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A Researcher's Dream . . .

Barry Krusch

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I have discovered a research goldmine!

It is a website called newspaperarchive.com.


The price is extremely reasonable: only about $8 a month for three months. In that three months period of time, you could probably download hundreds of articles on extremely important topics that you care about, and what is more important, in very obscure newspapers which can have data which has so far eluded researchers because it didn't appear in the major media such as the New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, etc.

To show you how valuable this is, I have been doing research on Phillip Twombly. I believe that understanding Twombly's role in the assassination will definitely get you off the "Did Oswald do it?" track and into the much more important track of who was really behind the coup d'etat.

So, I signed up, and did research. If you want to see the articles I have found so far, you can visit my archive, in the newly created "Articles" folder. If you take a look at the articles, you can see that there is valuable background on the companies that Twombly was associated with. Consequently, if any documents turn up with those corporate names on the letterhead, you have discovered a key way of substantiating the authenticity of those documents.

If you happen to pursue a line of inquiry and download articles, and you find any that are particularly interesting, send them my way, and I will organize them in folders in the archive.


PS: That should be "researcher" in the sub-head. Sorry!

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