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Guest Tom Scully

...searching for reasons you think it is appropriate to start nonsense threads on a prominent assassination research forum, when you could have instead googled A-L-E-X-A, and spared us. IMO, this isn't a playground. Some of us aren't participating for laughs.

Thanks, Scott.

I wasn't aware that Schweihs had been picked up. Do you know what is happening with him at the moment?



In jail, awaiting trial in Operation Family Secrets along with Lombardo, Jimmy Marcellp, and other old timers.

Here are the murders in the indictment- Scweihs is named in many of them, including the Spilotro brothers.

August 1970 Michael Albergo in Chicago

September 27, 1974 Daniel Seifert in Bensenville

June 24, 1976 Paul Haggerty in Chicago

March 15, 1977 Henry Cosentino

January 16, 1978 John Mendell in Chicago

January 31, 1978 Donald Renno and Vincent Moretti in Cicero

July 2, 1980 William and Charlotte Dauber in Will County

December 30, 1980 William Petrocelli in Cicero

June 24, 1981 Michael Cagnoni in DuPage County

September 13, 1981

Nicholas D'Andrea in Chicago Heights

April 24, 1982 attempted murder of Individual A in Lake County

July 23, 1983 Richard D. Ortiz / Arthur Morawski in Cicero

June 7, 1986 Emil Vaci in Phoenix

June 14, 1986 Anthony and Michael Spilotro in DuPage Co.

September 14, 1986 John Fecarotta in Chicago


Chicago Tribune - Feb 6, 1965

... admitted that Tony Ac- cardo, Jack Cerone, and Mur- ray Humphreys, crime syndi- cate hoodlums, have been guests at the Ricca home at 1515 Bonnie Brae

Jury Selected in Conspiracy Trial for 15

Chicago Tribune - May 23, 1967

North River- side; John IJohnny the Bug] Varelli, 41, of 1519 Bonnie Brac dr., River Forest; Morris Salet- ko, 52, of 4255 Chase av., Lin- ; Ernest tl ..


By girl's grave, sister marks death of brutal assassin

July 27, 2008

Diane Pappas learned that Chicago isn't Camelot a lifetime ago when a tugboat captain found her sister's murdered body in the Chicago River. Eugenia "Becky" Pappas was only 18.

So last week, 46 years after Becky's death, when Diane heard the German was dead, she knew what to do: Drive out to the cemetery, to Becky's grave in the shade of a giant Norwegian pine, and talk to her little sister....

....If Frank "The German" Schweihs ever wondered about hell, he's not wondering now. He died last week, at 78, of cancer, waiting to stand federal trial in the Family Secrets case.

The FBI considers him the Babe Ruth of Outfit hit men, with dozens of Outfit victims, mobsters from New York to Los Angeles, murderous bosses and their turncoat business associates. Other hit men were terrified to be near him, even when he was sleeping. A glimpse of the German in Los Angeles, a chance sighting in a car window, frightened Jimmy "The Weasel" Frattiano so much that the mobster ran shrieking into the federal witness protection program.

Schweihs the enforcer was the reason those frail, old men could run things without worrying about ambitious underlings. He's the reason they made fortunes, and a president and mayors and judges.

The list of the German's dead is a history of organized crime in America. Except for Becky Pappas, a beauty, tall, slim, black eyes, black hair.

"I know he killed her. I just know. She was in his car. She was driving his car the last time anyone saw her. His car disappeared. Then it was auctioned a month later, totally stripped clean, washed down," Diane said.

Becky's murder was investigated by corrupt Chicago lawman Richard Cain. This being Chicago, Schweihs was released without charges. Still, I agree with Diane that Schweihs killed her sister.

Why? Because, as explained to me by mob-watchers and former FBI agents, no man in Chicago, or anywhere else, would have dared approach the German's girlfriend. Not even to say hello. They wouldn't have allowed their brains to think of it. Not one. Schweihs would have skinned them alive with a paring knife.

The German is said to have later shotgunned Cain at Rose's Sandwich Shop. And killed Jimmy "the Bomber" Catuara. Teamsters lawyer Allan Dorfman died in a parking lot, shot in the head with a .22. Joe Testa was blown up in his car. Sam DeStefano's arms were shotgunned off in his garage. Patsy Riccardi, Chucky Nicoletti, the list continues.....

....If I've missed a few names, Schweihs didn't miss.

In the late 1980s, he was held in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center at the same time as Outfit member-turned-federal informant Gerald Scarpelli. The official story is Scarpelli committed suicide. He must have seen the German in the day room and then decided to tie his own feet and hands and choke himself to death with a plastic bag in the shower. The German is also credited with torturing and killing several burglars who dared rob the home of Anthony Accardo.

