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Activist Post Deleted! Google Erases Popular Alternative News Source

Steven Gaal

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link http://www.infowars.com/activist-post-deleted-google-erases-popular-alternative-news-source/

Activist Post Deleted! Google Erases Popular Alternative News Source


At mid-day on Friday, September 23, 2011, the popular alternative news blog, ActivistPost.com, was taken offline. Activist Post receives over one million views per month and has been hosted by Google’s Blogger since its founding in June 2010.

“We remain puzzled as to why Activist Post was erased completely by Google,” said chief editor and co-founder Michael Edwards. “When we tried to load our back-up file into our secondary Blogger account, that was blocked as well,” he added.

It remains unclear whether Google has acted to censor ActivistPost.com for their controversial reporting. Google is becoming somewhat notorious for clamping down on truth and liberty activists, of which Activist Post is known for.

“Clearly, this is a huge set back for us and the work we do,” said co-founder Eric Blair. “Our entire crew is working on resolving the issue and restoring the website. We certainly look forward to an explanation from Google.”

Activist Post will file an appeal with Google to restore the site in full, and asks their loyal supporters to make their voices heard as well. However, they also are seeking other hosting services to avoid these types of censorship issues in the future.

“We want to thank our loyal readers, contributors, and advertisers for being patient while we work this out. We plan to come on even stronger in face of this adversity


The first link of this Education Forum post below no longer works because Activist Post Deleted. (other links in post work,however first link was the purpose of the post)

What Caroll Quigley predicted all coming true right before your eyes

link http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=18163


Of note, related to the purpose of the Quigley post = Google CEO Eric Schmidt a Bilderberg member.


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I don't understand; when I do a Google search (everything, not just news), they are top of the Google list. What's the issue?


They seem to have put up new site. New site seems to have a few technical problems. However old material is gone from internet. EXAMPLED BELOW MY LINKED MATERIAL post here at ED forum


What Caroll Quigley predicted all coming true right before your eyes. See link below

please see link http://www.activistp...ng-used-to.html

.... link will show its all becoming true before your eyes your eyes......

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It seems all the old Activist Post material is gone,1000s of articles. WOW !!

It may be connected to FEDS (not Obama's ) ATTACK WATCH


Here Comes FIATtackWatch: Ben "Big Brother" Bernanke Goes Watergate, Prepares To Eavesdrop On Everything Mentioning The Fed

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/25/2011 13:12 -0400

Two weeks ago, the media's heart went aflutter when it learned that the president had borrowed a page right out of ole' Joe McCarthy's communist witch hunt book with the launch of Attack Watch. The response by everyone, even fans of Obama, was immediate and brutal. Yet where Obama took about 24 hours to crash and burn, someone else has stepped in with a far stealthier method of ferreting out the traitors amongst us: none other than our old friends, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, which in a Request for Proposals filed to companies that are Fed vendors, is requesting the creation of a "Social Listening Platform" whose function is to "gather data from various social media outlets and news sources." It will "monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria." The Fed's desired product should be able to "determine the sentiment [ED:LOL] of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document"... "The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube. It should also be able to aggregate data from various media outlets such as: CNN, WSJ, Factiva etc." Most importantly, the "Listening Platform" should be able to "Handle crisis situations, Continuously monitor conversations, and Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers." Said otherwise, the Fed has just entered the counterespionage era and will be monitoring everything written about it anywhere in the world. After all, why ask others to snitch for you and anger everyone as Obama found out the hard way, when you can pay others to create the supreme FIATtack WatchTM using money you yourself can print in unlimited amounts. And once the Internet is completely "transparent", the Fed will next focus on telephone conversations, and finally will simply bug each and every otherwise "private" location in the world. Because very soon saying that "printing money is treason" will be treason, and such terrorist thoughts must be pre-crimed before they even occur.

All we can say is we welcome our new Chairsatan Voldemort overlord. For it is truly he who must not be named henceforth.

From the key section of the RFP, presented in its entirety below:

I. Introduction

Social media platforms are changing the way organizations are communicating to the public Conversations are happening all the time and everywhere.

There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects.

II. Social Listening Platforms

Social media listening platforms are solutions that gather data from various social media outlets and news sources. They monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria. They can also determine the sentiment of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document.

The information gathered can guide the organizations public relations group in assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies.

Here are some of the services it can offer:

o Track reach and spread of your messages and press releases

o Handle crisis situations

o Continuously monitor conversations

o Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers

o Spot emerging trends, discussions themes and topics

A. Geographic scope of social media sites

The solution must support content coming from different countries and geographical regions. It should also support multiple languages.

B. Content and Data Types

The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube. It should also be able to aggregate data from various media outlets such as: CNN, WSJ, Factiva etc.

C. Reports and Metrics

The solution must provide real-time monitoring of relevant conversations. It should provide sentiment analysis (positive, negative or neutral) around key conversational topics.

It must be able to provide summaries or high level overviews of a specific set of topics. It should have a configurable dashboard that can easily be accessed by internal analysts or management. The dashboard must support customization by user or group access.

The solution should provide an alerting mechanism that automatically sends out reports or notifications based a predefined trigger.

D. FRBNY Technology Integration

The solution must be able to integrate with existing FRBNY technologies such as: Google Search appliance, Lotus notes suite and web trends.It must have support for single sign on or windows integrated authentication.

E. Cost Structure

The solution should offer a flexible pricing structure that can support multiple user licensing. It should also have the option to base pricing on content volume and usage. Supplier acknowledges an understanding of and agrees to comply with the above minimum solutions requirements.

Its funny in a sad,sad way.


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Activist post back !! good.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Statement From Activist Post Regarding Site Takedown

Activist Post

As many of you already know, this site was taken down by Blogger this past Friday. It came as a shock to us and our loyal readers. Given the controversial topics that we cover, it's perfectly understandable to speculate that Google removed us as a form of blunt censorship. Indeed, that's precisely what we thought happened.

We’re eternally grateful to those who made the story of our removal go viral. Regardless of the actual reason Google erased this site, the power of the alternative community was proven this weekend. The incredible support and buzz generated by this story seemed to influence Google to respond quickly, and Activist Post was fully restored Sunday evening.

Here is the exact quote from their engineer:

I'm an engineer on blogger. I'd like to apologise on behalf of the team for the removal of activistpost.com. The removal was caused by an automated process, and we restored the blog as soon as the issue was brought to our attention.

Activist Post was started modestly on Blogger in June 2010 by average people who could no longer stand by quietly while the world descended further into the clutches of tyranny. Because of the unyielding passion and conviction of truth, peace, and liberty activists, and the solidarity of the alternative news community, we quickly exploded beyond anything we could have imagined. Until now, Blogger has served us well.

For the past few months we have discussed moving to an independent platform to avoid this exact scenario. This situation, however debilitating, has created the opportunity for us to do just that. Additionally, we realized that our content has outgrown our template's ability to organize it properly. Over the next couple of weeks we will roll out our new platform. In the meantime, we'll continue our work as usual.

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support during this shutdown. Many amazing people from around the world in the alternative news community offered us servers and technical support. Our stellar contributors and loyal readers made their voices heard loud and clear that censorship will not be tolerated. We are humbled and more motivated than ever because of your heartfelt support.

Despite the tremendous challenges facing humanity, this situation proved to us that the human spirit, powered by truth and principle, is invincible. We know now, more than ever, that peace, love, and liberty will indeed prevail over the darkness that currently shadows our world. They cannot stop us when we work together, for we are many and they are few

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