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Unelected Oligarchies and Corporate Power

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That doesn't go far enough into describing exactly why :

The EU.

Our parliament have surrendered wholesale, the powers it requires to legislate new laws in MANY areas - including privatisation of public services. All EU "demands" to 'homogenise' the whole of Europe, with Brussels the sole power to make new laws. No one elected them. You can't vote them out. They demand, and get, national sovereignty over many key areas - roads&transport, health, energy, etc....

They lied to the voters in 1975 on the one referendum given to the people about staying in the EEC (Trade-bloc ONLY!) and then successive governments have moved the UK deeper and deeper into that corrupt, undemocratic morass that is the EU....and nobody can do anything about it....most EU directives they now have to add to the law books, aren't sold as being from the EU.

NHS is next on the block for cherry-picking...and nary a word about it being enforced on us from the EU....because the NHS is the lodestone of our country, and not many would stand for it...

Further reading about the UK's part in the creation of this monster, and what exactly it's doing : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4382602/387.pdf

LONG read, but scary in just what our politicians are NOT telling the people....

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Thanks for bringing that up Steve.

I suspect Sweden as well is in such a process, not because I know so but because of the changes that I saw after 35 odd years between being there. I do remember the British Swedish trade 'camradiere'' and their shared pov re remaigning wholly sovereign. Perhaps the Health System in sweden is much more embedded and will be harder to break, but the stake for ordinary britons must be huge which tells of why this is kept quiet about. A similar thing has happened in Oz re dismantling the Universal Health Care scheme brought in by Gough Whitlamin the early 70's.

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