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JFK was on the trailing curve to prevent this?

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This latest little mess gathered 300 views in a few hours. Pretty much burned a page with distractions.

Now the view count is running 6,600 views ...

And Bill Kelley is even adding to the view counter, I see.

Are you serious? Can anybody follow what he just said?


Are you one of those people that never paid attention to history in school, didn't read lots, doesn't have a clue, and played video games? Surely not.

I think thousands understand what I just said. Read this page below and see if you can grasp the issues of the Talmud that involve hate speech. The Talmud is the Jewish Bible, their Religious Law. Knowledge of the Talmud is required to understand the Jewish Religion's values. Talmud is the texts all the Rabbis have to study and become expert upon.


Brother Nathael is rather famous on the Internet. Has his own web page, has tons of YouTube Videos. Browse around his site and read a lot of his other articles and see if you can grasp the religion problems. Watch his YouTube Videos. Ask him questions, as he is friendly.

He grew up Jewish, knows the Jewish religion inside and out and all the problems and isn't afraid to talk about them. He tells the problems very well, and explains things in detail.

See if you get that and if you don't then don't waste everyone's time. You have to understand his information, at a minimum, to even try to understand the deeper issues and associations on this thread.

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