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Our newest U.S. carrier to be named for President Kennedy (Again!)

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Our newest U.S. carrier to be named for President Kennedy (Again!)



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Next carrier to be named for President Kennedy

Staff reports

Posted : Sunday May 29, 2011 13:55:49 EDT

BOSTON — Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced Sunday the next Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier will be named in honor President John F. Kennedy.

The selection, designated CVN 79, pays tribute to his service in the Navy, in the government and to the nation.

"President John F. Kennedy exemplified the meaning of service, not just to country, but service to all humanity," Mabus said in a Navy news release. "I am honored to have the opportunity to name the next aircraft carrier after this great sailor and inspirational leader, and to keep the rich tradition and history of USS John F. Kennedy sailing in the U.S. Fleet."

Born in Brookline, Mass., May 29, 1917, Kennedy graduated from Harvard in 1940, and entered the Navy in October 1941.

During World War II, Kennedy took command of PT 109 at Tulagi Island in the Solomons, with a mission to intercept Japanese ships attempting to resupply their barges in New Georgia. On the morning of Aug. 2, 1943, Kennedy's ship was struck by an enemy ship and split in half. Over the next six days, Kennedy led his crew members to safety and an eventual rescue. Kennedy received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for the rescue of his crew and a Purple Heart for injuries he sustained when his ship was struck.

After his military service, Kennedy became a congressman representing the Boston area, was elected to the Senate in 1953 and in 1961 became the youngest person to be elected president.

One previous ship, USS John F. Kennedy, CV 67, was named in his honor and was decommissioned in 2007, after nearly 40 years of service, including Operation Desert Storm.

The ship will be constructed at Newport News Shipbuilding, Va.


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Donald Roberdeau

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