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Text of court brief recently filed in behalf of Sirhan Sirhan

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From coasttocoastam.com website of December 19, 2011, summarizing the previous evening’s radio show:

During the first hour, William Pepper, the lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, explained why he believes his client is innocent of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. He noted that, until recent changes in the law, Sirhan's case has been "mired in procedural quagmire" for decades without any opportunity for a fresh legal examination of the facts. Pepper detailed a litany of issues which suggest that Sirhan was not Kennedy's assassin, including audio forensics of the shooting as well as the analysis from a Harvard psychologist who asserts that the alleged killer was the victim of "hypnoprogramming." Having filed the necessary legal paperwork to challenge Sirhan's conviction, Pepper hopes for a positive ruling sometime early in 2012.



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The only way SBS will get anywhere is if Pepper gets experts to learn the evidence, identify the massive problems with the evidence used to convict SBS and get that info before a judge with the authority to order an evidence hearing. I offered to share my as yet unpublished work on the case. We spoke for about an hour and he seemed impressed. Never heard back though. Too bad.

John Hunt

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