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I do have his book in front of me. I should have read it a long time ago but surprise …. surprise this book was very little commented in Sweden previously thus escaping my attention.. And then suddenly the biggest Swedish morning newspaper wrote about him and his book in a rather short article wondering why he and his book is so often discussed abroad and at the same time not at all in Sweden. This must be in January maybe even later in at the end of last year. Since then he is practically once again “non-existent” in the Swedish public life and /or the Swedish debate.

Interesting things with the book I do have is that it is actually two books. One half is written by Johan Norberg and when you turn the book so that you get the back to front (or vice versa) there is a booklet written by the (in Sweden) well known female anti-globalisation fighter.

I interpret this as an unwillingness to let Johan Norberg to talk freely on his own about a subject which is for the moment “not politically correct” in Sweden.

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Dear Dalibor,

I am pleased that what I wrote introduced you to one of your fellow countrymen. I do not agree with all he says but our exchanges of correspondence have been most constructive. Indeed, he has written a small piece for me for a seminar I am holding in Sierra Leone this April. We are discussing development strategies and Johan's ideas deserve considerable attention.

I can only hope that in a society such as yours that he is encouraged to speak and write, for only then will those opposed to his ideas be able to fully grasp the complexities of what he says.

Best wishes,



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I’m not sure that I did understand what you are trying to say.

Well you certainly did not “introduce me to one of my fellow countrymen”. Please read my contribution again to be sure of that.

In my short contribution I was just amazed that so many in other countries talk about his book (you too for example!) when he is virtually unknown in his own country. Even newspaper article I wrote about wondered about the same fact.

I wish you a good seminar in Sierra Leone.

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