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The assassination and aftermath in three sentences

Ron Ecker

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In 1961 President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex. Less than three years later, the MIC violently took control of the government. It has been in control ever since, helping lead with its wars to the financial ruin that the U.S. now faces.

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JFK was not the first president to wonder if the CIA understood that it was supposed to be under control of the President, especially after Allen Dulles and Nelson Rockefeller established liaison relationships between the Agency and other federal bureaucracies in the mid 1950s. What was different about Dallas was that this conflict was clear as day for billions to see and keep on teaching silently. But new careers were made hanging juries off TV, and upwardly mobile Americans learned to walk with Siberia freeze-dried inside them.

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The plan was to kill the pres. and run like hell.

No, I think the plan was to kill the president, rearrange some boxes and then run or walk when finished.

Edited by Ron Ecker
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In 1961 President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex. Less than three years later, the MIC violently took control of the government. It has been in control ever since, helping lead with its wars to the financial ruin that the U.S. now faces.

Agree with the first part - but not the last. The U.S. is not in financial ruin. I still take my little strips of paper with presidents pictures on them and buy steaks at the Krogers. Although gas is a bit high - I still fill up my Buick and drive wherever I want to.

While I don't like the fact that the ole U.S.A. has spent itself into a $14 trillion dollar hole - I do realize that taking control of $14 trillion dollars+ worth of known oil assets from Iraq has helped to maintain the strength of the dollar on world markets. Taking control of Libya's oil assets is a nice quid-pro-quo for the Europeans too.

I'm not happy about stealing other country's resources - but hey - we invented the cars - it's not our fault that the dang oil is under the sand over there. What the heck...we spent all this money on aircraft carriers and military might - we may as well use it for something eh? :P

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Guest Tom Scully

If the U.S. has "taken control" of underground petroleum deposits in Iraq and Libya valued at $14 trillion, wouldn't "control" imply ownership, possession, or at least an ability to set or heavily influence the setting of price of such deposits? I was able to purchase regular gasoline for as little as 87 cents per gallon in late 2001. Recently, the price exceed $4.00, a 400 percent price increase since the March, 2003 U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Isn't Iraqi oil output recently at a level not seen since before the U.S. invasion? Haven't the majority of oil field services and exploration contracts been awarded by the Iragi government to non-U.S. based, corporate competitors of major U.S. based petroleum conglomerates?

Libya is known for its light, sweet crude oil deposits, easily refined with high cracked yields per barrel of crude oil input, but Libyan production is small enough to the point that its interruption recently has not stopped a 15 percent decline in world markets crude oil price.

Aren't you making association similar to the one the "drill baby, drill" proponents make, that increased domestic exploration and production will result in some benefit to the common U.S. consumer? The consumer will not realize any economic benefit if more oil is produced domestically. Just as the consumer does not own the most recently discovered and brought to market, domestically sourced petroleum, what possible difference would it make if the source is Canada, Venezuela, Alaska, or Montana? Petroleum is a world market commodity. Price is determined by demand, availability, and to an extent, manipulation in the trading of futures contracts.

If there is a supply interruption triggered by diplomatic, war, or natural disaster driven events, it won't matter much, and for very long, what precipitates the resulting shortfall in supply. Price will be determined by demand and availability. Canadian and Alaskan sourced crude oil will not rise, whether or not the government of Iran prohibits the sale of petroleum exports to the U.S. Those exports will still feed into the available world supply, and will feed into refineries and offset the need to purchase crude oil from another source.

If 5 million of the daily world production of 85 million barrels of crude oil was suddenly unavailable as a result of war or natural disaster, the price would rise no matter who is in control of a given segment of the remaining available supply. The U.S. domestic daily consumption exceeds 20 million barrels of equivalent crude oil. More than half of the total is imported.

Tax revenue is still being squandered constructing and maintaining new U.S. highway infrastructure, while in most countries, mass transit is more heavily invested in with public funds. A crazed, self styled US. presidential candidate promised $2.00 per gallon gasoline as a consequence of her election as president.

32 summers agon, a U.S. president promoted conservation and alternative energy research and conversion as the prudent national government policy. The U.S. population has never been more dependent on fossil fueled, privately owned vehicle transportation as it is today. The majority of roads do not have safe side clearance intended for pedestrian or bicycle traffic, and sidewalks are relatively rare. In most suburban areas, it is not safe to walk or bicycle to shopping or recreation areas.

