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Catholicism and the JFK Assassination

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Food for thought and reflection:

"Catholicism and the JFK Assassination"

Just a very few people take note that the "American Council of Christian Churches" are connected with the "Torbett File" and "Permindex." "Torbett" is a fake name used by a lawyer named "David Copeland" who had represented a number of persons associated with political killings and the Mafia. He also seems to have run into some highly knowledgeable persons from the FBI and SS that knew where the plot to kill JFK started, the nuclear and rocket good ole boys of the DISC. This hits the nail on the head for the top level that were involved in killing JFK.


If you get curious about why the "American Council of Christian Churches" are involved with the issues of Permindex and US National Security, then check this attack on JFK and the Catholic Church:


Then look up the associations of Chist with an area called Mt. Carmel that has an old Essene Church there on a seaside mountain. This area was technically in Phonecia, yet close to the plain at Armageddon (a famous old battlefield), and the area of Nazereth. The term "Nazarine" was the slang term for an Essene person that lived in this area. Old Jerusalem used to have an "Essene Gate" and Essene area used to observe all the old Hewbrew cleanliness rituals of baths and toilets well away from living areas. Recent archiology has found the remains of that gate and the outside the wall structures. The monastic side of the Essene were involved in Jerusalem as the gurardians for the "Tomb of David" and at the Dead Sea area associated with the Scrolls.


Interestingly, "Nazarine" (Mathew 2.19.23) is related to the Hebrew word for "Sprout." And many associated this as being a "sprout of Jesse", or the father of "King David". See, Isaiah 11.1 and Matthew 1.6.16 and Luke 3.23.31,32 . This was needed for Jesus to be considered as the Messiah, yet the Essene went to far greater lengths for the making of Jesus as a Savior. The Essene were commited to making Heaven upon the Earth. They were basically vegetarians who did not believe in blood sacrifice in their temples. They were committed to Peace.


There were three Hebrew sects in Jerusalem: the Essene, The Pharisee, and the Saducee. The latter two are more based on the issues of Talmud and the tyranny of Nimrod and Old Babylon. The Talmud, a sort of Jewish written religious law, was started around the times of the Babylon Captivity and they learned a lot of bad habbits for their religion there. The Essene trace there beginnings all the way back to the beliefs from the "Book of Enoch". The Essene were different and more oriented with Buddah, knowledge, and the keeping of the pious beliefs. The Essene name in Greek means the most Pious. Jesus' learning and teachings came from this group and it was more socilaistic oriented and letting that go public was a threat to the Royalistic forms of Capitalism. The Essene were also known to be healers as they knew many ways to treat illnesses, and they charged nothing to help people. The Essene went to a lot of trouble to have their Messiah come along and follow all the signs of their teachings from times of old. So, the origins of Christianity had to become modified and areas suppressed, because it didn't support the Royals ideals. JFK was a little too close to Christ's system of values for the ruling elites, who followed the same god as the Pharisee and the corruptions of money. In so many ways, this dichotomy is what brings forth The Beast theme. Jesus traveled widely via this Essene system and learned across broad regions of knowledge.


The New Testament is about the predictions of what happens when the values of the Talmud control the politics and the churches. The New Testament was a revision of these Old Testament values. It ended the temple sacrifices, made Jesus the one sacrifice for all time. It laid down a new genre that was different that that touted by the Pharisee. Jesus was very popular with the Peoples, as it respected everyone and nurtured all. Christianity was born in the family oriented Essene area of Mt. Carmel and those traditions of the more family oriented Essene there. The "Last Supper" was held over the Tomb of David in the Essene area of Jerusalem. The Essene were easy to spot in the city, as they were the only ones having males carry water, as all the other sects used women for this. Even Greek Pythagoras came for the Mt. Carmel area to learn and he went off with their beliefs.



Jesus called the Pharisee games as being a "den of vipers", and even the Catholic Church really slammed the Jewish as being evil due to this Talmud's teachings from Old Babylon. So, Joe and JFK himself grew up under this association with the Vatican. The Jewish folks then blamed the reason for the Holocaust on the Vatican, and slowly the Vatican has mellowed its stance on this issue. So, today were are still stuck on this old cast system of relgion.


The Pharisee system is what the Royal Oligarchic games of extreme right capitalism likes to preach, and this is just about one in the same with why Jesus was said to call these Temple controllers as corruption of the issues of God the Father. And we see these same issues in the New Testament's issues of Revelation as it refers to Jerusalem as Babylon. Today, the greatest issue in religion in the US is the corruption of the values of Jesus from the Essene values and teachings into having people think he was traditionally Hewbrew in the sense of the Pharisee and the Saducees, which is false teachings. So, we see a resistance of JFK to buy too deeply into Zionism.


