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Need help - Looking for a John Newman presentation

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I'm looking for a presentation John Newman gave about Oswald in Russia, and the U-2 program. I'm looking specifically for a point where he mentions that

the Soviets only had 4 ICBMs in 1960. This may be in tape 6, or program 6 of COPA 1995. I seem to have misplaced that particular tape. It's somewhere in the

house but not where I had the other videos of COPA 1995. John went into this at some length in tape 1 of COPA 1994. So, it's not that tape. I have that.

The fact that the Soviets only had 4 ICBMs in 1960 was referenced again and again in the Missile Gap forum at the JFK Library as though this was brand new information.

It wasn't.

Thanks for any help.

Joe Backes

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Not sure if I can add anything, but that sounds about right. The USSR had at that time numerous nuclear devices, but was only just introducing ICBMs. This was the R-7, which was also used to launch Sputnik and the Vostok spacecraft. It was tested during 1957 and although fairly successful, only started to go into operational use (ICBM) for the USSR during 1960. So if they were saying that they only had four ICBMs at some time during 1960, it sounds about right.

Edited to add: I can dig up various references for that, if desired.

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