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The Secret papers of ..... .... & Alias Oswald

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W.R. Morris wrote with R.B.Cutler a book titled Alias Oswald,about

the same time he self published The Secret Papers of Harry Dean

both in 1985.

Morris and I had fallen-out ten years earlier after a brief and only

stint on The Tom Snyder Show in New York,City.

I have read again today the Morris Secret Papers yarn, it is 24 pages

of rubbish and contains the same mug shot Morris used in Alias Oswald.

I also learned of, then read, Alias Oswald near three years ago. Each

of those publications included me at length, each are considered by me

as vindictive efforts to belittle real facts. I never knew R.B. Cutler

and had no communication with Morris since 1975.

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