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Is the invasion of Earth by alien civilization imminent?

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So these Penn State profs haven't talked with Arthur Young or any of those responsible parties who believe that the US has been visited by Pleadeans and Grays for decades, if

not centuries?

Maybe they aren't talking to the right people.

Even though he died in 1995, he left a great deal of material behind that reflects his thinking. Maybe these profs should look at some of it.


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Richard Hoagland has one of the most interesting Facebook pages on that website. Many times each day he answers questions or makes comments on something posted on his Facebook Wall by his many friends. These answers and comments are always interesting.

He is the leading proponent that Elenin is not a comet but an artificial craft being operated by Artificial Intelligence inside it. Below are his answers/comments to questions posed on his Facebook Wall yesterday and today:

Posted by Hoagland on September 7, 2011:

Actually, during Elenin's Closest Approach to the sun, September 10/11, NOTHING will be happening with Elenin ....

The real dates to watch are September 23 (when Elenin enters the field of view of the main SOHO camera), and the 26th -- when Elenin comes into DIRECT conjunction with the sun!

After that, September 29th will be the next key date to watch (when Elenin might deliberately FRAGMENT ... into a multiple of smaller "ships"), followed by October 16th -- when (at 19:50 GMT) Elenin will pass closest to the Earth (on its present course ...).

IF Elenin "does" anything on Sunday, September 11, it will ONLY be visible on the STEREO-A and B cameras anyway (I'm uncertain if it will still be visible from the ground, from Australia ...).

So, the 10th-year 911 Anniversary on Sunday is NOT a real distraction--

Unless ....

Something "bad" happens.

Posted by Hoagland on September 8, 2011:

Elenin is NOT a "huge object."

(The "shield is not an "object.")

The "fear porn" around it is ONLY aimed at those of us who even KNOW that Elenin exists ... at the moment. :)


When Elenin "makes it" to CNN (and it WILL ... soon) -- all this "fear porn" will be patiently waiting ... on the INTERNET!

What do you think you'll find, even now, if you just go -- knowing NOTHING about Elenin -- and Google "Elenin" now ....



Its "earthquake connection" ... to "alignments!"

You obviously have NEVER run a world-wide "fear porn campaign" .... :)

Hoagland also believes that the $2 billion instrument recently launched from Earth that is described in the video below has among it purposes an intention to communicate with the Artificial Intelligence inside Elenin that is controlling that cosmic craft:

It won’t be long before we learn whether Hoagland is accurate or not in divining what Elenin is all about.

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Sorry, but I don't consider Hoagland to be in any way credible. What will be the excuse when the aforementioned dates pass without any strange activity?

I agree that Hoagland's credibility will permanently be minus zero or zero minus if nothing happens on the dates he has selected for Elenin. He has a lot riding on this issue that he has raised unilaterally. Nonetheless I find his Facebook page quite interesting because of the sundry articles and videos posted there daily by his Facebook Friends, and sometimes by his comments appended to those postings. Of course, in viewing all of these one must separate the wheat from the chaff.

Today, Sept. 10, 2011 Hoagland responded to a Facebook Friend's inquiry about Leonid Elenin, the Russian astronomer who discovered Elenin, as follows:

As I said in my Red Ice interview of a couple months ago, I think Elenin is REAL ... but (unknowingly) part of a MUCH bigger "plot" around this object ... which goes back to long before he was even BORN--

IF our model -- re a ~13,000-year-old Time Capsule, coming from a SPECIFIC celestial direction -- is correct ....

This (as we say over here) is for "ALL the marbles ...."

Stay tuned; it is ONLY going to get "stranger" .... :)

Edited by Douglas Caddy
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This current interview of Joseph P. Farrell on Dreamland deals with a number of subjects, among them being Nazi occult projects.


I should have used the words NAZI COSMOLOGY to hint at my particular intent which surprisingly, imo, has a lot to do with some debates raging on the left in oz which is, imo, about identifying what we call fascism and effectively counter any drift towards it.

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I should get into Facebook, but it's one aspect of technology that I don't really want to partake in.

My Twitter account is rarely used; I use it to check when favourite podcasts are released more than anything else.

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Posted on Richard Hoagland's Facebook Wall on September 17, 2011:


Ok, I'm reaching with this, but I was just curious if anyone has tried to pair a relationship to Elenin and any of the verses in the bible?

Richard C. Hoagland: Derrick,

Yes, "Revelation 12."

Meaning, important date for Elenin COULD be September 29th ....

Google. :)

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Posted on Richard Hoaglands Facebook Wall September 18, 2011:

Frank Harrison:

Hi Richard, sorry to jump in. I think people expected things to happen straight away. Time will tell.

Richard C. Hoagland: Frank,


Now where do you suppose they got THAT crazy idea ...?

Certainly NOT from me!

This carefully manufactured 'drama" has been building for almost three quarters of a year; why would ANYONE think it was going to come to an end ...NOW? :)

It has at least three more months to play out ....

Starting NEXT weekend ... when we're in California, at "Awake and Aware." :)

Edited by Douglas Caddy
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Richard C. Hoagland appeared on the international radio program coasttocoastam on Tuesday night, September 20, 2011. Below is the coasttocoast report on what he said:

Comet Elenin

Final hour guest Richard C. Hoagland shared his thoughts on Comet Elenin, Friday's impending satellite re-entry, and 2012. He decried the hysteria surrounding Elenin, declaring that he'd "never seen any object so hyped and so lied about than this little nothing, wimpy thing." Hoagland also voiced suspicions over the origins of the comet's discovery, noting that Leonid Elenin, the man who discovered it, has seemingly rebuffed nearly all press surrounding the object. He encouraged listeners to avoid what he sees as "fear conditioning" by the media surrounding Elenin and surmised that something about the approaching comet threatens the world elite. As such, Hoagland mused that "someone in power is deathly afraid of it, so it must be a good thing."

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