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Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow

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My name is Michael Morrow. I was born and grew up in northern New Jersey. I am 25 years old and have been interested in the JFK assassination since I was young. I have always been fascinated with learning new things, so even as a child I loved to read about new topics and watch TV channels like TLC, Discovery, and the History Channel. I recall catching some VERY interesting information from a series I knew little about, titled “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” I was hooked ever since. I remember my first book was purchased shortly after that. I found an encyclopedia type reference book about the case, which was an A-Z catalogue of evidence, people, locations, and theories. I was perusing Barnes and Noble with my mom and found it in one of those discount sections. I read that book cover to cover more times than I can count, and drove my mom nuts with all of the “Did you know that ……” that I threw her way as I discovered new and interesting things about the case. I feel that I am a very passionate person when it comes to things I believe are true, however I am very open minded and willing to listen to dissenting opinions and evidence. If I hear a convincing argument to the contrary and come to the realization that my original opinion is wrong, I have no problems admitting to that fact. I have been reading this and other forums and websites for several years now. I am currently working in Connecticut as a Manufacturing Engineer after having attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY for Mechanical Engineering from 2004-2008. My background in engineering makes me approach problems and unknowns in a very methodical and logic based way. Theories and speculation are good for leading you in a direction of research, but I find it difficult to draw definitive conclusions without hard facts and evidence.

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