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ONI & the Assassination of JFK

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I would rather post this and it turn out to be a dead-end, than not post it and there turn out to be something to it.

I think Felipe Vidal Santiago is one of those names that generates quite a bit of interest, so you can imagine a

Iran-Contra related report which lists a Larry Huff being with the former as being worth a mention. The whole

same name phenomena is old hat, but better safe than sorry.


A little more information.....

Idaho Spokesman-Review (Coeur d'Alene, ID) - May 23, 2003

Deceased Name: Larry Huff


Service for Larry C. Huff, 71, will be today at 3 p.m. at English Funeral Chapel in Coeur d'Alene. Burial will be Wednesday at 1 p.m. at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, Wash.

Mr. Huff, who was born in Spokane, died Tuesday.

He made a career with the Marine Corps until his retirement and then moved to North Idaho.

In 1974 he married Gloria Portrey. They lived in Pinehurst for nine years before moving to Athol 18 years ago.

He was a lifetime member of the Disable American Veterans.

Survivors include his wife; three sons, Gary Huff of Dallas, Jeffrey Huff of Honolulu and Kevin Huff of Sandpoint; two daughters, Debra Holmes of Boise and Marla Huff of Athol; two sisters, LaVonne Yount of Yuma, Ariz., and Kay Campbell of Loveland, Colo.; and 13 grandchildren.

See below


Gloria Deane Huff of Pinehurst, Idaho

Robert: I don't know just how worked up one should be about all of this, in light of the big picture; which is

the "alleged" flight to Japan, left in its wake a document which showed what Oswald's activities were [associations, activities etc.] and a psychological profile. If true, the bottom line is ultimately another document missing. So as pathetic as the idea of trying to muddle the waters is, you have to ask the question, were the Huff's sincere in their allegations, or just another one of god only knows how many red-herrings that have taken place about the assassination. It certainly makes one understood the importance of being able to differentiate between who can be trusted and who is just spinning and dissembling. The ultimate big picture to veteran researchers is the fact that every single investigation; Warren Commission, HSCA, & even AARB, which wasn't an investigation per se, were politically correct, and always flubbed it when the chips were down.

Hi Robert,

I think Huff's allegation - that there was a post-assassination USMC investigation of Oswald has been verified by others, as a number of Oswald's USMC associates were interviewed, and Buck Revell, as your excerpt indicates, also met with the USMC investigation team. The Bottom Line, as you note, is just another missing document, but i think that if we build up enough evidence, they - the ONI/USMC will have to come clean. From what I understand, they have to create a record of the destruction of any record, and there is no destruction record like there is for DOD file.

It seems that we now have positive proof that there are relevant JFK Assassination records among the ONI Dallas Office files, there are the 119 Reports on Oswald's defection (per Reeves, Steel) and there's the post-assassination investigation records (per Huff, Revell), as well as the office files of the Director (Taylor), so it isn't like ONI is throwing us a bone - they are keeping everything.

As Huff said the report he read noted: "FOR USMC EYES ONLY" - they weren't kidding.


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JFKCountercoup2: Op-921 Oswald's ONI File

Op-923M was the administrative code for the General Services Branch Administrative Division, ONI

For purposes of providing background in regard to the list of person who were connected with responsible for, or knowledgeable about the ONI file on Oswald, it is necessary to understand the structure of the ONI during the period starting when Oswald defected to Russia (1959, to the time of the assassination of President Kennedy (1963).

During that period of time the ONI (Op-92) consisted primarily of three divisions, the Security Division (Op-921), the Intelligence Production Division (Op-922), and the Administrative Division (Op-923). As has been explained in a previous memorandum the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) was established in 1966, at which time we assumed the personnel and basic mission of what had previously been known as the Investigations Branch (Op-921D) and Counterintelligence Branch (Op-921E) of the Security Division, ONI.

There was no ONI file on Oswald prior to his defection to Russia. Because of his inactive duty/civilian status from that time on, the primary investigative jurisdiction in regards to the counterintelligence interest in him rested with the FBI.

It is for this reason that the bulk of the ONI file on Oswald consisted of other agency administrative documents, and newspaper clippings. The primary responsibility for monitoring the file within ONI rested with the Counterintelligence Branch(Op-921E), or, more specifically, the Programs Section (Op-921E2). In reviewing the file in regard to identification of individuals who originated administrative documents for signatures by individuals further up the chain-of-command, the names of three junior naval officers appear. This indicated that they probably had the responsibilities in regard to the file during the period between Oswald’s defection and the assassination. The file identifies the officers as Lieutenant Junior Grade G. M. Fredrickson in 1960, Lieutenant Junior Grade P.C. LeSord in 1962, and Ensign J.A. Hazelton in 1963. Other individuals who, because of their position within ONI, or more particularly, their positions within ONI at the time of President Kennedy, would have been connected with and knowledgeable about the file are:

Vice Admiral Rufus L. Taylor, USN (Reture), the DNI (Op-92) at the time of the assassination;

Captain Robert P. Jackson, Jr., USN (Retired), the Assistant DNI for Security (Op-921) at the time of the assassination;

Captain Jack O. Johnson, USN (Retired), the Executive Officer to Captain Jackson at the time of the assassination;

Captain John C. Lacy (USNR (Retired), Head, Counterintelligence Branch (Op-921E) in 1959;

Commander William H. Clark, USNR (Retired), Head, Counterintelligence Branch (Op-921E) in 1963;

Edited by William Kelly
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On 2/2/2013 at 10:57 AM, William Kelly said:

Is it possible that ONI had two offices in Dallas - one the regular ONI office and another for their Criminal Investigative Division?

ONI Dallas – 1114 Commerce, Rm 204



Sources: CD 7, p. 150


Comments: Research Analyst in Charge, Naval Intelligence, 1114 Commerce, Rm. 204, Dallas, TX


Not sure if you are still looking for an answer on this but, probably no, they could have had a satellite office, but, generally they were combined. 

There was also an Arthur J. Sullivan.  He was in Texas.  Make sure he is not confused with Arthur C. Sullivan.




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