"He never informed. He killed who they told him to kill. And if he was involved in the killing of that young woman -- it sheds an entirely new light on his personality," said FBI Special Agent John Mallul, a supervisor of the Organized Crime Unit. "No criminal ever wanted to see this guy around. Even if they knew that Frank was coming around and knew why, they were still terrified."

Law enforcement says that just about his only friend was Chicago political figure Peter Schivarelli, currently the manager of the rock group Chicago and the former 43rd Ward supervisor of Streets and San. Schivarelli is reputed to have been around Outfit types all his life and is the nephew of late mobster Johnny "The Bug" Varelli.

One night, Schweihs was arrested after fighting with police. "Schivarelli came down to the station trying to get him out, throwing his political clout around, and all hell broke loose," former FBI agent Jack O'Rourke recalled a while back. "It was a madhouse."

"That's not my recollection," Schivarelli said when I tracked him down. He talked on the phone as if I held a subpoena. "But I'd rather not debate it. I'll respectfully decline to comment."

Too bad. I was waiting to hear that the German was kind to tiny children and animals and helped old women cross the street. None of it matters to Becky Pappas' sister.

"Schweihs still lived 46 years when he shouldn't have. And people glorify him, and they glorify the mob with their movies and TV shows. But all he was, was a killer. That's all. A killer of a girl."




Mob Home Swindle Bared

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Mar 12, 1966

by Syndicate BY ROBERT WIEDRItH The 11-count indictment, re- turned secretly Thursday by a federal grand jury, climaxed a two-year investigation by fed- eral agents and Chicago intelli- gence detectives into an inva- sion of the home construction field financed with money from the coffers of the city s three top crime syndicate.gangsters. The investigation centered on the operations of the Newport Construction company , 515 N. La Salle st., later known as the Mulford Construction company, with offices at 4747 Peterson av. and 2446 Milwaukee av. The company was financed by Sam IMomo] Giancana, An- thony IBig Tuna] Accardo. and Sam [Teetz] Battaglia, all of whom were observed visiting the offices by investigators. During a 13 -month period be- tween August, 1963, and Septem- ber, 1964, the company preyed on hundreds of low income home owners, mostly members of minority groups in poorer sections of Chicago, investiga- tors said. At the same time, the mob- sters used the Newport offices as a front for a large -scale gambling and loan shark opera- tion and as a base for flooding the midwest with thousands of dollars in forged traveler checks. The place was frequented not only by the top gangsters but by at least two judges, police- men, and several lawyers, in- vestigators were told. syndicate and ex- convict who was Newport con- struction spresiden t. Until about 1950, Varelli was known as Schivarelli in his role as a west side mob enforcer and gambling operator. Others named in the indict- ment are Max Heckmyer. 50, of 6316 N. Mozart st., office manag er; Jerome Hoffman, 7303A N. Campbell av., co n- struction superintendent; and two company salesmen, Lyle Faye, 49, last known to be liv- ing in the Sovereign hotel, 6200 Kenmore av., and Howard Ehr- lich, 30, of 6538 N. Mozart av. The indictment was an- nounced by Marlin Johnson, agent in charge of the Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation office, and Edward Hpprgh the United States wt4. The case was handled in the grand jury by Davidl $chippers, head of the justice department s organized crime unit, 4nd Jo- seph Lamendella, an assistant United States attorney. - of a construction firm at 3550 Peterson av. Faye was picked up strolling at Howard and Clark streets. Varelli notified the justice department he will surrender Monday. Ehrlich is sought. In one count of the indictment, the five men are accused of having conspired to forge the names of borrowers to certifi- cates declaring that work had been completed on remodeling jobs financed by federal hous- ing authority loans.

The other 10 counts charge specific acts in which both the government and the Newport customers were defrauded. learned, the money was col- lected and the remodeling proj- ects never completed. In others, the jobs were never started.

Altho only 10 acts of fraud are charged in the indictment, it is known that the

firm handled between $500,00 ad $1000000 in federally-insured jobs

during the one-year peak of its opera- tions. If convicted of the conspiracy count, the men could be im- prisoned for five years and fined $10000 each. Conviction on each of the other 10 counts carries a maximum penalty of two years In federal prison and a $5000 fine. The indictment was returned before Chief Judge William J. Campbell of federal District court &nd ordered suppressed until the arrest of the men. Bond was set at $4000 each.

Varelli, as president of the firm, was named by the gov- ernment astheman who signed many of the forged documents onFHA loans ob- tained thru two Chicago banks.

