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On balance what is your opinion of Alex jones?

Lee Cahalan

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COLBY// Who said anything about, “MEK will blow cover and say they are MEK pretending to be Iranian Intel”? You’d think that after over a month if there was any indication they were associated with MeK or any other anti-Iranian group Iranian intel would turned something up. In the very least they could have said ‘Leila Rohani and Javad Nikkahfard etc. were not working for us we have not yet determined who recruited them’

+++++++++++++ (does COLBY read his own posts ?????) ++++++++++++++++++++++

POST #53 this thread COLBY (himself)//

Your link is broken Einnarr, in any case I already replied:

As for the Cartalucci piece why didn’t you provide the link to the original on Infowars? Did you think the IrishtimeZ (as opposed to the IrishtimeS) URL would lend it a bit more respectability? The Alex Jones protégé offered little more that rampant speculation. He implied that the Thai government was in cahoots with the Israelis but provided no evidence. He also wrote:

However, what appears to have taken place in Bangkok, and what appears to be the case unfolding in India and Georgia as well, was a false-flag operation carried out by Mossad and Farsi-speaking MEK agents posing as Iranian Quds operatives who approached potential patsies. These patsies were trained and provided with faulty equipment to carry out these attacks. After making their respective failed attempts, the patsies would incriminate themselves and Tehran by attempting to return to Iran, or confess upon capture and interrogation that they were working for who they believed to be Quds operatives.

I fail to see how this is relevant. I obviously wouldn’t expect MeK to out itself but rather that the Iran gov’t would accuse them if they had any evidence the terrorist group was behind the attacks.

+++++++++++++++++++ (GEE, does Colby read my posts ??) +++++++++++++++++++


We’re going in circles aren’t we? We've been over this already. Do you understand the difference between looking and finding? At the very least they could have divulged their, names, photos and other details. This seems not to have happened.

POST # 40 Gaal//


What explanation can there be for this other than the operation WAS government approved?


part one = (previous Posting) GAAL//ANSWER /+/ embarrassment,embarrassment,embarrassment. (later 100% (Iran government) in dark)

part two=


BUSY Airports....... cant monitor all these people.

Iran’s airports are improving their international connections, and Arak Airport in Markazi province has recently begun to operate international flights, making a total of five such airports in the country, in addition to ten local airports.[16] In May 2007 international flights into the capital, Tehran, were moved to the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA), just outside the city because of capacity constraints at the existing central Mehrabad Airport.

Airports: 316


So they would let ‘embarrassment’ get in the way of finding people associated with a violent terrorist group not only trying to overthrow them and killing off some of their top scientists in collusion with their arch enemy but now framing them for violent attacks that have the potential to disrupt their relations with some of their top trade partners. Not very likely.

As for the airports I never suggested monitoring them as a way to find these people but only the new one in Tehran handles flights from outside the Middle East and according to YOUR cited source “October 20-November 20, 2008” there were “4,229 international” flights from Iranian airports. That comes out to 136 flights/day funneled through 5 - 8 airports surely within the means of a police state. And several of the plotters seem to have taken several overseas trips in the last few months, if you don’t think that would have raised a few eyebrows you are being naïve.

COLBY// Re: (Though he seems to have acquired the material for attacks in another country an apparent member of Hezbollah (an Iranian client) was arrested in Bangkok. He had tons of explosives in a warehouse.)

Do you have a citation for that? The case indicates a client of Iranian intel. was active in Bangkok shortly before the attacks. I never said they had to be connected strawboy.


Who's Behind Anti-Israel Bomb Plots? | Consortiumnews | TURKISH ...


Mar 3, 2012 by editor

Last month, when three bomb plots surfaced in India, Thailand and Georgia — all with apparent Israeli targets — the immediate assumption was that Iran was seeking revenge for Israeli-connected assassinations of Iranian scientists. .... supplies of urea fertilizer and ammonium nitrate, which are ingredients in bombs, but Thai investigators concluded that they were not connected to any terror plot in Thailand, because of the absence of any other bomb components.


The Hezbollah op. working on a terrorist attack in another country doesn’t mean he was not connected to the latter plots, the attackers in India and Thailand seem to have been in contact. In any case as stated previously, “The case indicates a client of Iranian intel. was active in Bangkok shortly before the attacks. I never said they had to be connected…”

COLBY// So your thesis is that because Azerbaijan is pro-West and friendly with Israel we are to dismiss the arrest of the Iranians as a set up? Iran and Azerbaijan seem to have had good relations until recently.


re(Azerbaijan recently arrested several Iranians it says were planning to attack Israeli targets)


GAAL// MY THESIS == as previously stated, that IRAN wouldnt attack in these particular countries.This started my false flag thinking. (if they did its toooo stupid for words) Ive shown that IRAN does have capabilities in "OTHER !!" places.


I already addressed this point in previous posts, with no reply from you. Which places have you “shown that IRAN does have capabilities in”? What does this have to do with the Azerbaijan plot?

COLBY// When have I ever defended Mossad’s murder of Iranian scientists?

--------- GOOD GOOD GOOD ----------------------------------


"But the Israeli government has been able to take advantage of the credulity of the news media to cover up the irrationality of its terrorism."