Although I disagree that there has been any future U.S. consumer benefit, or any increased U.S. national security resulting from the military operations in Iraq and Libya, in Iraq the result is probably a huge increase in the numbers with blood vendettas against the U.S. and those associated with it, I disagree that "economic ruin" is a legitimate concern.

In late 1982, home mortgage interest rate was 16 percent. Today, it is 4-1/2 percent. Government manipulation has failed to push and maintain housing price levels to unaffordable or unreasonable for most first time buyers, as the government had done, between 2000 and 2007.

If you still are employed in a position with pay and benefits similar to the employment you've been accustomed to, these are probably the best times you will experience. This is a period of no inflation to speak of. If the economy improves, you were already employed. The consequence for you will be increasing oil prices, and other inflationary trends. The price of the home you own will be constrained if interest rates rise, there was extreme overbuilding of single family homes and retail commercial space. It is not unusual here for nearly half the retail space remaining permanently vacant in a strip mall, once the occupying business moves out of the space. Many newly built storefronts have never been leased since construction was completed before late 2008.

All of the noise from politicians and pundits seems to avoid the real financial crisis, the problem resulting from 20 percent of the population owning 87.3 percent of the wealth. Total U.S. privately held wealth is estimated to be about $52 trillion. The bottom 80 percent own only $5.6 trillion of this total, and they are responsible for most of the consumer debt and half of all mortgage debt.

The "have not" majority was able to recognize what was in its own best interests 100 years ago, and congress and the president approved a personal income tax amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and two thirds of the legislatures of the individual states ratified the income tax amendemnt into law. Wealth concentration was relieved by the majority of voters, revnue was raised through the taxing of the incomes of the wealthiest and by taxing their estates.

There was no deceptive repetition of the propaganda we are subjected to, today..."50 percent pay no federal income tax, they have no skin in the game....blah, blah, blah!" This large percentage pays no income tax because they earn little enough to exempt their incomes from all taxes but the social security and the medicare withholding.

Again, the crisis is that economic demand has been stifled as a consequence of 80 percent of the population reduced to owning only 12.3 percent of the wealth, and owing too high of a percentage of the total consumer and mortgage debt. The wealthiest have successfully manipulated the political and news punditry dialogue into a climate where the wealth concentration level and trend is not discussed, and where it has become unacceptable to speak of a political solution in response to acutely concentrated wealth. This was accomplished by the wealthiest spending a lot of money, but still a small amount, compared to the results they have achieved. The voting majority can vote to change the status quo. When they are strangled enough, economically and politically, they will do it, or civil unrest will increase.

The wealth exists to relieve the manufactured focus on a federal debt "crisis". Our great-grandfathers were able to vote in their own, best interests.


The Kingfish wanted the government to confiscate the wealth of the nation's rich and privileged. He called his program Share Our Wealth. It called upon the federal government to guarantee every family in the nation an annual income of $5,000, so they could have the necessities of life, including a home, a job, a radio and an automobile. He also proposed limiting private fortunes to $50 million, legacies to $5 million, and annual incomes to $1 million. Everyone over age 60 would receive an old-age pension. His slogan was "Every Man A King."..


Us Record Against Additional Parties .

Leader-Post - May 3, 1935

... ofunemployed be really eight nine or ten million nobody knows Therefore an ... sharethewealth clubs with eight million members and that twenty million .


Most Of Huey Long’s Goals Achieved, Son Says…‎ Toledo Blade – Sep 7, 1965

….Welfare programs, govern ment construction of highways and hospitals, abolition of poll taxes, and free education are Just some of Huey Long’s programs that have long since become the law, the senator said, adding that Social Security and welfare benefits go beyond what he envisioned.

Parallels Noted

“President Johnson has said he used to come over and listen to Huey Long speak,” the senator added, noting that a large part of the President’s education and anti-poverty programs bear a similarity to the Kingfish’s ideas.

There have been differences, too. “We’ve tried to help people own their own homes.” he added. “He tried to give it to them debt free.”

……Limit On Fortunes

The cornerstone of the Kingfish’s financial progran was to limit personal fortunes to about $50 million and inheritance to $5 million. “If you took the (inheritance) law based on intent, we’ve gone as far as he’s advocated. But people find ways to get around it,” the senator (Huey Long’s son) said…


Striking Verizon workers stage candlelit demo outside chief executive's mansion home

Union fury at reduction in benefits as firm restructures

1 day ago – 'We're not asking for more - we're asking to keep what we have.' About 45000 of Verizon's 200000 workers have been striking since August 7

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Financial Ruin might become an understatement...

