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Lee Harvey Oswald's name PROBABLY listed in Mary Sherman's address book

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Notice I used the word "probably" in that heading. I think that US intelligence agent Lee Harvey Oswald's name PROBABLY was in Mary Sherman's address book and I think this is BLOCKBUSTER information.

Press Release - June 30, 2011

Contact: Author Ed Haslam or Kris Millegan at Trine Day (800) 556-2012

Or C. Brylski (504) 897-6110

FBI denies request for information about murdered New Orleans doctor

The murdered doctor was Mary Sherman, MD, a bone cancer specialist who worked at Ochsner Clinic. The memo in question was from the FBI Director, dated 7-31-1964, just 10 days after Dr. Sherman’s body was found slashed and burned in her fashionable St. Charles Avenue apartment. NOPD homicide detectives confiscated her address book from her apartment and went through it looking for friends and associates. When they did, they found a name that set off their alarms so loudly that they immediately contacted the FBI to tell them about it, says Edward Haslam, author of DR. MARY’S MONKEY, a controversial book which examines Dr. Sherman’s murder in detail, with interesting outcomes about the nation’s polio vaccine program and a bizarre link to those connected to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“In the same breath, they requested the FBI help the NOPD with their investigation of Dr. Sherman’s murder, so the request was forwarded to FBI Headquarters in Washington for approval. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover responded promptly. Calling Sherman’s death to be a ‘local murder,’ Hoover told his FBI agents ‘no active investigation is to be conducted’ and warned them that such actions might put the agency in ‘an embarrassing position’,” said Haslam.

So whose name did the NOPD find in Mary Sherman’s address book?

“That’s what we want to FBI to tell us,” Haslam says “At the moment, the name is still redacted (or blacked out) so we don’t know for sure”.

Haslam found the curious redaction in Hoover’s response.

“It was in a note on page two, but it was placed highly within that note, like a main fact, immediately following the description of the stab wounds and burns to Sherman’s body. And whoever’s name it is, they were so well-known that it was not necessary to include their first name,” he says.

The note actually reads: “XXXXXX’s name was found in her address book.”

Having already located two witnesses who reported seeing Lee Harvey Oswald in Mary Sherman’s apartment building in the summer of 1963, Haslam asked the logical question: Could it be Oswald’s? Examining the length of the redacted name closely, Haslam noted that it appeared to have six letters plus an apostrophe-s, just like Oswald’s.

“Could this be the clue we’ve been looking for?” he wondered. Haslam’s book and a followup book by Judyth Vary Baker called “Me and Lee” posits that Oswald was actually helping local doctors find a cancer-causing virus which could be used to infect Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

In April 2011, Haslam filed a Freedom of Information Act request asking the FBI to unveil that one word from Hoover’s 1964 memo. In June, the FBI responded by sending a second copy of the memo back to Haslam with the same words freshly redacted. The old memo was redacted with a black marker; the new copy was redacted with white boxes, but the word in question was still redacted. The reasons for the redaction cited by the FBI were “personal privacy.”

“At least we now know this memo is real. The FBI acknowledged it. And I am appealing the FBI’s decision through their channels. And if that does not work, I will write the President. What else can you do?” Haslam says.

But Haslam wonders if there is not a bigger question: Did the Director of the FBI deliberately cover-up a lead into the activities of Lee Harvey Oswald while the Warren Commission was still in New Orleans investigating JFK’s assassination? Haslam said, “Un-redacting this one word would help answer that question, one way or another.”

After writing DR. MARY’S MONKEY, Ed Haslam assisted in editing ME & LEE, the memoir of Judyth Vary Baker, who was one of the witnesses who saw Lee Oswald in Dr. Mary Sherman’s apartment. Both DR. MARY’S MONKEY and ME & LEE are available in New Orleans bookstores and on the Internet, or by calling 1-800-556-2012.

Related links: http://doctormarysmonkey.com/index.htm



cheron brylski

the brylski company

3418 coliseum street

new orleans, louisiana 70115



504.460.1468 cell

504.897.0778 fax


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If this happens to be the case I think that will be a big step forward in the research to the truth.

That would give much more weight to the story as told by Edward Haslam and Judyth Baker.

By not releasing this document in full the government only gives more room for speculation.

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