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Interview of Jim DiEugenio on Dec. 15, 2011

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Guest Robert Morrow

Actually it was a really good interview especially towards the end when you were talking about Roger Feinman and his experiences with the CBS cover up of the JFK assassination.

Richard Stanton, the president of CBS, was also chairman of the RAND corporation from 1961-67. He had to have been a big player in CIA Operation Mockingbird influence of the media. As Feinman points out, Richard Stanton was a very close friend to Lyndon Johnson. Whenever I hear "close friends with LBJ" red flags, fireworks and fire alarm bells go off. Stanton had to have been deep CIA, too.

Carl Bernstein's sources told him that 2 of the CIA's biggest media assets were the NY Times adn CBS News. And covering up the JFK assassination was JOB #1 for these media assets.

Jack Valenti - another LBJ (and CIA/CFR guy) - was another big player in the JFK assassination cover up.

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