One may want to prepare for self-cracking radioactive oil, as America wants to keep up with Japan's free radiation in Tokyo.

Russia is backing Syria, and China is backing Iran, and Egypt just withdrew their Ambassador.

Iran's nuke reactor is coming on-line. http://articles.cnn.com/2010-08-13/world/nuclear.russia.iran_1_bushehr-facility-nuclear-reactor-visit-iran-next-week?_s=PM:WORLD

Siemens, of Germany, started the Iran Reactor and Russia completed it.

Guess the Germans, in JFK's time, taught Egypt both rockets and nuclear technology.

Nukes always come in pairs, if one guy gets one---the others will too.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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In 1961 President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex. Less than three years later, the MIC violently took control of the government. It has been in control ever since, helping lead with its wars to the financial ruin that the U.S. now faces.


It might take a few more sentences to get the points across. The battle is a simple one mainly that of the Royalists (Bilderburgs, Fed. Res. Bankers, the Oligarchics) against the Socialists (the Huey Longs, the middle road JFK's, and Peace seekers)

What they want to do is play on the fears of Americans to promote a strong military over fears of Communism, or the more recent fear of Islamic Terrorism. Using that to increase military spending and keep a running intensity against anything that might take away the power of control by the Royalists. Along the way they enrich all the war industries like Martin-Marietta, Brown-Root, Bell Helicopter, and the rest. The UK Royals and the Vatican invest in these highly.

The rest of the idea, as they provoked these wars, is to always take the fight to them----as in the Islamics and attack Iraq, and Afghanistan and keep the wars out of the US etc.

The goal is to use this military might and the games of inciting wars using religion to gain a bigger Royalist footprint in global affairs and wear down the resistance. It is the NWO or OWG games proffered by Albert Pike and his being the willing Foreign Agent for Masonic London or the Royals.

Anyone that didn't like their game, Lincoln, Long, Kennedy, King, and the list goes on---gets shot.

In this next great war---remember who the real enemy of the People and Peace are.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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The goal is to use this military might and the games of inciting wars using religion to gain a bigger Royalist footprint in global affairs and wear down the resistance. It is the NWO or OWG games proffered by Albert Pike and his being the willing Foreign Agent for Masonic London or the Royals.

It's been my impression that the goal is the obvious one, which is to make money, it's pure greed on the part of the MIC, to make all the blood money possible. Whether it is really in the name of a larger conspiracy (the NWO, the Masons, the Illuminati, the British Crown, Extraterrestrials, or you name it), I have no idea.

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Guest Tom Scully

I am glad that is settled. The mystery to me is how the largest stockholder of General Dynamics, his son, and their lawyer, a Warren Commission senior investigative counsel, could go largely unnoticed, until 2009.

Obama seems to be sponsored by the son. IMO, there still seems to be a lack of interest in these people and their deeds and motives. They are not going anywhere, the son and grandson sponsored (annointed ?) Obama, and the grandson is a major influence today on the General Dynamics and JP Morgan Chase boards...


Article 2 -- No Title

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Mar 22, 1963

He said the largest defense contractor today is General Dynamics. Seeking to smooth over the ruffled feelings, Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D- Minn. ...

Defense Contracts

Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - Nov 19, 1968

General Dynamics is the parent firm of Electric Boat Division in Groton. It was identified as the largest defense contractor in the nation with a total of ...

Top Defense Supplier Is General...‎ Wall Street Journal

General Dynamics Wins First Place In Pentagon Orders

Pay-Per-View - Wall Street Journal - Nov 1, 1974

WASHINGTON General Dynamics Corp., a major builder of submarines and military aircraft, displaced Lockheed Corp. as the nation's largest defense contractor ...

$244 Million Overcharges Tied to General Dynamics

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Apr 5, 1985

A monthlong study by Pentagon auditors of General Dynamics Corp.'s records shows that the nation's largest defense contractor has overcharged the government ...

Is unaccountable the best way to describe them?

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Guest Tom Scully

Ron Paul "gets" part of it. Ironically, his political beliefs and foreign policy positions are practical, realistic, and sustainable from the standpoint of spending priorities, whereas the political and foreign policy goals and priorities of the leaders of both major parties, their financial supporters, and their media cheerleaders are not.

