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Bobby's Seattle World's Fair Visit

Kathleen Collins

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post-5645-094858800 1327194496_thumb.jpg The pictures came out small. Please resize them if you're interested or magnify them.

On August 5, 1962 the death of Marilyn Monroe was announced. Supposedly Bobby Kennedy had visited her on the 4th. After that visit she was murdered, probably by a drug-laced enema. The Coroner said many of his samples disappeared. In the end I think they concluded possible suicide. She allegedly took about 47 Nembutal tablets with Chloral Hydrate already in her system. For years I have been trying to find out which MM bio has a photo of Robert Kennedy going to Church at 9:30 am with his family. But I (excuse the term) "found" something interesting today. Look at these pictures taken August 7, 1962, 2 days after Monroe's death.

I discovered that 2 days later, Bobby showed up with his family at the Seattle's World Fair. He dined in the restaurant on top of the needle. But the expression on his face showed sorrow and fear. Peter Lawford and a private detective, Fred Otash, went over to her house and cleaned it of anything having to do with the Kennedys.

As soon as Kennedy left, Monroe was murdered by either the Mob or the CIA. Bobby was supposed to be in Gilroy, CA at the Bate's Ranch. Photos were shown of him there.

Two days later Bobby showed up at the Seattle World's Fair. Have any of you seen the State of the Union address with Johnson speaking and mentioning John Kennedy? You can see Bobby in front, but somewhat alone, clapping his hands slow, in shock. And the look on his face. Monroe died a little over a year earlier. Do any of you see a stunned and saddened look on his face in these Seattle pictures? I guess that's subjective. But he was probably wondering if his visit with her on the day she died would bring down the Presidency of his brother. He was probably sick with fear. Does he look it?

Kathy C

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