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JFK discovers the Royalist's Money Machine

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"JFK discovers the Royalist's Money Machine"

JFK got into many things; from the Federal Reserve, the Oil Depletion Allowance, the Mafia, and along the way appears to have uncovered the Royalist's Money Machine, which was his greatest threat. In JFK's last day on Earth we have Madeline Brown's recounting of all the people who dropped over to the Clint Murchison Ranch, and the suspects all came around from LBJ, to Hoover, to Ruby. Murchison big oil profits and New Money banking empire paid off Hoover with Hotel and race track winnings, not to mention a nice producing oil well share. LBJ came to confirm that the President that was going to give him a prison cell was going to get killed by their CIA / Mafia pals.


Perhaps the image of Camelot had JFK think he was invincible as he played the character of King Arthur and his special steel sword ExCalibur in a special place called Avalon. The legend of Camelot extends from the place of refuge of Joseph and Mary in the times of Jesus, so perhaps this is "deja vu". Certainly, JFK's image has taken on something special in the hearts and minds of all mankind. His is a legend as powerful and Arthur charging forth for good. A good friend of mine went off to become a Priest years ago and the day he left he passed out the words to this song and every time I read them I think they were written for the few good men like JFK:


It is a tedious narrow road that a Constitution respecting US President must carefully navigate, and only the ones who can repel the greed for money and respect the need for the greater good become the honest sheppards who succeed in their stewardship for "We The People". JFK was a brilliant person who traveled Europe and watched the build up for WWII, and his father Joe was in the middle of that too. Joe saved the US from the first stock market crash and the Kennedy's were totally in the know on matters of economy, big banking's Royalist associated scams, and the issues of how Capitalism runs amuck into Royalist's areas and Oligarchic dominance of Democratic Republic.

FDR warned the US of The Royalists and JFK followed that warning and the later one by Ike on the Military / Industrial / Congressional Network. See:



The Royalist's mindsets did anything to enslave a population in varied manners to enrich themselves, and our American Revolution resistance of this was one such example that gave birth to The United States. We the People were united over injustices and resistance of Royalist's extremes. Most of us know of the "Tea Party" and getting freed of too much skimming taxes for Brittish Kings and Queens. JFK likely also studied how the Jewish Sassoon's enslaved the country of China using drugs, and from this drug dealing in China managed to get a lease on Hong Kong, revamp the British Navy from the immense profits from dealing drugs out of Hong Kong. So, the Royals, their Banks, and their Military were made strong by these various methods. The Sassoon model for military build up and gaining money's big influences to hold a country captive is a prime CIA model used in Vietnam and its Poppy Fields. Drugs today is America's biggest and most profitable business.


Even when we get to the Civil War we have to take note that the Royal's business associates were running the slave trade. First the slaves were offed to the industrial North, but the complexity there did not make a good fit. Then, the slave traders moved South and big slave trading centers formed in Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, etc. to run plantations and simple agriculture labor needs. Cotton became one king from Southern Plantations and these fed the Industrial North. But, another common theme appears, as these shipping slave traders were Jewish just as the Sassoons were Jewish and they both sought to make money from the oppression of others. This effect seems to stem from the teachings of the Talmud, some of which teachings were laid down in the times of Nimrod and were about methods of tyrants and hunters of men.

JFK entered more deeply into the world of the Royalist's money machine when the US got into Southeast Asia or Vietnam and the CIA decided to get into the drug business to keep the opposition from trading them for weapons of war. The US secret money machine was patterned after that of the Sassoons and the British Empire, and it linked the CIA with the Mafia drug dealers. The Sassoons were Jewish and they did not care what their addiction games did to people or societies, as long as the exploitation made money. The Jewish of Europe had always been the tax collectors and worked for the Kings and Land owners, as the few allowed to read and write. So, this fit well into the cast system the Royals of Europe knew all so well. The Jewish tax collectors were the only ones allowed by the cast system to learn to read and write, they were loyal to their Royals, and without mass communications the surfs were powerless.

When the US dumped the British in the Revolution they fared well using a money called "Colonial Script", which didn't have any bankers skimming usury money. This would not last long as Ben Franklin got the Royals money back in the US, and their banking systems like that run by Europe's Rothchilds became the new name of how Royals managed their money and power. The Rothchilds were really Jewish and their real family name was Bauers. So, again mainly Jewish business methods still served the Royals, which gave each the power of wealth and control. The Rothchilds system is the old money oligarchs of Europe or the Royals.

