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The Defect and the Debacle

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"The Defect and the Debacle"

In studying the progress made in the JFK assassination there appear to be some real divisions that have formed, one side appears to want to ignore the bird in hand of the Zapruder Film and the other likes a proposed bird in the bush that the Zapruder Film as been tampered, areas blacked out, refabbed, etc.

I have been looking closely at this dichotomy of Zapruder film Opinions and sense that to distroy the Zapruder Film's witness to the event would be alike to banning the Bible for God's efficacy. Like it or not the Zapruder Film is an Icon for the JFK Assissination not only in the US, but worldwide. Certainly, attacking the Zapruder Film's validity by calling it a fake, a hoax, a forgery only can help to cover up what happened that day and get the CIA Mafia good ole boys out of the public frying pan. Then again, it might also help the City of Dallas' nickname as the "City of Hate," as many view this terrible death of a President.

The Zapruder Film has come under technical scrutiny as a way to dismiss it as either inaccurate or forged. I have been looking at the various charges and counter charges on the technical merits on the Internet, and been left wanting of real science in many cases.

I stated with the high digital image of the Zapruder Film by close study of the artifacts seen in the video called a New Look at The Zapruder Film, and it shows all in the highest resultion possible. You get to see the edge to edge features as well as the darkness gradients on shadows, and you especially get to see this back of the head Bulge that appears with the second head shot. See:

The full version is here:


The abbreviated version is here:

You can buy one of your own here:


Then, I began looking at the technical features of this camera, the shutter aperture plate size and the lense zoom and the ability of the lense on zoom to cast an image to the edge of the film. Sure enough, when one sees the circle for the lense aperture it all begins to make better sense, and the image from the image either side of the current fram can be seen as to how these entered the mechanics of the camera mechanism and optics. See:



So, with each successive bit of the mechanics and optics on this model camera came into perspective, I began to have serious doubts that the Zapruder Film is faked. One can look at the 1st shots head explosion and actually calculate the speed of the big pieces blown out of his head by a 200 psi pressure wave that burst open the right temple area of his skull. These big chunks are moving upwards of 60 mph flying up and away by the very next frame. Also, the smaller viscous globs are going to be moving at perhaps 30-40 mph and the red smear of ejected high speed viscous materials will be gone or rendered non-visible in just a few frames. I was looking and even found a number of correction factors that appeared to be changing, that should be constants for the lense. After seeing these problems, I got to looking to see what others might have to say and found this has been a problem. See:




Then I saw the DVD produced called "Grassy Knoll" that has the FBI agent that witnessed the autopsy at Bathesda giving his story and he tells the right cow lick area was a large hole. Then, I started looking for these features in the High Resolution Zapruder Film and sure enough you can see this is certainly an issue area. On the high res version you can see JFK's hair bunch up, make a blob, form a bulge like the scalp was suddenly stuffed like a sausage skin with brain, bone, blood. It shows up clear as day on this high res version and what also shows up is a bigger tear in JFK's scalp than the one that started with the flap blown off his right temple area. So, then matters started to make a lot more sense, as when JFK was taken to Parkland and laid out on a table this bulge would have some gravity issues and drop down to expose these big skull areas at the back that the first head shot blew out, and the scalp drops down due to the second shot making a huge 7 inch long "Defect" along the top of JFK's skull that goes from just shy of the forward hair line all the way toward being under the cow-lick at the back of the head. Sure enough, one can find all these additional damage features in the Bethesday Autopsy X-rays to support the rear skull was fractured into large pieces. The large pieces, including one D-shaped appearing one under the cow-lick area would open up for the scalp being stuffed with brain and blood matter like a sausage skin that is clearly seen in Zapruder from the second bullet's 200 psi pressure impulse effect. This 200 psi along the defect as the scalp was split at the top of the head tossed high speed brain matter rearward easily. So, that second bullet's damage effect was lost for decades by only allowing the "Visual Mud" releases of the Zapruder Film to be seen in public, but as the New Look came into the public's view we all got to see the bigger story, and that was a shot from the rear quickly followed by a shot from the front. First the head moved suddenly forward with a big blast out the right temple and in about a second it moved suddenly back and to the right. So, even the ballistic energy effects are accounted for by the movements of two bullet impacts.