However, I would not care to be a woman of childbearing age residing under Ron Paul's presidential leadership, nor would I want to be a U.S. resident during a Ron Paul presidency. It is pathetic that he just might be the best choice in 2012, depending on what you can convince yourself to stomach.


“I, um, I think there, that it’s a theory. The theory of evolution. And I don’t accept it. You know, as a theory. I think the creator that, that I know, uh, you know, created us, every one of us, created the Universe. And the precise time and manner and uh, and all. I just don’t think we’re at the point where anybody has absolute truth on either side.” -Ron Paul


Ron Paul stresses opposition to abortion rights in Iowa speech

By Michael O'Brien - 08/13/11

...“There is something that precedes liberty, and that is life,” Paul said. “If we are to defend liberty … you have to understand where that liberty, and where that life comes from. It does not come from the government, it comes from our creator.”

Paul recalled somewhat graphic stories from his time as an obstetrics-gynecology resident to explain his opposition to abortion rights.


Posted on August 24, 2011 at 12:11 AM

...After all, Paul doesn’t fit the Republican mold. He wants to pull American troops out of all military conflicts. If elected, he says he'd abolish the Federal Reserve and even wipe out the federal income tax.

"You can't get rid of the income tax unless you'd get rid of all the spending,” Paul said. “People think it's bizarre, but did we have one before 1913?"....


August 19, 2011

....Paul said he is against the inheritance tax and wanted to fix the issues apparent in the Federal Reserve. He also wants to see more responsible taxation that reflects our nation’s reality.

“If it is a flat tax, I want it pretty darn flat,” he said.

On Energy

....“The people I know don't know about energy, they have no idea what is the best form of energy. Nobody does, and the market has to decide what form of energy is best.”

On Healthcare

On the issue of healthcare, Paul stressed that his experience in the medical field showed that it could function in the absence of Medicare or Medicaid, but it was a different society back then. He said the system is broken now, with patients being charged the most for services.

He added that too many people dependent and the care of patients being taken out of the hands of doctors. Admittedly, he said it was a tough balance of taking care of our citizens and avoiding wasteful spending.

“We don’t want to throw people out on the street, but at the same time we know we have to save the money someplace.

On Social Programs

One voter asked about his stance on federal social programs, such as Social Security. Paul said there was not much room in the constitution for federal programs and preferred them handled at the state level.

He applied this philosophy to areas such as education, saying that the Department of Education had no authority to tell states what to do in their schools. He added the Social Security is bankrupt due to the wars we are involved in, but stressed that social programs in general are not the best option.

“Social programs don’t work, the best social program is freedom,” he said. His solution is to have an environment in the country where the market offers incentives to work hard and save money while being productive.

On Regulations

....When pressed by an audience member on the need to regulate pollution, Paul responded that the EPA is not the best solution to control environmental damage. He said pollution issues were dealt with by the free market before the EPA was formed, adding that special interests controls the regulators far too often.

“The market is a more powerful regulator,” said Paul

Historical experience and the crisis of concentrated wealth in the U.S. today indicate that Ron Paul's domestic platform is the opposite of what is needed, unless the goal is a descent into a feudal system, with an obliteration of what remains of the consumer class, the middle class. Paul's religion influenced ignorance and contradictions....a strict libertarian until it comes to dictating what happens in a female resident's uterus, seems incoherent and of another century.

Ron Paul's America:


Knox Mine disaster

The Knox Mine disaster was a mining accident that took place in the Greater Pittston metro area in Port Griffith village of Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania, near Pittston, on January 22, 1959.

The River Slope Mine, an anthracite coal mine owned by the Knox Coal Company, flooded when coal company management had the miners dig too close to the riverbed. Tunneling sharply upwards toward the Susquehanna River, the miners reduced the thickness of rock between the mineshafts and the river bed to about 6 feet (1.8 m) -- 35 feet (10.6 m) was considered the minimum for safety. This caused the waters of the river to break through into the mine.

It took 3 days to plug the hole in the riverbed partially, which was done by dumping rail cars of sediment into the whirlpool formed by the water draining into the mine....


New Move Made To Halt Probe .Knox Coal Co. Files Another...

Reading Eagle - Mar 18, 1959

Neely said counsel for the Knox Coal Co. and its presi dent, ... 22 when of gallons of water from the Susquehanna River burst into the- operation.

Miners To Tell Committee Of Flood Ordeal

Washington Observer - Mar 5, 1959

Martin Murray d-lu uzerne) said the survivors of the Knox Coal Mine disaster ... which still has 12 men trapped in the pits beneath the Susquehanna River. ...

