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Text of court brief recently filed in behalf of Sirhan Sirhan

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From coasttocoastam.com website of December 19, 2011, summarizing the previous evening’s radio show:

During the first hour, William Pepper, the lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, explained why he believes his client is innocent of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. He noted that, until recent changes in the law, Sirhan's case has been "mired in procedural quagmire" for decades without any opportunity for a fresh legal examination of the facts. Pepper detailed a litany of issues which suggest that Sirhan was not Kennedy's assassin, including audio forensics of the shooting as well as the analysis from a Harvard psychologist who asserts that the alleged killer was the victim of "hypnoprogramming." Having filed the necessary legal paperwork to challenge Sirhan's conviction, Pepper hopes for a positive ruling sometime early in 2012.



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As we approach the 45th anniversary of the RFK assassination, Sirhan's legal team are still hard at work on his habeas corpus petition. After Judge Wistrich recommended the petition be denied, Bill Pepper and Laurie Dusek filed objections on March 29 - see Russ Baker story here.

The prosecutor then filed a response and two weeks ago, Sirhan's team filed their reply to the prosecutor's objections. As far as I know, all these filings will now be adjudicated by U.S. District Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell, who has just taken over the case. She can uphold the petition and grant a new trial; grant an evidentiary hearing; or dismiss the petition.

I have uploaded all of these court filings to the Files tab of the Facebook group discussing the assassination. My book Who Killed Bobby? is also now available on Kindle and has been updated to include Dr. Dan Brown's report on his work with Sirhan.

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