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JFK Death certificates do NOT match

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I searched the forum yet did not find a thread dedicated to the death certificate(s) themselves....


McElroy, now 68, worked for the Vernon O'Neal Funeral Home, which provided the nearly $4,000 solid bronze casket that contained Kennedy's body on the flight back to Washington, D.C.

When the funeral home filed the death certificate to the Dallas Bureau of Vital Statistics on Dec. 11, 1963, McElroy said the agency noticed the mistakes and requested an amendment. His boss simply typed a new version and began to throw the original away. McElroy said he stopped him.

A "NEW" version? :blink:

Here they are side by side... Since the wording is not the same on both, McElroy's story may make sense...

So if the ARRB version is the NEW ORIGINAL... where are all the signatures... all we have are Ward's?

Is MD43 THE official Death Cert?



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Can you post them in a larger form? They are a little hard to read.

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