Even today, Zionism in Israel appears to hate Christ and many times people spit on Christians. While Islamic peoples, aka the Arabs, regard Jesus as a great Prophit and give his a place of respect. There are all kinds of word games played, as the Palestinian Arabs are a Semitic people, and many of the Israeli Zionists are not. The creation of Israel in 1947 or so, appears to have sprung from the ideals of Albert Pike and appears more about having the ZIonists and the Islams slowly wipe each other out. Persons like Bloomfield of Permindex helped to make Israel.

So, to make the old Royal methods of riches fit Christianity, the values of Christ and his history has had to be modified. But, if one follows the reasearch on Essene and Jesus, one can find the issues that help to explain why all these problems are going to land in the steps of Mt. Carmel and the door of Nazereth at the Historic Battleground area called Armageddon, which is near both areas.

JFK appears to have been following the basic teachings of Christ in his leading the county, and avoiding all the games of the Royalists and the schemes from old Babylon and the Temple Pharisee. Just as Christ had to be killed for following the most pious beliefs of relgion, JFK had to be killed, in part, for not following the games of Royalistic capitalism. JFK at every turn followed the values of Christ and sought Peace if it was at all possible, and he turned the other cheek often.

JFK, in this day, seems to live on due to his commitment to the values of Christ that show up in his system of values and writings sounding more like the Essene teachings than those of Babylon. JFK sought to have a rising tide lift all boats and he always leaned toward helping the people over helping the Royalists agendas on big banking, making money on wars, etc. He was often called a "Communist" for doing these Socialist corrective leanings that made for a more center of the road balance between Royalism and Socialism.

So, even the issues of Permendex and its Council of Churches is a motive issue in the assassination of JFK. JFK was an ambassador for Peace, and if he was allowed to continue, it would happen in his time and ours. IF there was every a true Disciple of Christ in the US Presidency, it was JFK.

The story doesn't really stop there, if we take the time to learn of JFK "Secret Service" nickname of "Lancer." Most people know that "Lancer" translates to the word "Knight." So, then one can bring in his Presidential association with the term "Camelot" and the "Knights of the Round Table" and the times of "King Arthur" in the area of Avalon or what is now Glastonbury, UK. The rest of the story of Jesus after his death is that his family had to flee to the area were "Joseph of Aramathea" had tin mines in the UK, or what is Glasonbury today and the site of the "Glastonbury Abby." This area came along as the site of Christianity after the death of Jesus, and the site were Mary and Joseph had to flee. This area was on the outskits of the Roman Empire of that period and they were not likely to be found there. The Church there was associated with the Holy Grail and had a huge library on religion. The library and its scrolls were subsequently burned and only one Copper covered box with Bronze Scoll Sheets remained and this similar to Copper Scolls of the Dead Sea findings.


It would appear that even the nicknames of the JFK Presidency to "Lancer" and that of "Camelot" stems again from JFK's study of religion and the respect to be learned from these times of old religion's wisdom and experience on what was the better way and the high road toward stewardship for the people. JFK was a well traveled person in Europe and a good student of history as well as religion. If he was allowed to continue in office I can't help but think Armageddon would have been prevented, but now we are on course for the final showdown between good and evil that then brings us back to the same center of the road teachings of the Essene, and a balance between Royalism and Socialism.

Today, everyone can learn these same history factors that JFK appears to have known and nicknamed his Presidency after, and while the apathy of the citizens of the US is well apparent, the final corrections of the End Times Prophecies over the issues of the Synagogue of Satin are well apparent. The simple fact is the Royalist's Capitalism is becoming The Beast of Prophecy founded upon the Ideals of Ole Babylon and the tyrant King named Nimrod who tried to become god, as the Talmud attempted to make the Hebrew religion's followers. JFK not only saved the US from the Cuban Nuclear crisis, but he well could have been averting the End-Times battle of Armageddon. So, now the game of Armageddon nears, as the Synagog of Satin and Babylon games are going to force the issue of one last great war and then the times for long term Peace. All of it simply predictable from learning the real issues of the Essene and what was behind lots of JFK's decisions, and what history can do to keep people from repeating history over and over. The Final Count Down is on because Americans don't know history or religion, that involved the ultimate need to seek justice for our fallen Noble leader.

