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Changes in Society: Women and Alcohol

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One of the recent developments in the UK has been an increase in binge drinking by young women. The average woman aged 18-24 consumes 22 glasses of wine a week. Last year British women consumed an average of 357 pints of alcohol per year. This is a 27% increase in the last five years and is now double that of women in Italy, Sweden and Spain.

According to a World Health Organization report, British women are eating and drinking themselves into an early grave. They top the global league for alcohol, drugs and junk food.

The most worrying thing about this concerns their behaviour when drunk. As one feminist recently wrote:

“They are on display every weekend in more or less every high street in Britain: tits out, thighs out, arse out, tongue out, deciding whether to snog a stranger or puke up first. They are repulsive, and welded to the opinion that behaviour like this is both “fun” and okay. It isn’t.

In Britain… you have to drink until you knock things over, and then have a couple more so that you drool on yourself, and then maybe chuck down a few nightcaps so you find yourself horizontal."

I have never seen this kind of behaviour in any other country. It is having a disastrous impact on young women’s health. Doctors report that they are seeing more and more women in their twenties suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. Female deaths from liver disease caused by alcohol abuse has tripled in recent years.

Another consequence of this behaviour is foetal alcohol syndrome (where babies are born terribly deformed and damaged because of their mothers’ consumption of alcohol). The UK highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world. A recent survey showed the majority of these women got pregnant during heavy drinking sessions.

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Teenage girls in the UK have for the first time overtaken boys in levels of binge drinking. A European study of drinking, smoking and drug use among 15 and 16 yearolds show that 29% of UK girls questioned admitted to at least one binge drinking experience within the previous month, compared with 25% of boys. The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Drugs shows that the UK is still top of Europe’s alcohol league.

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Young women are apparently also smoking more than young males. Has anyone done any research on WHY? Has it to do with post-feminism ie it's the only area left for girls to demonstrate their "equality"? Is it the desire for self-destruction similar to the suicide rates? Is it that modern life offers no religious panacea or moral certainties? It's got to be due to something!

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Some interesting figures released by the government today about alcohol.

(1) The UK spent £39.1bn on alcohol last year.

(2) It costs the UK £20bn in alcohol related harm.

(3) The government raises £7.6bn through alcohol taxes.

(4) 17m working days are lost every year through alcohol related ABSENCE.

(5) There are 1.2m violent incidents involving alcohol every year.

(6) There is an average of 20,000 drink-drive casualties per year.

(7) An estimated 22,000 people suffer premature deaths associated with alcohol every year.

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