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Rewards vs Punishment

Jim Root

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There seems to be a very long list of persons that researchers suggest may have been killed or eliminated because they "knew to much" or had information that could have led to those who may have been involved in a plot to assassinate the President.

In the past I have presented information that Wilho Tikander, while working with Richard Helms and others, in June of 1959 made a suggestion that the information that was being gathered by these people would be used to facilitate an off track intelligence mission through Helsinki, Finland in the near future. In October of 1959 Lee Harvey Oswald would travel through Helsinki during his "defection" to the Soviet Union. In the coorespondence that I obtained it was suggested that additional information would not be necessary from Tikander and communication with him seemed to have ended.

On January 2, 1964, Wilho Tikander was sworn in as a Jucge to the Circuit Court of Cook County. In a letter dated April 28, 1964 he thanks one of the very same people that were gathering infromation from him in 1959 for having it seems, without being requested, provided a "character reference" to those making the decision that led to his appointment. Tikanders letter reads:

"...please note the stationary on which this is being written and allow me to thank you for the character references I now understand you supplied in my behalf to the Chicago Bar Association. As you will note, I was approved for appointment as a magistrate of the re-organized Circuit Court System of Illinois."

Seems that there was more happening in late 1963 than just the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Interestingly, Tikander makes a reference to "our late President Kennedy" that is seemingly naive yet is written by one former OSS Station Chief to a man that was still a highly placed CIA operative.

Jim Root

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