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Labour party tracks Ken Livingstone supporters with hidden web bugs

Steven Gaal

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link https://p10.secure.hostingprod.com/@spyblog.org.uk/ssl/spyblog/2011/08/28/labour-party-tracks-ken-livingstone-supporters-with-hidden-web-bugs-accessible-b.html

Labour party tracks Ken Livingstone supporters with hidden web bugs accessible by USA tracking companies and US Government

By wtwuon August 28, 2011 10:32 AM


Spy Blog readers may recall our criticism of US style political campaigning web services "as used to help President Barack Obama get elected":

How sneakily are Blue State Digital tracking NGO political campaign emails ?

Several UK NGO's looked at this technology and chose to make use of it, without using its most privacy endangering features such as the use of hidden "web bug" graphics in HTML emails.

Just in case you thought that the Labour party has somehow changed its penchant for control freakery and mass surveillance, the iPad wielding apparatchiks have now launched a campaign website for the odious Ken Livingstone in his attempt to get re-elected as Mayor of London called http://yourken.org

The social media integrated web based political campaign service which the yourken.org website is using is called NationBuilder.com based in California, USA.

Snazzy integrated political campaign tools - but no privacy

To a political campaign or other non government organisation, this commercial service offers some snazzy tools, setting volunteer activists goals to achieve in terms of organising events or spreading the campaign message. there are blog pages and Google Maps showing where registered supporters are located , with tools to graphically "turf carve your voter file" amongst different local organisers etc. There is integration..... ( see more in link above THANKS sg)

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