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Food for thought and reflection:

"Catholicism and the JFK Assassination"

I didn't read anything about the Catholic Church and all the molestations, mostly of little boys. Even the current Pope, RATzinger, used to move certain priests from parish to parish.

I read about "Christians."

John Kennedy said to a friend, "You know what I hate about this job? Having to get up early every Sunday for Church."

Kathy C

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Rev. Carl McIntire, Walker & Jack Ruby


Rev. Carl McIntire, Walker & Jack Ruby

A Record from Mary Ferrell's Database


Sources: CD 914 (34A-36)

Mary's Comments: Jack Ruby received a call from there 11/23/63. (Rev. Carl McIntyre's headquarters were located in Collingswood.)


Drew Pearson - From a column dated December 5, 1963


President Kennedy Was To Been Heckled In Philadelphia By Walker

Drew Pearson says: Rev. Carl McIntire organized demonstration against JFK and National Council of Churches; How seeds of suspicion are planted.

WASHINGTON – John F. Kennedy was scheduled to speak this week in Philadelphia before the National Council of Churches. Simultaneously Gen. Edwin A. Walker, severely reprimanded by the Army under Kennedy, was scheduled to speak against both Kennedy and the National Council of Churches.

The coincidence of the two speeches was no accident. Gen. Walker's speech, later canceled, was deliberately planned by the so-called Rev. Carl McIntire as part of the hate campaign which he and other extremists have waged against the late President and which made it increasingly difficult for Kennedy to put his program through Congress. It may also have contributed to the atmosphere of hate and suspicion in Dallas.

Aligned with Rev. McIntire and Gen. Walker have been such other individuals and organizations as Dan Smoot of Dallas, Rev. Billy James Hargis of Tulsa, and the National Indignation Committee whose leader, Frank McGehee, insulted Adlai Stevenson in Dallas.

The National Council of Churches before which President Kennedy was scheduled to speak includes all the leading Protestant churches of the United States and stands for the Kennedy policy of better understanding with the rest of the world. Five Catholic observers are attending the Philadelphia conference. The council also advocates coexistence, technical assistance to the underdeveloped countries, collective bargaining in labor relations, reduction of armament by international agreement, and the propagation of Christian responsibility in Africa.

The contrast between the council which sponsored Kennedy and the organization which planned to attack Kennedy is vivid in the extreme.

Rev. McIntire was defrocked by the Presbyterian church and thereafter he set up the so-called "American Council of Christian Churches," a name which has confused many people.

McIntire, through either his sermons or his literature, has charged that "The Catholic Church is the harlot church and the bride of the anti-Christ"; that the National Council of Churches is "apostate, Communist, and modernist," "the strongest ally of Russia,"; that Brotherhood Week sponsored by the National Council of Christians and Jews is "a gross perversion of Christian teachings." McIntire has questioned the loyalty of John Foster Dulles, claims that the United Nations is bankrupt morally, and has joined Sen. Barry Goldwater in advocating the abolition of the income tax.

His weekly publication, "The Christian Beacon," described Roman Catholicism as "the great enemy of freedom and liberty that the world has had to face today….One would be much better off in a Communist society than in the Roman Catholic Fascist setup."


But most of all, Rev. McIntire and his stable of propagandists have been against Kennedy's policy of coexistence. The McIntire literature and radio broadcasts made it appear that the late President was about to sell out the United States to Moscow.Most interesting fact about propagandist McIntire is the manner in which he gets privileges from the same federal government which he attacks. First is his weekly magazine, The Christian Beacon, which gets second class mailing privileges and can mail its copies at the rate of 1.6 cents per pound.

Second, McIntire conducts his services largely over the airways owned by all the people under a fairly recent FCC decree urging more controversy and discussion on radio and TV. In Theory this is an excellent decree. But in practice it has been taken advantage of by some of the hate groups: while the church organizations and civic groups which preach better understanding have not shown the same energy in combating these broadcasts.

McIntire's radio program is called "The 20th Century Reformation Broadcast" and began in 1958 from a single station in Chester, Pa., WVCH. It built rapidly, which in itself shows the tendency of some Americans to fall for suspicion and hate. In May of 1962 McIntire announced, "God has given us 305 stations." He appealed for more money to support them, and said his ambition was to get 600 stations.


On November 21, 1963, just as he was organizing his rally against Kennedy and the National Council of Christian Churches in Philadelphia, McIntire sent out another appeal for funds.

"My dear friend," he wrote, "we are in serious financial difficulties. For the last three weeks, for some unexplained reason, our receipts have fallen way down; in fact, almost in half. The November envelops, for some reason, have not come in as usual. It is very serious. We are trying to catch up and now we have come to the limit.

