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Mr. Simkin and moderators - PLEASE - we need to take a vote on this question.

Steven Gaal

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Steven (and others),

Creating a poll is easy. First, start a new thread.

post-2326-091643900 1316590037_thumb.jpg

Fill in the thread title details as normal. It's also worth making the initial post a description of what the poll is for, why you think it is important, etc. Then click on Manage Topic Poll.

post-2326-035328400 1316590048_thumb.jpg

Next, set the conditions for the poll:

Poll Title: This is the title of the poll rather than the proposition, but it can be both.

Public Poll: This means that members can see the vote tallys. If unchecked, only the poll creator can see the results. Once the first vote has been cast, you can't change it from private to public, or vice versa.

Question: Ask your first question here (e.g. Do you agree that.....). Think carefully about your question and make sure it covers what you want to ask. Underneath, next to the 1, put the first option (e.g. Yes). When ready, click on the button marked "Add Another Choice" (not question!). A next box will appear and you can put in your next poll choice (e.g. No). Repeat until you have all the choices you want to allow people. Think carefully about the choices; people hate only being allowed to say Yes or No when there may be a grey area such as Undecided, or even "I reject the premise of your question!".

If you want to allow people to choose more than one response to the question, make sure the checkbox immediately to the right of the question is ticked.

Once finished, you can click the button marked "Add Another Question" and repeat the steps above, or if finished, post the topic as normal.

post-2326-063768200 1316590059_thumb.jpg

You can also delete questions, or close the poll form if desired.

Any questions, please ask!

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