search (these will probably also be deleted in the coming hours).

UPDATE: It is now confirmed that all details relating to the Shayler case cannot be reported. The UK government have successfully gagged the cowardly pathetic mainstream media, but I will continue to track this story.

The Guardian reports - 'Shayler hearing'

'An Old Bailey court yesterday heard legal arguments relating to the trial of David Shayler, the former MI5 officer charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act. The judge ruled that they cannot be reported. Mr Shayler's trial is now expected to be heard before a jury next week.'

Richard Norton-Taylor

Read this tiny blurb at http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,806640,00.html (until they remove that too)

UPDATE: Shayler gag story breaks in foreign media (2 days after I first reported it of course)

The Age of Australia reports (original link: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/10/09/1034061258269.html)

Media gag on alleged plot to kill Gaddafi

October 10 2002

By Paul Daley


The British media have been gagged from reporting sensational courtroom evidence of former MI5 spy David Shayler, including his alleged proof that the British secret service paid $270,000 for al Qaeda terrorists to assassinate Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 1986.

In its efforts to contain Mr Shayler's allegations to the privacy of the court, the government has even stopped the media from reporting its successful attempt to win a gag order.

The decision by an Old Bailey judge to stop the media from reporting parts of Mr Shayler's evidence came on Monday after two senior ministers, David Blunkett and Jack Straw, signed Public Interest Immunity certificates.

The certificates, which were submitted to the court, insisted that the media and the public leave the court if the activities of the security and intelligence agencies were raised by the defence.

The then Labour opposition strenuously opposed the Tory government's use of the certificates during the arms-to-Iraq prosecution in the early '90s. Some guilty verdicts were subsequently overturned on appeal because the defence successfully argued that it had been deprived of relevant information.

When such certificates are issued, it is standard practice for the judge to read the applications and publicly hear the arguments for and against a gagging order, before ruling. But in the case of Mr Shayler - a 36-year-old former MI5 officer who is accused of disclosing government secrets to the media and in a book - the government wanted the judge, Justice Alan Moses, to consider the application in private.

The British media widely reported on Monday that lawyers acting for Mr Shayler had accused the government of trying to "intimidate" Justice Moses. But on Tuesday the newspapers - many of which had mounted their own legal case against the application of the certificates - reported simply that the court had heard legal arguments relating to Mr Shayler's trial. "The judge ruled that they (the legal arguments) cannot be reported," The Guardian reported.

Although Mr Shayler's jury trial is expected to begin next week in the Old Bailey, any evidence relating to sensitive security or intelligence matters will be kept private. After the judge's ruling on Monday, several articles detailing Mr Shayler's anticipated evidence - and the government's efforts to keep it secret - were withdrawn from newspaper websites across the country.

It is believed the government successfully applied to have parts of the trial heard in camera. This applies to evidence on "sensitive operational techniques of the security and intelligence services".

It is also believed that the court agreed to keep the identities of MI5 agents secret and to allow them to give evidence from behind screens.


For an overview of the background of the Shayler case, visit an archive of Shayler.com - David Shayler's official web site which was deleted due to 'non payment'. Some links are dead - http://web.archive.org/web/20000608192145/http://shayler.com/

Edited by Steven Gaal
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The new video clips of Osama bin Boogeyman clearly show a much younger and heavier man than that seen in any of the previous video clips released by the US government.. The last time anyone saw the real bin Laden was around 2001, where he looked gaunt, pale and deathly ill.

There is no proof of when those 5 clips were made, where they were made, and no rational explanation as to why the audio has been cut.. The lame excuse is not wanting to promote anymore of his propaganda.. Oh please!!!.. Why not release the audio so the world can hear the proof that it's really his voice?.. Or maybe hear him admit to the 911 attacks??? :rolleyes:

As for the video of the old man sitting on the floor watching the bin Laden news coverage, we can't see enough of his face to even identify who it is.. Nor is there any proof of where or when that tape was made.

For a governemnt who can pull off faking the Moon landings, the false flag attacks on 911, and the "lone nut" assassiantions of JFK, RFK and MLK, they sure are doing a crappy job of making their recent bin Laden psy ops even believable.

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No body, no photos, no videos, no witness statements etc. Now there are explanations for all that but I have small measure of doubt.

I have seen no explanation for the video blackout acknowledged by Leon Panetta, nor did Panetta offer one.


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No body, no photos, no videos, no witness statements etc. Now there are explanations for all that but I have small measure of doubt.

I have seen no explanation for the video blackout acknowledged by Leon Panetta, nor did Panetta offer one.


I’m assuming any number of technical glitches could have cause the blackout or perhaps the commander didn’t want video of the shoot out so there wouldn’t be evidence if his team was too trigger happy.

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Punctuation and paragraphing is not your strong point, is it?


Sorry, I had some Cut & Paste problems because I used mail instead of a file. When part TWO of post #43 was pasted on mail the font shrunk by one third and when pasted to this site the paragraphs disappeared. (?) Anywho I cleaned up a little posts #43/#44. THANKS SGaal

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What's the point of posting obviously fake videos? Wasting our time?

