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What did John Connolly really say when the bullets flew

Jim Phelps

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In the study of the Zapruder Film an interesting issue has developed about what Connolly really said. It appears the better sources say he said They are going to kill us Both and not They are going to kill is all.

I think even when one tries to do a little bit of lip reading one can see it sure looks like he says BOTH.

Connolly said BOTH

"Immediately after hearing the first shot, Connally begins saying, “Oh, no, no, no!”. "

" “They are going to kill us both!” as his wife grabs him and pulls him towards her. "

This would be pretty important to consider as it would indicate the he thought he was in the line of fire, as the first bullet hit Kennedy. That would mean a Dal-Tex shot.

One can literally see Connolly say these words in the Zapruder Film high resolution version after the first shot and he comes into plain view after passing the Simmons Freeway sign. When he says Both his cheeks bulge out. One can't say the word Both without that happening.

It is also good to look at the John Connolly interview at the Hospital before the crooks have time to mess with his story. Connolly tells he didn't get hit until he saw the blood spatter, which means he didn't get hit by the first bullet to hit JFK in the back, and he was hit by a bullet that occured after the head shot.

Then, if you really want a good correlation of what occured, watch the high res Zapruder Film with the Dictabelt sound track synchronized to the film. You tend to observe that Connolly didn't get hit until he was leaned back in his wife's lap and then turned on his side.

If anyone cares to watch carefully with all the fine details, you'll get to see the rest of the lies the Warren Commission tried to foist into the shooting cover up story.

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