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The Nuke Golem Strikes: DeGaulle and JFK

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"The Nuke Golem Strikes: DeGaulle and JFK"

The issues of Zionism, Mossad associations, and dual loyalties are factors in the JFK assasination for many. These are strong factors in the issues of nuclear proliferation and very closely watched because of Israel's Spying on the US and various other problems. See the history recounted:


The US Nuclear National Security system is not unaware these days, and realize that the Mossad / Israel associations are a major threat to the US.


In 1963 nuclear weapons materials were being diverted from the US to Israel, as the French cut off Israel in around 1962 and many associate that with the assassination attempt on France's President DeGaulle on Aug. 22, 1962. The "Algeria" issue appears to be more a cover story, a half truth, for the larger issue of the nuclear weapons squabble at Domona and having to report for inspections. Certainly the words of JFK on Dimona sound the same as France's.


Did JFK and the intelligence networks connect these dots about Israel's nuclear issues with DeGaulle, very likely so! All nuclear material systems have "Special Nuclear Materials" accountabilty down to the tenth of a gram each day, and any missing material would be showing up on those assigned to keep an eye on the operational security of that facility.

This same Israel cut off from nuclear help appear to be one in the same with JFK's wanting to cut off Dimona's nuclear weapons work, and bullets started being shot at JFK perhaps for some of the same motivations. It appears that Hunt's confessions after death, to the CIA's involvment on JFK and one shooter being Lucien Sarti speaks to the French group trying to take out DeGaulle as the easy killing game to move to the US to target JFK.


For instance, back in 1963 nuclear problems and Zionism were factors in nuclear proliferation at Apollo, Pa.:



"The AEC tried to resolve the complicated mess in a series of extensive negotiations in 1964 and 1965, with Shapiro constantly citing NUMEC's precarious financial condition to justify his actions. Portions of the 1963 waste pit eventually were dug up, and AEC inspectors found that the amount of enriched uranium buried there was not nearly enough to match the huge losses. The inspectors concluded that there was a MUF of 93.8 kilograms (206 pounds) of enriched uranium; they also told headquarters that because of NUMEC's "inadequate and incomplete accounting records," a diversion could not be ruled out, although there was "no evidence" that a diversion had taken place. The issue was aired at a special meeting in February 1966 of the AEC commissioners and senior staff, and, according to a declassified transcript of that meeting, the commissioners agreed that NUMEC's employees be interviewed to find out what had happened. It was further agreed that a trip would have to be taken to Capitol Hill to inform the Joint Atomic Energy Committee of the loss."


Thus, in the Nuclear business, everything associated with Zionism and Israel games are watched. Standard business. Why. French Assassination attempts, when cut off. Dual loyalties. Spy networks, etc. The Security Network is part of FBI Div. 5, Hoover, Bloomfield, etc.

We also know about this timeline of cooperation:



II. 1948-1962: With French Cooperation

Israel would soon need its own, independent, capabilities to complete its nuclear program.







Divided Loyaties Makes for Traitors:



Thus, arises the issue on if the Dimona Nuclear weapons issue became, at least in part, a driving issue on the attempted assassination of France's DeGaulle and the successful killing of JFK.

I'd consider this was a factor and it went on to involve the BloomField and FBI Div. 5 and CIA (the anti-Castros).

Today, even a former worker at Dimona tells that Israel was involved in the assassination of JFK:


Vanunu has also given up information on the number of nuclear weapons Israel as produced while still not following International Rules for inspections.



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