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The Problem with Myers' Web site on JD Tippit...

Greg Parker

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is that Myers' site doesn't tell you that Tippit's personnel file contains evidence he may have been suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and was possibly psychotic.

JD Tippit: the perfect DPD recruit

Does it mention the rumor addressed by Allen Dulles that Tippit's murder may have been drug-related ?

Mr. DULLES. A rumor reached me that Officer Tippit had been some way involved in some narcotic trouble, I don't know what the foundation of that is. Do you know anything about that at all?

Mr. CURRY. Nothing whatsoever; no, sir.

Representative FORD. You mean you know nothing about it or you checked it out and there is no validity?

Mr. CURRY. This is the first I ever heard of it that he was involved in any narcotics.

Representative FORD. But your records, so far as you know, would not indicate such?

Mr. CURRY. No, sir.

( 4 H 177-178 )

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