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UGHGHGHGHG; New Robert Stone National Geo movie coming out

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the importance of Left Gatekeeping in the JFK assassination.

Have just been informed by a Knowledgable Citizen that Robert Stone [Oswald's CIA Ghost-Host] has made another film, this one airing on National Geriatric scheduled for Nov. 22.

JFK was taking very significant steps to end the Cold War.

Who would have been most interested in this, the right or the left?

Hence my myopia: were it shared more widely I could maybe chill out more on this left-gatekeeping angle.

Everyone needs to go on the offensive against Stone by pointing out his hackmanship in Oswald's Ghost. Interest will be there given the tiniest steps towards projecting this stuff where more people will see it.

How often do you see a documentary that actually DISCOURAGES interest in its subject matter? > PBS Oswald's Ghost

How often do you see documentary that so openly announces its target audience as "the left" > PBS Oswald's Ghost

How often do you see a documentary that so openly uses documented CIA assets as the main talking heads> PBS Oswald's Ghost With a Ghost like this, Who needs the CIA? With a PBS like this, who needs FOX

There is very very very very good reason why the most important lies about JFK are aimed at the left. There. I hope that will suffice as a downpayment on my repetitiveness.

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Tom, do you think that a cycle of freeze detente freeze as foreign policy is relevant to this discussion?

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