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Andy Rooney dies age 92

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I came to America in 1978, just about the time when Andy Rooney became a regular on the popular CBS news show 60 Minutes.

Rooney was the GREAT CARMUDGEON, who articulated the unspoken views o the average guy.

I admired Rooney or his war service, but it should be noticed on his passing

that Rooney never had the guts to tackle the Kennedy assassination,

the event that consigned America to the doldrums o history.


[edit: O course I will always admire Rooney and the WW11 generation he so proudly represented

but I am saddened to recall that Rooney and his colleagues so badly let down

the greatest survivor o the WWII generation -- John Kennedy-- by not investigating the suspicious

circumstances surrounding his murder].

[but since I am getting older mysel, I must admit I am jealous o a guy who worked

at his desk until the age o 92]

Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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But he put things in perspective in his 1,097th and last regularly scheduled “60 Minutes” appearance.

“I’ve done a lot of complaining here,” he said then, “but of all the things I’ve complained about, I can’t complain about my life.”

Rooney was a smart guy, so he must have understood that there was more to the assassination

than met the eye.

But Rooney knew where his bread was buttered,

and so he lived LARGE

by keeping his mouth shut.

Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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One of my favorite Andy Rooney segments is this one from 1991 (regarding Oliver Stone's film "JFK"):


let's have an order of *crispy* in honor of a guy who turned his back on JFK... ya need a life, hon!

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