The investigation began in 1964 when TItE TRIBUNE ob- tained information about the Newport company pointing

to its offices as center of large- scale organized criminal activ- ity. The information was turned over to William Duffy, Lt. Edward Berry, and Sgt. Michael O'Donnell of the intel- ligence division.

Investigators identified Bat- taglia, acting operating chief of the Chicago crime syndicate, as the direct contact between the gangsters and Varelli. stant

visitor to the north side offices. On the occasions that Accardo, the semi- retired gang chief, visited the firm, he was always preceded by Battaglia, investigators noted. Giancana, the mob s operat- ing boss now In the county jail, dropped in occasionally to over- see operations. One undercover investigator who visited the offices posing as a prospective customer was startled to see a pile of bills on a table which he later learned contained $35000, Bat- taglia, the detectives learned, always brought the "bankroll" for the operation and received profits on the mob investments in cash. On his visits , Accardo was re- ferred to as JB, the initials of his alias of Joe Batters.

Others who came to the New- port offices to do business with the top gangsters were Sam DeStefano, a loan shark boss, Frank [One Ear] Fratto, a hoodlum in the storm window supply business, and Nick Pa- (Palermo), a Melrose Park plumber whose son married Accardo's daughter.

Varelli, identified in 1963 by the Senate rackets committee as a member of 'the inner Mafia circle on the west side, is closely associated with the gang of loan sharks and gam- headed by Fiore [Fifi] Buccieri.

Detectives offer as evidence of Varelli's stature in the mob the fact that he is a next door neighbor of Paul [The Waiter] Ricca, elder statesman of the Chicago Mafia.

Varelli was placed on proba- tion for two years in 1943 on a burglary charge....


New Snow Command chief tied to mob figures

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Jan 30, 1979

In 1966, Varelli was the next-door neighbor of Paul "The Waiter" Ricca, then elder statesman of the Chicago crime syndicate. More recently, Varelli was ...

State Moves Against Mobsters 'On the Legit'

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Jul 19, 1967

Varelli, who is a next. door neighbor of Paul [The Waiter] Ricca, hoodlum elder states- man, lost his insurance agent s and broker s licenses because .he ...


...Alleged links to organized crime

...Howard P. Willens, third highest official in the Department of Justice[12] and assistant counsel to J. Lee Rankin designed the organizational structure of the Warren Commission, outlined its investigative priorities,[13] and terminated the investigation of Ruby's Cuban related activities.[14] An FBI report states that Willens's father was Tony Accardo's next door neighbor since 1958.[15]


Mafia Kingfish: Carlos Marcello and the assassination of John F. ...

books.google.comJohn H. Davis - 1989

of FBI investigative reports to the Warren Commission. At this time, Acting Attorney General Katzenbach designated Howard Willens to serve as liaison between the Warren Commission and the Justice Department in the handling of all FBI documents sent to the commission.

Soon he became an assistant to the commission's general counsel, J. Lee Rankin. Willens therefore was presumably in a position to examine all the conspiracy allegations that were made to the FBI in the wake of the assassination, including all the "nut stuff and the allegations of Jack Martin, Eugene De Laparra, Gene Sumner, and Bobby Gene Moore, and the records of Ruby's phone calls, he would have instantly recognized the Town & Country restaurant and the names Vincent Marcello, Joseph Por- etto, Anthony Marcello, Joseph Civello, and Nofio Pecora, and, in horror, would have become instantly suspicious of the Marcellos. But was there a possibility he received a copy of, or heard of, the allegations bearing those names from someone in the FBI other than Hoover, or from someone on the staff of the Warren Commission? There certainly should have been such a possibility, for Robert Kennedy had a good friend and ally in the FBI, Courtney Evans, and supposedly had another on the Warren Commission staff, Howard Willens. Reacting to pressure from Attorney General Kennedy to upgrade the FBI's investigation of organized crime, Hoover had created within the FBI the special division for organized crime and had put one of his most trusted agents, a veteran of twenty-five years, Courtney Evans, in charge of it. Later he selected Evans to act as liaison between the FBI and the attorney general. Robert Kennedy had known Courtney Evans from his service on the McClellan Rackets Committee. Evans had served then as liaison between the FBI and the committee. Kennedy had liked and respected him, and their relationship had grown stronger and more intimate when Evans became liaison between him and Hoover. In time Evans became, in the words of former Assistant FBI Director William Sullivan, "a pal of Jack and Bobby," and it was widely rumored that the Kennedy brothers wanted to make him director of the FBI upon Hoover's forced retirement in 1964. J. Edgar Hoover had been aware of these rumors, and so, immediately after the assassination, he removed Evans from his position as liaison between the FBI and Attorney General Kennedy and began shunning him. Not only that, but even though Evans had been made head of the FBI's special division for organized crime, Hoover cut him out of the investigation of the Kennedy murder entirely and made sure none of the conspiracy allegations that arrived at headquarters were routed to him. Thus, even though Evans was sitting in the midst of the frantic teletype traffic over the Kennedy assassination that was coming into headquarters from all over the nation, he never saw any of the reports mentioning the Marcellos or their associates. When, in the fall of 1987, I asked him if he had seen any of the reports on David Ferrie, he responded, "David who?" From interviews with other FBI officials knowledgeable of the routing of reports regarding the assassination, it appears more likely than not that Director Hoover did, in fact, see everything, unless Alex Rosen and his assistants deliberately withheld certain reports and allegations from him, which they could have done for not necessarily sinister reasons or reasons of bureaucratic self- preservation, but to spare the director the burden of having to read hundreds of what Rosen and his assistants might have believed were crank allegations. It is my opinion that J. Edgar Hoover knew, or at least suspected, that Carlos Marcello and his criminal organization might have played a significant role in both the assassination of the President and the murder of the President's suspected assassin, and that Hoover deliberately concealed evidence of the possibility from the Warren Commission out of a combination of fear and egotism. ...

