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Art and dyslexia

Kay Williams

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Does anyone know if there has been some research done on the connection between art and dyslexia?

Between 10% and 15% of art students doing degree-level courses are thought to be dyslexic (recorded numbers have risen in the UK because students with dyslexia can apply for extra funding through the disabled students allowance scheme).

Many thanks,


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>Does anyone know if there has been some research done on the connection between art and dyslexia?<

Dyslexia can be notoriously difficult to diagnose precisely. It's a multidimensional spectrum of conditions and often the term "specific learning difficulties" (or learning disabilities in the USA) is substituted.

A diagnosis of dyslexia may generate funding, but it's only a start. As a special educational needs teacher, I'm more interested in the follow-up interventions which can help those with SpLD access the whole curriculum, including foreign languages. The ALLADIN project, which is dedicated to the teaching of languages to students of art, has taken into account the proportion of dyslexics within the art student community and has published guidance for tutors at:




In 2003, David Fulton Publishers brought out a book entitled "Dyslexia and Art, Design and Technology" by Frances Renaldi. Check out the following link as well:


Hope this helps.

David Wilson


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