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The holy grail of the JFK story

Steve Rosen

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"We want the real history of our country."

The holy grail of the JFK story: Seven steps to unlocking the historical truth about the assassination in Dallas by Jefferson Morley.

Article in Salon.com was posted by Jeff Morley today.

This article, in my opinion, is his best yet. He lays out his careful plan for approaching the assassination, amid non-disclosure of government files and confusing conspiracy theories: Start in the middle; understand the resistance; examine Operation Northwoods and CIA files; consider the view through the Agency's lens, then and now; study the records of political assassinations; return to the middle and work your way up.

Along the way, discussions of George Joannides, David Phillips, Win Scott, James Angleton, and a shout out to William Kelly's ONI document work at his site, http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/ (way to go, Bill).

All in all, worth your time, no matter how much you agree with his approach.

The article, in Jeff's usual cautious and thorough style, is similar to the presentation he gave at Coalition on Political Assassination (COPA) Annual Regional Meeting on November 18, 2011.

You can view his 2011 presentation at COPA, and the other speakers, at:


Click the View All link to see the complete speaker videos.

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Thanks for this Steve.

The many pages of comments are actually more interesting than the article.

Tom Stewart, Joel Grant, et al are way off, funny as they claim to have read everything.

paulpsd7, and paladin22 do some setting straight.

Greg Parker points to Jefferson's use of McAdams' website, and Morley calling it a quality site that "seeks to identify the most reliable information about the JFK story and encourage debate about the key questions".

Come on Jeff!


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Morley makes a very good point -- without the use of a process, it is just about impossible to understand the JFK assassination and the propaganda attacks that have been used to prop up the WCR and keep the myth ongoing. I suggest too that it is valuable to immerse oneself in a topic of the assassination while keeping an open mind.

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