The only thing fake about those 3 YouTube videos is the CIA's fake "bin Laden", plus the vampire teeth on Dick Cheney.. Actually, the vampire teeth might not be fake, considering how evil that creep is.

Speaking of wasting our time Colby, that just about sums up every word you post here.. :)

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One of OBL’s wives and some of his sons have condemned his killing.



Yes,its pure TORTURE waiting for the Wives/sons to speak. PURE,PURE TORTURE......pure.....torture waiting...waiting.....pure torture...torture,torture. sgaal (and if the torture is to extreme as exampled by KSM 6&8 year old children in DOD custody,well we will see a Hollywoodlike production of said Wives/sons. The DOD/military Industrial Complex cant be embarrassed, Its just Torture waiting. BTW where are the KSM children ? Last reported to be placed in small wooden box with bugs... then just no more reports,none,just gone from the face of the earth,gone.....where ? As they say in the Middle East..the sand tells no tales.... )





Please note BLOG below on possible OSAMA children torture and that one wife has now becomes two....cause Hollywood/fake DOD wife (or is it a wife that was in Saudi Arabia last 9 years) will speak..???????? One wife now two.. OH YEAH !!! OH YEAH !!!....Colby ready to believe,COLBY "ALWAYS" ready to believe (and promote) establishment line. (HOOK AND SINKER as they say) Look Len, between you and me,some videos obvious fakes (2004 most obvious)...why be silent if you were Osama ??


JIM WHITE May 9 2011 Blog

In the midst of the ongoing orgy of adulation for Seal Team Six killing Osama Bin Laden and the former Vice President appearing on television to advocate a return to waterboarding as official US torture policy, there has been little attention to the fact that Pakistan took several wives and children of Bin Laden into custody after the US raid of the compound. The US now seeks access to these family members. Did the US intend to torture these children with insects as they did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s children, if the helicopter on which they would have flown had not been destroyed?

Here is Reuters reporting on the children in the immediate aftermath of the raid:

A senior Pakistani intelligence official said one of Osama bin Laden’s daughters had seen her father being shot dead by U.S. forces, and was one of about 10 relatives of the al Qaeda leader in custody pending interrogation.

The official, who declined to be identified, said the daughter, aged 12 or 13, was one of the people who had confirmed that the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks had been killed by U.S. commandos in a raid early on Monday.

The relatives — one of bin Laden’s wives and up to eight children — will be interrogated and then probably turned over to their countries of origin, and not the United States, in accordance with Pakistani law, he said.

The article notes that these family members were left behind because the US had to destroy one of the helicopters used in the raid. The US now wants these family members (note that now more than one wife is mentioned, although there is only one in the initial Reuters report):

National security adviser Thom­as E. Donilon said Pakistan remains a critical partner in battling al-Qaeda, despite new strains in the relationship a week after the raid in Abbottabad. But he acknowledged that Pakistani officials have not granted Americans access to important information gathered since the raid or allowed interviews with bin Laden family members now in Pakistan’s custody.

“We’ve asked for access, obviously, to those folks,” Donilon said on ABC’s “This Week,” one of four television news shows he visited Sunday.

A Pakistani intelligence official said Sunday that his government needed permission from the wives’ home countries before Pakistan could allow U.S. officials to question them. One of the wives is from Yemen; the official said he did not know the other wives’ nationalities.

Note how the US handled KSM’s sons:

Two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks, are being used by the CIA to force their father to talk.

Yousef al-Khalid, nine, and his brother, Abed al-Khalid, seven, were taken into custody in Pakistan last September when intelligence officers raided a flat in Karachi where their father had been hiding.


“His sons are important to him. The promise of their release and their return to Pakistan may be the psychological lever we need to break him.”

Yup, trying to “break” KSM consisted of, in addition to waterboarding him 183 times and telling him that if the US were attacked, “We’re going to kill your children“.

In addition, the US may have used insects to torture KSM’s children and other children:

At a military tribunal in 2007, the father of a Guantanamo detainee alleged that Pakistani guards had confessed that American interrogators used ants to coerce the children of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed into revealing their father’s whereabouts.

The statement was made by Ali Khan, the father of detainee Majid Khan, who gave a detailed account of his son’s interrogation at the hands of American guards in Pakistan. In his statement, Khan asserted that one of his sons was held at the same place as the young children of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“The Pakistani guards told my son that the boys were kept in a separate area upstairs and were denied food and water by other guards,” the statement read. “They were also mentally tortured by having ants or other creatures put on their legs to scare them and get them to say where their father was hiding.

Also lost somewhere in the maze of being held by Pakistan or the US are one or more of Aafia Siddiqui’s children.

No matter the crimes of the parents, detaining and torturing children is a crime that can only hasten the decline of our country into complete lawlessness. Where is the outcry against such base behavior? What does the US plan to do with Bin Laden’s children if access is granted? What would the US have done with these children if the helicopter on which they would have flown had not been destroyed?

Edited by Steven Gaal
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