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Digital Elevation Model or Map of Dealey Plaza

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Looking for help in trying to secure a professionally created DEM of Dealey Plaza. Any help is appreciated. A survey map or topographic map is also something that I am looking for. THX


I don't know where you can secure a DEM of Dealey Plaza. I imagine even if you could it would cost an arm and a leg and a new mortgage. The only one I know that is complete is Dale Myers, but I doubt he would give away a copy, even if you were to pay. I am creating my own which I hope to complete by the end of the year.

As for Survey maps the most accurate is the Drommer map. You can download various versions. It is not complete, you will have to continue Elm Street to the Tripple Underpass yourself. Don Roberdeau's map, which does include the Tripple Underpass, can be downloaded and is excellent. I can't speak too highly of the wealth of info he provides. More than once his map has got me out of a sticky problem. Don provides excellent information on topology heights. He was helpful on info about the size of Tripple Underpass, Don has included the height of the handrail and well as ground level. That way you can calculate the height of the underpass, which is 24 feet. Using Drommer and Don's map together allows you to work out a variety of important info. If you want to create the complete plaza, as I have done, then the documents on the renovation of Dealey Plaza include a very fine map of the entire plaza excluding building. But it does gives you constitution street, which the other maps do not do. The shape of Constitution street is quite different from that of Elm. CE 877 is an important document as it gives info on building heights and street lengths by which to verify your model. The Plaza Renovation documents also include further information about building data that is not included in CE 877.

Hope that is of help.


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