3 Indicted For Bribery In Union Case .‎ Gettysburg Times

all 3 news articles »

Mine Disaster Warrants Issued .Six Accused Of Manslaughter .

Washington Reporter - Aug 19, 1959

... men connected with the Knox Coal Co. and the Pennsylvania Coal Co. operators and lessors of the operation where the men died when the Susquehanna River ...

Inspectors Charge 7 Violated Mine Laws ..Caused Flooding,...

Beaver Valley Times - Apr 9, 1959

... flooding of lhe Knox Coal Co. operations last Jan, 22 and lhe of 12 men. ... appropriate prosecutions" for those responsible in the Susquehanna River ...


West Virginia coal mine explosion that killed 29 could have...

New York Daily News - May 19, 2011

BY LUKAS I. ALPERT A West Virginia coal mine explosion that killed 29 was caused by a reckless disregard for safety by the mine's owner Massey Energy Co., ...

Massey Energy's Negligence Led to Mine...‎ New York Times

Report blames Massey for W.Va. mine...‎ USA Today

Massey Energy blamed for mine disaster ...‎ UPI.com


May 13, 2011

"Do you think everyone should just be responsible for themselves and if a flood washes your house away no FEMA?" the viewer asked via email. "Sink or swim?"

"I think that's the way a free society works and that's what the Constitution mandates," Paul replied.

Paul's full answer:

I think that's the way a free society works and that's what the Constitution mandates. I'm on the Gulf Coast, I have a house on the beach or had one recently, and I don't think that somebody in New York or New Hampshire or Iowa has to pay for my flood on the Gulf Coast...Insurance is an old fashioned way of doing it. Buy insurance. If the insurance [company] won't sell it to you, it means it's too dangerous. If it's too dangerous, why dump the responsibility on the taxpayer? You know it doesn't make economic sense, it doesn't make good moral sense, it doesn't make Constitutional sense.

How does eliminating a woman's access to safe, clinical, professional abortion services comport with the strong positions above? How much of that 12.3 percent of remaining private wealth currently in the hands of the bottom 80 percent of U.S. residents fare in a political environment of no inheritance or income tax, and no medicare and social security benefits. I used the 1959 coal mine disaster to make the point that unregulated private enterprise has a tendency to take risks for the sake of potential profit to the point that they knowingly risk destroying the enterprise itself. Airlines scrimp of maintenance, power companies have decided to run the nuclear power plants they own while shortcutting security, maintenance, and even the current 40 years design limits on the aging plants. Disasters occur despite regulation and enforcement efforts. Ron Paul has consistently sided with fellow legislators who represent business interests' unceasing efforts to neuter regulation of their enterprises.

We can do better. It is pathetic that it is not clear whether or not Ron Paul is the best choice in 2012 among a field of even worse choices, including the incumbant and war monger, the bill of rights trampling Obama.

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The assassination and aftermath in three sentences

1. JFK was warned to stay out of Dallas or else he'd be killed.

2. JFK went to Dallas anyway and was killed.

3. The authorities whose responsiblity it was to properly investgate the crime failed to do so and instead covered it up.

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The assassination and aftermath in three sentences

1. JFK was warned to stay out of Dallas or else he'd be killed.

2. JFK went to Dallas anyway and was killed.

3. The authorities whose responsiblity it was to properly investgate the crime failed to do so and instead covered it up.

and its been downhill ever since...

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In 1961 President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex. Less than three years later, the MIC violently took control of the government. It has been in control ever since, helping lead with its wars to the financial ruin that the U.S. now faces.

Great assessment. The record deficit is a result of spending BILLIONS on financing TWO CONCURRENT WARS FOR 10 YEARS. That's never been done before in history, and now we know why. Add to that the fact that American businesses have moved manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico where the people will work for slave wages, and you can see how their greed has resulted in high unemployment among Americans.

New jobs ? Where will they come from ? What corporation is going to create new jobs here when they can do the same overseas and pay $ .35 an hour ?

Meanwhile, American families are losing their homes and living in their cars.

I sat in a parking lot early one morning and watched a homeless man stop in front of a Aaron's Rental Center and stare into the window looking at the furniture.

It was heartbreaking imagining what was going through his mind and at the same time it made me ashamed to live in America. It also awakened me to the fact that I was just a job loss away from being that guy.

What has happened to the "American dream" ?

Edited by Gil Jesus
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