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Will Tony Blair resign tomorrow?

John Simkin

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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

"Will Tony Blair resign tomorrow?"

No. Tony Blair should have resigned 'yesterday'. Tony Blair has lost all credibility with the British people. They see him as a slick talking smarmy manipulator who has told lie after lie after lie. Finally people in Britain are wakening up to the fact that Tony Blair - aka Tony Bliar - is a conman. Blair recently announced that he would not seek a fourth term as Prime Minister - if elected. By saying this Blair has effectively shot himself in the foot. Critics now doubt that Blair will even get the chance to have a third term. Political analysts now see Blair as a 'lame duck' who may well be gone BEFORE the next General Election here. The knives are out for Blair. In the context of the USA Presidential Election- it is curious - if not understandable - why coverage of Blair's precarious position as Prime Minister is not being covered in the USA media. Of course, George W. Bush never mentions the fact that Tony Blair, his chief accomplice, is virtually washed up and will soon no longer be Prime Minister. One can only hope that the same fate awaits George W. Bush. It was also curious how Blair announced that he was going into hospital for a heart procedure the evening before the first presidential debate. Was Tony doing George a favour? Did Blair want to take the heat off Bush's predicted bumbling performance. Um? CNN led with the story of Blair's heart 'operation'. Coverage of the presidential debate was relegated to second and third place on the CNN news.A heart 'operation' which could have waited - Blair's condition was not life threatening.

Blair gone? Bush gone? Will the world finally be better and safer?....Um.


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