This Royalist banking causes problems because the US was set up to avoid and resist the Royalist's methods, and they preferred a Democratic Republic method, where the idea was to avoid the ditch of the Royalists methods and the other ditch of Communism or Socilalism. It was a hard road to follow to keep the US going down the middle of the road between these two ditches, especially so, with all the evils and temptation money brought to sway the system and corrupt politicians that wanted power and control.

Perhaps JFK learned the most from Thomas Jefferson, who knew and understood how to avoid the temptations of becoming a Royalist Pawn, and not even coming close to Socialistic realms then. You can tell JFK respected and learned from Thomas Jefferson due to his comments on his intelligence.


And we all know that all along the warnings about the big banks, their Royalists monies, their corperate shelters and such was preducted by wise Thomas Jeffereson to cause problems. He and many others resisted this Royalist money machine in the US.


But in the early 1900's the big banking money machine took control of the US banking systems and involved old money in Europe and the New Money players in the US.


Shorty after In Lousiana, we had another one that refused to be corrupted, his name was Huey Long, and then JFK came along as perhaps the learned scholar that understood history and knew how to navigate a narrow road as he got to see the big picture from the highest US Office. JFK certainly discovered how the high office had been manipulated to no longer work for the People and more serve the Royalist's agendas. I don't know about you all, but I really liked Huey Long, Thomas Jefferson, and John Kennedy, as they did their stewardship to Americans and not for the Royals, as they kept a balance between the ditches.

Joe Kennedy knew the Mafia ropes from running Cuban liquor during pohibition, and they knew the St. Valentines day Massacrew was a big Jewish Mob shoot out that killed six Jewish mobsters.


Yet, it was Chicago Mafia who Joe convinced the Mafia to help swing the vote for JFK to win. JFK owed the Mafia, but JFK and RFK didn's quite see things their way. The Eastern Mafia was controlled by Meyer Lanski and he was very Jewish just like Jacob Rubenstein from Chicago. The Chicago Mafia was going to kill Jacob for dealing drugs, but someone talked them into sending him south to have his life. Lanski and lots of the Mob were pouring big money into Cuba as they knew their days were numbered in the US legal system, so Cuba was going to be their new place of operations and drug importing, a new Marcelles.


When Castro claimed power and took over the wealth of the Mafia in Cuba, they wanted to take down Castro. Also, a number of US companies lost money in Cuba and they wanted their investments back. It appears even the Bush Zapata gang was part of those loosing money and the reason Bush-41 was always running down to Southern Florida to put together Operation 40 / Mongoose / Zapata, etc. This became the Bay of Pigs invasion with the CIA band trying to oust Castro or kill him.


JFK didn't support that big project, so he was seen as being weak on Communism. It came along that the Jupiter Missles in Turkey really angered the Russians, so they decided to counter by putting Missles in Cuba to keep the balance of power. Cuba was heavily armed with tactical nukes by the time the US found the problems with U2 spy planes looking things over in Cuba. It was almost the end of Peace and Life in the US had it not been for JFK's back channels with the Russians. JFK averted a real nuclear holocaust.

As JFK learned the ropes, he was becoming very unhappy with the Joint Chiefs for wanting wars, the CIA for all manner of dirty tricks that always backfired on the US. JFK would go after the Federal Reserve as he spotted it was really just the long arm of Brittish Royal King's moneys to make money off the US Governenment. JFK went after making a competing currency called the "US Note", which was going to move to shut down the Federal Reserves Royalist money grip on the US wealth.


JFK was going to remove the US from the Roaylist Money machine that involved all the drug games in Vietnam, as JFK wanted them to handle their own problems. JFK started the draw down of advisors in Vietnam and the CIA cranked up their attack on JFK. There was lots of war industry making money off Vietnam and even more to be made from trading drugs just like the Sassoons used to do. These Drug money games even came to Arkansas under Clinton as the Mena Arkansas airport games.


Bush and his Zapata offshore oil was a way to get drugs into the US by oil platform material movements. Zapata was the name of a Mexican raider who killed entire towns, so this name carried a heavy meaning to the Gulf of Mexico. Zapata was the name of a super tough guy to be feared. He was a revolutionary who was after a wealthy Jewish upstart tyrant who ruled Mexico. Lots of the Jews from the Spanish Inquistions landed in Mexico to avoid certain death back in Spain. One can read about Zapata here, and I think Bush-41 agreed with Zapata's guerella warfare methods with his work in the CIA Cuban issues:


One thing to keep in mind is that Lyndon Johnson's heritage appears to be from Mexican decendants of the Spanish Inquistions. Laby Bird and Johnson both seem to have Jewish associated roots along these same lines as the problems down in Mexico.


