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Teddy Kennedy FBI files released show threat pattern

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Recently, It appears the FBI released lots of the Teddy Kennedy files and a pattern of more threats and hate toward Teddy Kennedy. One of the more interesting ones is connected with WF Buckley Jr.

Everyone tends to know that Lee Oswald was assigned by Guy Banister to invade the "Fair Play for Cuba" group that was a political front for Castro in the US. Castro was very popular in the Northern states for toppling Batista, but that was short lived as the JBS moved in to attack Eisenhouer and others over Communism per Castro and Cuba. The JBS didn't stop there, as they also attacked DDE over Khrushchev's visits to the US. They were seriously screwing with US Foreign Policy matters and short circuiting Peace processes.

Lee Oswald was mapping out those supporting Castro in the US, and it was an interesting project that followed his doing snoopping in the Soviet Union. Oswald plugged right back into US Intelligence circles with no problems getting into the US from Russia and being taken right back into the fold.

Most know that the hate toward JFK from the John Birch Organization was extreme and involved not only Guy Banister, but high rollers like General Walker, Hunt, and Merchison in Dallas, Texas. It appears there was even a pre-assassination party at Merchison's house that had visitors like LBJ and JE Hoover to show up and bless the next day's happenings. The fix was in at the highest levels, but who were the main plotters they were going to protect for their mutual interests?

And the plotters, that were largely the John Birch Society's extremists, were busy setting up cover stories. And their biggest game was what Joseph Milteer wanted and that was to hook the crooked Jewish factors in Intelligence operations. There are various smoke screens to avoid those associations and the scamming by the JBS, like Castro killed JFK, the CIA killed JFK, or the Mafia killed JFK and those show up as a continance of the pattern with these Teddy Kennedy FBI files.

The one that stands out is the Buckley call-in, as he was linked with Robert Welch of the JBS. Perhaps, someone rocking the JBS's boat there telling them they know the real deal. Why else call someone in the Buckley group?



Another potential threat was called in to the assistant secretary of William F. Buckley Jr., a founder of the modern conservative movement, in October 1969.

The secretary said a female caller phoned Buckley to tell him she lived in South America and had learned of a plot out of Cuba to assassinate Kennedy the following month.


The plotters not only wanted to kill JFK for various reasons, they were busy hooking up Jewish factions to the plot. The most obvious was the anti-Communist Newspaper ad in Dallas flogging JFK that was put in by a JBS connected person named Weissman, a very Jewish associated name.

Other factors like Jack Ruby or Jacob Rubeinstein were right in the thick of the plot to kill JFK. Jack Ruby's Rabbi was Abe Zapruder's. Many shots rang out from the Dal-Tex building, which was apparently Jewish owned by a Morris Jaffee, who had big USAEC associations with LBJ.

And Banister's connections with PERMINDEX via Clay Shaw and big Jewish supporter Nagy of Dallas is becoming associated to the plot by many. And we've all discovered that PERMINDEX is associated with Mortimer Bloomfield, a very big Jewish operative in Montreal, Canada who is hooked to British Intelligence and Israeli operations, not to mention drug running and tobacco exploitation.

So, the first part of their plan went off with success in killing JFK, but the second part to hang the Jewish factions was a difficult sell became of the high connections of LBJ and Hoover, as they both got snagged into the plot to kill JFK. That apparently guaranteed the JBS parts in the plot to kill JFK would never become exposed. That this didn't come to fruition suggests it was more an insurance policy to protect the JBS lead plotters.

So, since the second part of the JBS plan to kill JFK and take out the Big Jewish problems in Intelligence Operations faltered, it appears the smoke screen continues with FBI files speaking about the same cover up methods used in the JFK assassination being applied to Teddy Kennedy.

The deeper parts of the story link to General Walker and Germany, as the Ghalen Intelligence groups were the central network used to spy on Russia Communist interests. The JBS hooked up with several NAZI linked organizations like this because they were highly anti-Communist and connected with Communist Intelligence spy operations.

Then we spot ex-NAZI Dornberger working for Bell Aerospace systems in Dallas and Mike Paine, who works for Dornberger, is connected with helping Marina Oswald and there are stories that Paine took Oswald to JBS meetings and Oswald penetrated some of the JBS plots to kill JFK. The Paines appeared connected to getting LHO the job at the TSBD, and the plot to make LHO the patsy is well into place.

And solving the JFK assassination is really very easy from this point forward.

The Germans are busy teaching the Egyptians how to build rockets and some nuclear technology, and this catches JFK into another problem with Israel over their Dimona Nuclear bomb works. JFK does not want a US ally to aggrivate his Peace process with Khrushchev, so JFK insists on shutting down Israel's nuclear bomb efforts. And it becomes very easy for the JBS types to draw in lots of Jewish resistance toward JFK, especially that from Bloomfild and UK and Israeli Intelligence connections. But it is clear that the JCS and the JBS types want war with the Soviets and Cuba, not peace.

The next thing you know---the biggest cover up in history to hide who done it. The first part of the plot worked, but the second part didn't and it put the US into the same exploitation as China and the drug methods used to exploit them. Their intention is to weaken and to distroy the US.

The JBS then gets invaded and controlled by a lot of Jewish Factions, and the Foreign Policy of the US is highly controlled by corrupt Zionist interests that are covering up the lead factors in the JFK assassination.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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