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JFK Truth with Jim Marrs & St. John Hunt

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JFK Truth with Jim Marrs & St. John Hunt

Part 1.


Part 2 follows. Other than the first two minutes, it is basically a verbatim rebroadcast of Part 1.


I have already touched on this subject in one of the forums on facebook. Jim Mars, has some of the story correct starting at 5:16 and I'm not sure how he heard of Miami, but he is also missing one other place and that is New York, all of the places have been documented sense 1970 and is written in my fathers hand, my father got this information from those who were planning the assassination. The first place Kennedy was to be assassinated at was in Miami, the second place was in New York, the third place was in Chicago until it finally ended up in Dallas.

If anyone is interested in reading my fathers letter let me know and I'll post it for you and paraphrase his hand writings, also, what St. John is saying about his father naming names in his notes he names LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Phillips, Bill Harvey, David Morales and the French gunmen, but in his deathbed confession Howard Hunt makes no mention of Bill Harvey or the French gunmen, he does however make mention of LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Phillips, David Morales and Frank Sturgis.

So what are we missing here?

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Also this is worth viewing.

If Howard Hunts deathbed confession is only going to be partly played to finger point LBJ I think its only appropriate to play the whole tape, don't you think so? I am also attaching a little more information on Hunt.


He starts off by saying "I heard from Frank that LBJ had designated Cord Meyer, Jr. to undertake a larger organization while keeping it totally secret." So where does Bill Harvey and the French gunmen come in on this tape? VVV


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