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I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael for over a year plus. We have spoken and exchanged detailed emails often, three, four or five per week. It has been my personal experience on amazon.com to encounter what I would classify as disinformation agents of the so called "Intelligence" community. For someone to question Michael's legal qualifications takes some large onions. Were one to have the privilige to work with Michael and to get to know him as I do, it would be impossible to question his integrity, objectivity and legal acumen. Michael just finished a twenty page work of brilliance on the murder of President Kennedy. Having read 150 plus books on the subject, seen countless DVDs and all forms of blogs and articles, this recently released essay is simply one for the ages. Succinct and to the point after thousands of hours of serious study, this should be required reading for the attention deficit American public. If you have not read it, here it is:

Q&A About...doc

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If after reading this brilliant summation and the detailed history of the "Unspeakable" forces behind the Coup D'etat on November 22nd, 1963 and can honestly refute this work, I for one would be most happy to hear why you doubt the veracity of Michael's work. But to question his legal skills and qualifications, you are wasting the time of people who are interested in the truth about this seminal event in our country's history in the past 100 plus years, certainly the past fifty years. I am proud to know Michael and to call him my friend. I highly respect him both as a human being and as a passionate voice for the truth. If this link does not work (first time pasting it), I will be happy to copy the entire twenty pages and paste it to this forum. I have read it three times and I consider it well researched and even better written by a man of the highest integrity and legal training..

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