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Joseph P. Farrell: On the Death of Seal Team Six

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August 19, 2011

by Joseph P. Farrell


My heart goes out to those families that have lost loved ones – courageous people – in the attack on Seal Team Six. I had wanted to comment on this at the time, but I truly believe that these families must be allowed time to grieve. I grieve with them, and grieve for our nation. Make no mistake, they lost their lives to defend my right to say what I am now going to say in this blog. I acknowledge my indebtedness to them, and to all veterans, for the priceless privilege to speculate, and to question, openly and freely.

As most people here know, I am deeply suspicious of the “Death” of Bin Laden. Like SS General Hans Kammler, it would appear that the man died several times, each time under very different circumstances. Then there was the woodenness of President Obama in reporting the event, and the dubious “evidence” we were shown of the death of the notorious Al Qaeda leader. Now, the very team that we’re told led the raid, is dead. To be sure, we’re told that none of the raid members were involved in the recent deaths. But who believes anything coming out of the government any more, much less this administration.

I must confess, I cannot avoid the fact that I am extremely suspicious of the deaths of these soldiers; it seems all to convenient a method of silencing anyone that might challenge the official story. We’ve been down that road before; one need only say “Kennedy assassination witnesses” to get that picture clearly. We’re told that the Chinook helicopter did not contain any members actually involved in the raid on “Bin Laden’s” compound, we’re told that it was brought down by a lucky strike from an RPG (rocket propelled grenade), and that the perpetrators were hunted down and killed in an airstrike.

Now we’re told that a movie deal is in the works, and that Hollywood producers are in close talks with Pentagon leaders in order to “get the story straight,” in other words, the movie is likely to be pure propaganda designed to prop up an official story that looks increasingly tattered. Expect that movie to emphasize that we’re in Afghanistan fighting “the war on terror” and not a war designed to gain control over the energy resources of the region and deny them to Russia, China, and India. But we’ve already lost that war, the real war: Russia and China have made it clear that any attack on Iran would be viewed as an attack on their own vital interests. Remember south Ossetia, and the lame attempt of “Grand Chessboard” players to secure that region? An attempt that Vladimir Putin quickly crushed?

The whole tragedy of the death of those soldiers is, that they died, really, for a deeper geopolitical reality, not “the war on terror” but “the war to keep energy out of Russia’s and China’s hands.” That war is looking increasingly shaky.

And while we’re at it, you might want to follow the oil money trail. Here’s a place to begin: google “Bridas Corp” and you’ll see how, after raping a certain South American country, the Anglo-American elite drove yet another former ally and proud nation into the hands of the emerging BRICS nations. In that, there lies a tale. Better yet, go to this wikipedia article, and connect a few more dots for yourself:

Bridas Corporation

During the recent Republithug presidential debate in Iowa, Congressman Ron Paul made an impassioned plea for the US to stop the “war on terror” (read, war to keep China and Russia from controlling central Asia energy supplies), and bring the troops home, and focus on our pressing domestic issues, including our economy. I have to agree with the Congressman.

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