LBJ was a big Zionist supporter just like Jack Ruby and they held this on common:


LBJ would cover up the Israel attack on the USS Liberty killing many US Navy people and then trying to sink the ship to put the blame on Egypt. After JFK, LBJ would go full bore into Vietnam and do the same operations as the Sassoons did with China. See the book Opium Lords:


Some suggest the name Poppy for Bush-41 stems from his being named after this grandfather or Pops, but it appears his childhood name continued because of the Zapata drug dealing games of poppies. After all, Bush-41 was into the CIA games in the early 50's and really into them in the early 60's. Zapata Bush was a major player in Cuba and they really wanted access to a big oil field off Cuba.

So, today we get to see some of the effects of the power of money when it corrupts absulutely as associated to these Cuba games, the CIA methods of deceit and treachery, and that of high Goverment compromised and bought by that Royalist's Money Machine. JFK was going to return the Govt to "We The People" as a truth steward of right and wrong, navigate the narrow road between Royalism and Communism, and along the road JFK became one of America's most respected Presidents. He was one of a very few and very special Good Men. I can only imagine now how much better America would have been had JFK survived his plans to serve his Country. He never asked what his country could do for him, only what he could do for his country. This is something the Royalists Money system never seeks to do. Most see JFK as a person that worked for Americans and he has in many ways turned into a modern martyr, for whom many seek justice because of respect for his ideals. JFK is an image that just won't die, no matter how they try, JFK's message of doing good by the People keep his ideals more alive than in his life on Earth. Today, we seek A Few Good Men just like JFK and a special few others.


For the folks wanting to Learn the JFK issues, I have outlined some of the methods to make the study interesting. It is a rather complicated group and this method helps everyone to remember their many associations. It is just a study method that helps the issues to stick in folks minds, as they connect the dots.

One can look for the "Name Changers", as that always tends to find many of the issues associated. So, we not only find issues like Jack Ruby is Jacob Rubenstein, we also find the Rothchilds were Bauers of Germany. The list goes on and on, but the most interesting are Georges Mandel is Georgy Mandello, so he sounds Italian. But one can have fun looking for the others. The Name Changers really finds a lot of the players.

Another fun thing is chase down the Masons and "33rd Degree Masons" involved. So you find folks like Hoover, Ford, Russell, Earl Warren, George Mandella and lots more.

Another fun thing is chase down the "Gay Fellas" and you find all kinds of associations from Hoover and Tolson, to Clay Shaw, to Ferrie, to Cohen and the list gets interesting.

Then one can look for the Zionists involved and even find a high Rabbi and Jesuit connections to the central group. When you get that far, "The JFK Murder Mystery" is Solved.

These are just games for Internet Searches that help make the associations more memorable so everyone can connect the Dots for the JFK Conspiracy issues.

Some of your readings will turn up how an American Jewish person named Adolph Schwimmer started the Israeli Air Force and you'll find another godfather (Credit T.R.):


And some of the story isn't real pretty, but it shows how Israel's godfathers do business:


Then for those seeking a little greater challenge for learning these issues become evident:

This little research project will take you into the world of exploitive business and the world of Opium trading that the Jewish Sassoon Family started to exploit China, then how this trade was supplemented with the addictive properties of Nicotine by Britain and Big Tobacco ran the drugs and tobacco into China. We'll show you how all that stemmed from Cuba, the Germans and the British.

The research project will help you connect the dots on not only drugs, but sugar and alcohol addition, sugar/cotton and slavery, sex trades and pornography, sugar and fluoridation, sex, glamor, and Hollywood Cinema. Soon you'll find how those that used the exploitation business plans propered more than others. You can see the effects of the Inquisitiions on these trades.

The research finds Hitler's Bible on the Nordic Races or Aerian Race:


You can discover the term "Master Race" began with Slavery:


And in the present day we have the quest for which was the greater quest in sciences for the Arian Rockets or the Jewish Nuclear Science? 1. That for Man in Space and World Peace. or 2. That of a fearsome Nuclear Bomb intent on an Earthy New World Order quest for power, control, and money.

IMHO, These are the tough questions for our plight as stewards of planet Earth. Obviously, JFK selected Peace over Nuclear Wars.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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