So, what is the bigger deal with the recount of this damage being short of the mark at Parkland with the drawing of a Dr. Crenshaw, who wrote a book on his view of things that day and even drew a picture that looks nothing like the damage factors seen in Zapruder. I do think in this time there was a great interest to reinforce that the kill shot came from forward of JFK in some fashion of perhaps the Grass Knoll and someone wanted a book and a story so convincing that the shot was from the front that the real story was abbreviated for perhaps a benovolent purpose. At whatever the purpose this dichotomy causes division in the JFK research community. We have one side that wants to totally discredit the Zapruder Film and toss it in to the burn box of JFK history.

In all those speaking about the damage at the back of JFK's head at Parkland, they all appear to be pointing at the "Cow-Lick" area of JFK's head, just as the FBI agent at Bathesda speaks of seeing. It is looking like these two groups, Parkland and Bahesda, really saw the same thing. One emphasied the damage to the rear of the head and the other more to the top. I think all is somewhat made moot by just taking note that the really visible bulge at the rear of JFK's head is the key missing element in the considerations of what Zapruder's lense witnessed, and what was later seen at Parkland. Obviously, Jackie had JFK's brain in her hand, she had a huge panic shock when the second shot parted JFK's scalp and exposed the skull with no hair and a crater in the back of his head from the first shot's effects. And the remaining issue is this bulge very likely just sank down to the table top as JFK was laid on the table and everyone could well see the effects of the first bullet's blasting out the back of the skull, but that only made visible by the Second bullet's ripping open the skull along the top into various large pieces, and those large pieces ripping the scalp just as the first ripped the scalp of the Right temple area.

Perhaps, the real issue is that there has to be a new sequel on JFK to sell books, and emphasing differences makes for a good conspiracy story. But one has to question if they are not doing the same kind of "mucking up" the issues as the Warren Commission did with their change of emphasis from the better explanations of what happened from two or three different shooter's positions. Certainly, "Divide and Conquer" is a long known method to keep things confused and weaken the appearance of the truth coming into the light of the day. I certainaly quesion all this dark shadows mystery of some big singular hole in the back of JFK's head that day, in light of the fact that we can show some huge damage effects from two different bullets hitting JFK's head in rapid succession, and these effects match the Zapruder film's withness and the Parkland X-rays, and even perhaps the story of many of the Parkland people that appear to point to the cow-lick area on the back of JFK's head, as to where the big blasted hole was most obvious. I see the issues is that some like to accentuate tiny differences, when if looked at on the whole, we have two bullet's effects and both accounts from Parkand and Bathesda are really as issue of "Splitting Hairs" both figuratively and literally.

My personal opionion is that Zapruder's Film shows us all this second bullet's effects and is the missing piece of the puzzle that solves most of the differences of opinions on what people saw, and it is better to emphaze how to bring them closer together into a "common reality" than to "Divide and Conquer" and try to toss the Zapruder Film into the burn basked as a fake Hollywood production. What Zapruder's Film shows in the full light of the Sun is the scalp bulge, and we have this huge "battle of the Bulge" to deal with to settle this debacle. The Sun's shadow is the only real component of the alleged tampered "black out" area at the back of JFK's head that puffed up his scalp making the shadow worse.

There is no doubt that the Dallas City is also trying to do some saving of face, if they can get rid of this terrible image of JFK's brain being blasted out in the middle of their city, as they'd also like to burn the Zapruder Film and get it out of the public's eye as much as the CIA, and Mafia, and Zapata Poppy Bush and the "gang of snakes"--or "Anacondas"--"X-CIA snakes." The real truth contained in Zaruder's film is still a dangerous thing for the crooks.

Certainly the City of Dallas seems to have an issue with the biggest advocate of the Zapruder Film. See the current news of Robert Groden, who is the most visible and biggest Zapruder Film advocate:


It appears there is an effort to flush the Zapruder Film and that won't correctly serve history. imho. Perhaps it is time to admit that the only way that Dallas is ever going to loose the tile as the "City of Hate" is via love and admitting the all too evident truth that the Zapruder Film ties everything all together in one neat contiguous package that will end the controlversy, rather than keep up the Conspiracy sequels for decades to come.

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Interesting, I just learned that Richard Feynman reviewed the Zapruder Film and found the two shots hitting JFK's head. Feynman won the Nobel in Physics and worked the Manhattan Project.

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