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Ballistic Effects of a Mercury loaded bullet

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Greetings, To Quote your questions:

Hello John,

Could you briefly explain to me what the purpose of a mercury filled bullet is?

Also, if you have sighted a gun with a scope, a scope that is mountable, and you briefly take it off and put it back on, do you need to sight the gun again?



The Terminal Ballistic Effects of a Mercury loaded bullet is a terrible thing indeed.

You must understand that I can't go into any construction details without violating certain provisions of the Patriot Act with respect to providing information on a public forum that could be of possible use to those who are designated Terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security ie.[bIG BROTHER] I'm going to be treading a fine-line as it is.

Suffice to say that with an atomic number of 80 and an atomic weight of 200.59,

Mercury is pretty much on par with bullet lead which is usually alloyed with varying amounts of tin, and antimony, which lowers the mass of pure lead. Since mercury is liquid in its' natural state it posesses charactistics which render it truely devestating upon Terminal Impact with a live body. A semi-jacketed hollowpoint bullet so loaded will retain its initial mass and momentum. But, the mercury being liquid will escape the confines of the bullet during the mushrooming stage and expand so quickly as to in effect, expload, creating a hydrostatic shock zone of destruction far greater than the bullet alone. Such a projectile being properly made if shot into the torso will virtually liquify the internal organs and if impacting a human head it can quite literally expload that head. All of this of course occuring in milliseconds of time. [it should be noted at this point that according to the descriptions of Drs. Perry and Clarke, the wound to JFK would not necessarily have to have been made by such a projectile. There are a number of bullet types and calibers that could quite easily emulate the wounding so described. However, the one bullet type that could not and would not produce such a wound is the solid jacketed(FMJ) 6.5/52mm Carcano bullet.] The Mercury Load is the MAKE SURE bullet of the professional assassin and requires a good deal of skill in its manufacture_not something that can be whipped-up in a few minutes on a kitchen table. Such a bullet must be milled and loaded to tolerances far greater then can be decerned by the human eye. Otherwise, it will quickly become unstable in flight and all hope of downrange accuracy is lost, even at a range of 100" or so. In fact, an improperly constructed Mercury Load can and under the right conditions will cause a catastrophic instability inside of the weapon's barrel with an outcome that will definently be felt by the shooter. So folks, do not try this at home! Besides being illegal in many places it is damn dangerous to play around with.

As to the scope issue:

Once a scope is mounted and sighted in it cannot be physically manipulated in any way without resighting. even an incidental bump or knock is sufficient to cause it to lose its' line of sight.[Note:] When the sic Experts at Edgewood Arsenal evaluated the alledged JFK killshot Carcano they found that LHO's aimpoint would have to have been some 14 inches off target.

I hope this addresses your questions.


John Ritchson

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Thanks John,

Unfortunately, your are not an expert. :lol:


#19525, "RE: Wim Fabricating Truth of the XP-100 on his website"

In response to Reply # 49

I have just been informed by a fellow researcher that Wim is posting my threads, including this initial one on John Simkin's research forum. He including the rebuttal in his e-mail to me. Is Wim that desperate to prove his case that he would sneak off and post my threads from this forum to be argued on another without my knowlege so that I cannot respond to his so-called experts rebuttal? I guess that is one way of having the last word!!! The rebuttal is worthless as his so-called expert is so clueless that he misses my point altogether. Like talking to the wall...

I guess Wim believes he has a better chance with another audience. Even his so-called expert does not believe in Files, so it is only a matter of time before he starts getting heat there and has to move on again. How many forums are out there? LOL


(Wim: It is precisely these kinds of characters why I am posting here <_< )

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