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The Bronfman Gang and the Beast that Whacked JFK

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"The Bronfman Gang and the Beast that Whacked JFK"

The Zionist Bronfman Gang:


Most would not think that a powerful Beast lives just North of the US, and one that runs the biggest and most profitable underground businesses in the world. The Bronfman Gang were Jewish imports from Romania, and connected with Zionist Bloomfield to become the head of the Drug Beast and the kingdom head of drug dealing into North America. This is how the Money Machine works:


This is the Zionist Money Machine that Jack Ruby, Meyer Lanski, Bloomfield, Bronfman could tap into to take down anyone with Mafia methods. Even the CIA contracted them to do their killing work.

More with the Bush ties made more explicit with Permendex:


Money always corrupts absolutely.

What was Zionist Gun Runner Jacob Rubensteins biggest reason to whack Lee Oswald-----to prevent Pogroms against the Jews and in particular these very powerfully corrupt ones linked to those killing JFK in grand spectacle.


At the age of about thirty-three, Bloomfield sought to help fulfill his father’s dream of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine.30 He joined the British military and served in Palestine as an Intelligence Officer under General Charles Orde Wingate.31 Bloomfield and Wingate trained the Jewish army, Haganah, from 1936 through 1939, during the Arab Revolt.32 The British—who controlled Palestine at that time and had supported the Zionist movement under the British Mandate—were caught off-guard by massive Arab resistance. The British responded by sending more than 20,000 troops into Palestine.33 Bloomfield was one of those soldiers.

To counter the onslaught of Arab attacks, General Wingate and Bloomfield trained Special Night Squads, comprised primarily of Haganah fighters, the illegal Jewish army.34 Their tactics were based on the strategic principles of surprise, mobility, and night attacks, and they served effectively both as defensive and offensive units, successfully pre-empting and resisting Arab attacks.35 By 1939 Wingate, Bloomfield and fellow Zionists had armed more than 15,000 Jews to defend the Zionist nationalist movement in Palestine.36 Wingate was killed in an airplane crash in Burma in 1944, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.37 When the O.S.S. was formed in the early 1940s, Bloomfield was recruited and given the rank of major.38

More Espionage

In 1947, the O.S.S. evolved into the CIA, and Bloomfield continued doing contract work for them as well as the State Department/CIA through 1970.39

There is circumstantial evidence suggesting that Bloomfield and Clay Shaw (using the aliases of Colonel René Bertrand and Colonel Beaument in the French spy agency, SDECE) solicited Antoine Guerini—leader of the Guerini Family, the top French-Corsican Mafia at Marseilles, France—to hire hit men to assassinate President Kennedy.40 The Guerini Family had extensive ties to the CIA since the late 1940s.41 The men Antoine Guerini selected later became the lieutenants for Auguste Ricord. Their names were Lucien Sarti, François Chiappe, and Jean-Paul Angeletti.

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