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Identify an MK Ultra Subject?

B. A. Copeland

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Thanks. I am interested in what may have happened to her since then. This is tragic. Thanks in advance.


I don't believe it.

She might have digested large doses of LSD that may have been give to her, but she was not part of any official MKULTRA experiment that I know of.

Having studied these official experiments since 1976 when I received a copy of the Official Army Report on the Use of Human Subjects in Chemical Agent Research, and helped expose the experiments conducted by Dr. Kligman at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, I am quite confident that they would not use a child for such experiments when they had an unlimited supply of college students, soldiers and prisoners at their disposal.

The only exception that I know of is Olson, the CIA officer who died, and that was part of an official experiment that went astray.

Of course LSD was quite prevalent at one time and anybody could experiment with it, and give it to others without their knowledge, but whatever happened to this girl, it would be a real stretch to say she was part of an MKULTRA experiment.

If you can tell us where you obtained the photo and who wrote the false caption that could give us some clues as to who she really is and what became of her.

Hank Abarelli could probably tell us more.


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Hey there Tom and Mr K. Honestly I landed on this photo while browsing for some MK Ultra related materials just to read and past time. I hit images on google and a plethora of this exact image came up. I am not sure at all where it originated. In any event thanks a ton for the responses. Hopefully this is a fluke.

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