"We are going to have to start dropping stations and this will be a severe blow to us, coming just at the time when the President is to be in Philadelphia.

"Unless I have some real response to this letter, stations are going to stop carrying the program. We are at 533 and we must not start going down.

"Thanksgiving meant so much to these early Pilgrims. I am thankful for all that God has done for us through these months through the broadcast. I believe that God will hear the prayer which accompanies this letter. He knows 'In God We Trust.' May he richly bless you, my friend. Gratefully, Carl McIntire."

A network of 533 radio stations is a lot to carry a broadcast every day which preaches distrust in the President of the United States, plus attacks on other churches. Yet these broadcasts have continued every day for five years. Unquestionably they have had their impact in sowing the seeds of discord, suspicion, and hate.


Thanks to Peter Fokes for calling attention to this story.

http://groups.google...f61f0837c9102c#POSTED BY BILL KELLY AT 10:39 PM icon18_edit_allbkg.gif

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I'm not sure that even Jim Douglass could convince me that Kennedy was an Essene in the model of Jesus. Perhaps, though, we might remember the quotation that concludes Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull:

Title card: So, for the second time, the Pharisees summoned the man who had been blind and said:

"Speak the truth before God. We know this fellow is a sinner."

"Whether or not he is a sinner, I do not know," the man replied. "All I know is this: Once I was blind and now I can see."

- John IX, 24-26

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Hello Bill,

Very very interesting that they are calling the Catholics the Harlot Church, when Jesus would likely point in another direction. That does tend to expose the game of trying to demonize JFK and Catholicism. Jesus and the Harlot Church associations are the Pharisee Temple and the linked with Nimrod's games to play god.


PS---I went back and edited this into the original article, as it really supports the point and to keep the flow and little more in logical order. But you get all the credit for digging that one up and making the proper association. Thanks.


For the folks wanting to Learn the JFK issues, I have outlined some of the methods to make the study interesting. It is a rather complicated group and this method helps everyone to remember their many associations. It is just a study method that helps the issues to stick in folks minds, as they connect the dots.

One can look for the "Name Changers", as that always tends to find many of the issues associated. So, we not only find issues like Jack Ruby is Jacob Rubenstein, we also find the Rothchilds were Bauers of Germany. The list goes on and on, but the most interesting are Georges Mandel is Georgy Mandello, so he sounds Italian. But one can have fun looking for the others. The Name Changers really finds a lot of the players.

Another fun thing is chase down the Masons and "33rd Degree Masons" involved. So you find folks like Hoover, Ford, Russell, Earl Warren, George Mandella and lots more.

Another fun thing is chase down the "Gay Fellas" and you find all kinds of associations from Hoover and Tolson, to Clay Shaw, to Ferrie, to Cohen and the list gets interesting.

Then one can look for the Zionists involved and even find a high Rabbi and Jesuit connections to the central group. When you get that far, "The JFK Murder Mystery" is Solved.

These are just games for Internet Searches that help make the associations more memorable so everyone can connect the Dots for the JFK Conspiracy issues.

Some of your readings will turn up how an American Jewish person named Adolph Schwimmer started the Israeli Air Force and you'll find another godfather (Credit T.R.):


And some of the story isn't real pretty, but it shows how Israel's godfathers do business:


Then for those seeking a little greater challenge for learning these issues become evident:

This little research project will take you into the world of exploitive business and the world of Opium trading that the Jewish Sassoon Family started to exploit China, then how this trade was supplemented with the addictive properties of Nicotine by Britain and Big Tobacco ran the drugs and tobacco into China. We'll show you how all that stemmed from Cuba, the Germans and the British.

The research project will help you connect the dots on not only drugs, but sugar and alcohol addition, sugar/cotton and slavery, sex trades and pornography, sugar and fluoridation, sex, glamor, and Hollywood Cinema. Soon you'll find how those that used the exploitation business plans propered more than others. You can see the effects of the Inquisitiions on these trades.

The research finds Hitler's Bible on the Nordic Races or Arian Race:


You can discover the term "Master Race" began with Slavery:


And in the present day we have the quest for which was the greater quest in sciences for the Arian Rockets or the Jewish Nuclear Science? 1. That for Man in Space and World Peace. or 2. That of a fearsome Nuclear Bomb intent on an Earthy New World Order quest for power, control, and money.

IMHO, These are the tough questions for our plight as stewards of planet Earth. Obviously, JFK selected Peace over Nuclear Wars.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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