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What Happened On The Sixth Floor -- D.H. Byrd, Mac Wallace?

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Coincidence no. 1-The TSBD was owned by D.H. Byrd a longtime friend of

LBJ. This bldg. was not a Govt. Bldg. so, it is quite coincidental that

the owner is connected to VP LBJ who is from the Austin area 200 miles


Coincidence no. 2- Thousands of pages of testimony and exhibits, yet no

mention of who D.H. Byrd is in the Warren Report's volumes.

Coincidence no. 3- D. H. Byrd just happened to be out of the country on

safari in Africa during the Assassination.

Concidence no. 4-Byrd on the Board Of Directors of Ling-Temco just

happens to receive huge early defense contracts in Vietnam in 64/65 era.

Coincidence no. 5- Malcolm Wallace convicted of killing golf pro John

Kinser in 1951, and represented by LBJ Lawyer John Cofer, then given a

suspended sentence and set free due to the jurors getting threatening

phone calls as reported by local newspaperman Bill Adler, Wallace just

happens to work for Ling-Temco in Anaheim ca. a subsidiary of Byrd's

main Dallas plant.

Coincidence no. 6-a co-worker remembers Wallace was not at work 11-22-63

in Anaheim Ca. How convenient.

Coincidence no.7 - Wallace's print was found in the sniper's nest, and

id'd by Nathan Darby a man with roughly a half century of experience as

a fingerprint examiner. According to Barr McClellan this print was also

confirmed by members of Interpol, though I'd like to see some


Coincidence no. 8-D.H Byrd kept as a souvenir a window from the TSBD!

What kind of macabre sick individual would do this? Does this sound like

someone who could be involved in the Assassination?

Coincidence No. 9-The Window Byrd kept was not at the sniper's nest! It

was apparently the SW window, not the SE window. Now, everybody knew

where the Sniper's nest was, so why would he take the wrong window?

Coincidence no. 10-In the Men On the Sixth Floor, alleged witness Loy

Factor says Wallace and LHO fired from the SW window! If true it shows

Byrd knew which window.

What I tend to believe now is no one shot from the sniper's nest.

Someone stood there with a gun and the whole thing the nest-the mc,

were props -Wallace and the LHO double fired from the opposite window,

Wallace got his print there settng up LHO fake nest. LHO was on the

first floor during the shooting. It had to be an inside job, no

CIA/Mafia assassins could just waltz in at high noon not seen by anybody

and escape without intimately knowing the Depository and getting


(interesting coincidences thanks to Lazuli777)

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