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The Death of Dennis Hill

John Simkin

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Message from Richard:

I am doing some research into the death of an English teacher, Dennis Hill, at AUB in Beirut and how it may be related to the Confession of the Beirut CIA Station head, William Buckley, in 1985.

IRB: Information regarding the death of British subject Dennis Hill and the kidnapping of Amanda:


Information regarding the death of British subject Dennis Hill and the kidnapping of Amanda(?) in May 1985. [LBN2754]

Although attributed to Hezbollah, Hezbollah denied this and in turn claimed that he was murdered by the CIA at the time.

It is possible that Dennis Hill was investigating Buckley's kidnapping.

Yes, a long time ago, but if you know anything about this please let me know, or if you know who I could contact.

I believe that Gene Wheaton, George Cave (aka Oswald Lewinter) are some of the few remaining ex-CIA people alive who may be able to help with this topic. Does anyone have contacts for them?

As far as I know the confession was "buried" by Iran and Hezbollah after the Reagan administration agreed to supply arms like TOW and HAWK, etc. The confession and Video Tape and Documents in Buckley's briefcase were never published.

I cannot read Farsi or Arabic, so difficult for me to contact Iranian or Lebanese people involved or to further research this topic with them.

I am trying to find out if the confession or detailed information about its contents were ever released or published anywhere or if anyone has a copy.

I have contacted Thomas Sutherland, anotherr hostage at he time who rewrote Buckley's confession for his captors for legibility, but so far no reply.

Also. Buckley's autopsy by Dr. Froede has never been published, but was mentioned in passing in 'The Murder Room, so I have contacted the author, Michael Capuzzo about this..

Some of the information available from author Gordon Thomas in Journey into Madness seems far-fetched and also I have not received a reply from him regarding this.

Any help, information, leads, contacts or advice appreciated greatly.

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