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Marita Lorenz and the likely suspects in Dallas

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This was big, very big, and I wanted to get out. I told Sturgis I wanted to leave. He said it was a very big operation but that my part was not dangerous. I was to be a decoy. Before he could go further, I said please let me get out. I want to go back to my baby in Miami. Finally he agreed and drove me to the airport.' She further stated she would not reveal the names of others in the cars going to Dallas because 'They killed Kennedy. I don't want to be the one to reveal their names; it's too dangerous.'

However, it would seem apparent that perhaps the agency no longer wished to provide Hunt with any level of protection -- perhaps because they did not like being blackmailed. The evidence for this conclusion lies in the additional information volunteered during cross examination which Mark Lane was unable to obtain himself, directly. Since Lorenz had been coached by CIA council (on what Agency would permit her to say) who also worked with Hunt's CIA sponsored council, it would appear that perhaps the CIA' vested interest was actually working against their 'client', Hunt, rather than for him. In fact, Hunt's whole problem of being accused of being in Dallas surfaced only because former CIA agent Victor Marchetti claimed in 1978 Hunt was in Dallas and Liberty Lobby dared to publish the story. As you read, note how both the lawyer and Lorenz tend to volunteer or bring out information more than called for, and how nothing in the cross examination aids the defense or nullifies earlier testimony. Defense would have been better off not to challenge the witness. It would seem a deliberate confession.

It should also be pointed out that Lorenz says she was inducted into CIA in 1959, and that apparently she and Frank Sturgis worked together early on -- suggesting that even when she was supposedly working for the New York Police Department and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). If true, this would make her and Sturgis illegal in-place CIA operatives within the DEA and NYPD -- likely working under CIA Operation Phoenix assassin king, Lou Conein (founding leader of DEA), to help eliminate drug lords not under CIA control or being supplied by CIA, and to protect CIA conduits and suppliers, the true purpose of the 'War on Drugs'.

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