pg. 282

....Found attached to the folder for the file copy of Commission Exhibit 1536 in the National Archives was an undated, unsigned note reading "Omit everything after paragraph 2." Who was the author of that note? Was it Howard Willens? At least two serious scholars of the Kennedy assassination case believe it was. Two questions remain. First, if Howard Willens was fully aware of the implications of the allegations suggesting the possibility of Marcello involvement, which it is reasonable to suppose he was, why didn't he forcefully bring them to the attention of the commission? And second, did he bring the allegations suggesting Marcello complicity to the attention of his friend and boss, Robert Kennedy? In response to these questions, Willens has stated that he does not remember the specific allegations but is sure he brought "every FBI report of significance" to the attention of the Warren Commission. However, he did not feel he had the authority to bring such reports to the attention of his boss, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. In 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations questioned Howard Willens about whether reports on organized crime figures, if there were any, were brought to the attention of the Warren Commission. Chief Counsel G. Robert Blakey pointed out to Willens that from 1959 to 1964 "the FBI, albeit illegally, had engaged in an extensive program that targeted major organized crime figures" for electronic surveillance. The bureau had "placed up to a hundred listening devices in the homes and offices of major underworld figures." Blakey then had the following exchange with Willens: blakey: Was either the existence of this program or [its] products ever brought to the attention of the Warren Commission? WILLENS: I do not recall. I was aware that an extensive investigative program was under way with respect to organized crime. I had every reason to believe that the FBI and criminal division, which had responsibility for the overall prosecutorial effort, would bring to the attention of the Warren Commission any information developed by any source that pertained to the work of the . . . commission.

BLAKEY: To your knowledge, was there any effort made by the commission, by the Department of Justice, or the bureau to survey that electronic surveillance to determine whether there was any indication in it, either direct or circumstantial, that any of the major figures of organized crime might have had motive, opportunity, or the means to assassinate the President . . . ?

WILLENS: I do not know whether any effort of that kind was made. I do not believe it was made. Some of the conversations of members of organized crime about the Kennedys, which the FBI had picked up through wiretaps and concealed listening devices, revealed die extent of their hatred and resentment of the President and the attorney general...

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...searching for reasons you think it is appropriate to start nonsense threads on a prominent assassination research forum, when you could have instead googled A-L-E-X-A, and spared us. IMO, this isn't a playground. Some of us aren't participating for laughs.

Lighten up for God's sake, Tom, or are you going to start moderating humour next? sheeshxx.gif

Hey, that's a good idea! He'd probably be quite good at it!

--Tommy :up

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...searching for reasons you think it is appropriate to start nonsense threads on a prominent assassination research forum, when you could have instead googled A-L-E-X-A, and spared us. IMO, this isn't a playground. Some of us aren't participating for laughs.

Lighten up for God's sake, Tom, or are you going to start moderating humour next? sheeshxx.gif

Hey, that's a good idea! He'd probably be quite good at it!

--Tommy :up

If you’re not careful TS will demonstrate that you once were a guest a wedding at which one of the other guests had once been a guest at another wedding also attended by an ex-roommate of George HW Bush or Ted Shackley.

Lighten up Tom you repeatedly start thread here that have little if anything to do with the JFK assassination and often make posts which have little if anything to do with the topic of the thread. If you want to lecture members here as a moderator you should take care that as a member you do commit similar violations

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