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New book out about President Kennedy

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I found this on: www.multieducator.com. It doesn't tell you which way it leans. The writer is a teacher and has also written a children's book about Kennedy for kids to use on their ipad. So this sounds a little scary. Is it the lone gunman from the TSBD again?

"JFK Historymaker A 50 Year Retrropective by Marc Schulman



LIST PRICE $14.99 Physical $4.99 Electronic

JFK History Maker is a masterpiece of astonishing research and information lending new insights into the man, the president and the icon. This authoritative compilation is an ideal reference source for students and laypersons, containing extensive biographical information as well as a plethora of high-resolution photographs offering a peek at the people and places figuring in the stages of JFK's private life. Additionally, the book provides texts from many of JFK's key speeches, and detailed excerpts from his daily White House schedule. The detail of the schedule and the scope of JFK's day-to-day engagements are a unique vista into the issues confronting him during his presidency.

Much of this material is newly declassified and was compiled by veteran JFK historian Marc Schulman from hundreds of hours of National Archives video clips and archived materials in the Library of Congress and the Kennedy Library. While the material is extensive, it is extremely readable and organized for easy reference.

This solid, encompassing piece of research is a marvelous addition to the collection of biographies on JFK. If you must limit yourself to one selection, this book should be at the top of your list."

Kathy C

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Here is a link to the online book:


It might be interesting to see what slant happens. But one might be almost guaranteed a slant. This appears to be the author:


I doubt we'll see the JBS or Milteer mentioned. Nor the German Rocket Scientists in Egypt.

Doubt we'll speculate if JFK wanted the UFO secrets from Roswell/Ft. Bliss to leverage the NAZI's out of Egypt?

Ruby won't be tied to the Mob or drug running.

PERMENDEX associations will all be muted. Never mention Bloomfield and the drug running profit system for their international corperate empire knock off games.

Who knows maybe he'll get into Dave Icke and define the "Reptilians" as the Royal line that Christ called the Den of Snakes, aka reptilians. Seems in Germany one cannot speak too directly, so slang / code expressions must do.

We'll likely not see the Ben Gurion battle, nor the word Dimona nuclear bomb factory.

Time will tell, as everyone reads.

There are some interesting snap shots of the JFK history on the web page. Like this Khrushchev message to LBJ just after the assassination.


And JFK goes to LDS's land in Utah about two months before the assassination:


And a letter to Khrushchev from Jackie on her last day in the White House:



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