How Mossad Justified Its Murder of an Innocent Iranian Electrical Engineer


Saturday 17 March 2012 http://www.truth-out...neer/1331747276

by: Gareth Porter, Truthout | News Analysis



On July 23, 2011, a 35-year-old Iranian electrical engineering student named Darioush Rezaeinejad was gunned down as he and his wife, who was also wounded in the attack, waited for their child in front of a kindergarten in Tehran.


You insinuated I had justified the attacks and I asked you for when I had done so. As for the Porter piece he cited no sources and given how deceptive he was when he was when he did it has to be taken with copious doses of sodium. Based on my skimming of his drivel he never demonstrated Israel was behind the leaks about the scientist. Also you should not have posted it here, a note at the end says: “This article is not covered by Creative Commons policy and may not be republished without permission.” I don’t believe you failed to notice that, it was the only part you cut.


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I give Jones 8.5 out of 10. His voice and presentation often rub the viewer's nerves raw but he tackles important subjects and topics that most times are ignored by the mass media.

At first I found his idea about the FEMA incarceration camps to be way-too-far-out. But now that Congress, at the request of the President, has given the U.S. military to right to arrest any citizen without cause in the same mode as the Argentina military "disappeared" thousands of people, I am beginning to wonder if there is not something to Jones' contention. It may be that Congress gave this incarceration power to the President/Military because if there is a deep world-wide economic depression, society will break down in the U.S. -- just as it is beginning to do so in Greece. There could be widespread national mayhem and violence beyond imagination that could not be dealt with effectively solely by local police forces.


Boy did this thread go off topic....Steve why do you waste your time arguing with this person?

I totally agree with Doug on this. All good points. As to the FEMA camps we have seen pics of them. And they don't build things for non use.

My problem with Jones is the tone of his voice, and that he screams so much, as well as the ego. I began viewing him in Austin almost 20 years ago and most of what he warned about has come to pass. He is fearless and I greatly admire that. He has a tv show here in Austin and is the SOLE voice - (radio/tv I mean)-of what is truly happening in this nation. He was also the first to obtain the Patriot Act and publish it back before anyone even knew what it was. (Remember the Congressmen and women were not permitted to even read it prior to signing it.)

That he deals with all issues of conspiracy is a great service we see nowhere else on the air (tv/radio). But the problems I listed make it hard for me to listen to much, he is offputting in that way. I do not mind that some of his views are "right wing". I learned back in about 73 or so that a right winger was more likely to understand conspiracy truth than any "leftist intellectual". (And I am hard left). You also can't just put some lable on certain people. Some of us are complex with seemingly contradictory views. For example I think of myself as a Libertarian Socialist. I am also deeply spiritual and believe in the teachings of Jesus. (But have little use for Organized religion). I support Ron Paul becasue of his foreign policy and fed issues, which I consider the most important to our very survival. I totally disagree with his infantile Ayn Rand views and believe we need serious regulation in so many areas. I also note that he is not a member of the NWO groups.

Anyway I just wanted to get this thread back to the topic of what people think about Alex Jones.


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Steven, as a request from me - NOT as a Mod - could you please, when you have long portions of text from an external website, please just give a summary or quote the first few lines then give a link to the website. Thank you.

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As to the FEMA camps we have seen pics of them. And they don't build things for non use.

This should be entertaing please post the supposed "pics" of the supposed "FEMA camps"

He was also the first to obtain the Patriot Act and publish it back before anyone even knew what it was. (Remember the Congressmen and women were not permitted to even read it prior to signing it.)

An absurd claim, are you really a lawyer? I'm guessing that was based on your misremembering what John Conyers told Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11. The Congressman said most of his colleagues didn't read all of it because it was so long. Various parts of it were hotly debated and it went through various revisions before finally being sent to Bush.

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The Delhi Police today admitted for the first time that the terror attack on a car carrying an Israeli diplomat was conducted by a foreign country.

“Indian soil has been used by a foreign country for carrying out terrorist activity against another foreign country,” police said in a written reply filed before the Tis Hazari court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Vinod Yadav.

On March 15, Police Commissioner B K Gupta said that the attack had been carried out by persons of Iranian origin against Israeli embassy official Tal Yehoshua Koren. But he did not mention the involvement of any country in the attack.


Israeli embassy car bomber flew to Teheran after day’s stay in Malaysia

NEW DELHI Houshang Afshar, an Iranian national alleged to be involved in the bombing of Israeli envoy’s vehicle here last month, flew to Teheran after spending a day in Malaysia apparently waiting for his accomplices in Bangkok.

According to the investigation report sent by the Malaysian authorities, the bomber arrived at Kaula Lumpur and is believed to have waited for his accomplices who were planning to carry out a similar attack in the Thai capital.

As the news about the botched-up plan in Bangkok hit the television screen, Afshar left for Teheran in the intervening night of February 14 and 15, according to the investigation report shared by the foreign authorities with India. The bomb attack here occurred on February 13.

The phone book of Masoud Sedaghatzadeh, who was arrested by the Malaysian police from Kaula Lumpur airport, led sleuths comprising officials from external and internal security agencies to Indian journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi from where the entire conspiracy started unravelling.



The freelance journalist, who was nabbed by the special team from his Jor Bagh residence on March 6, had allegedly been using a mobile SIM card purchased from Tehran, Iran, to communicate with Seyed Ali Mehdiansadr and Mohammadreza Abolghasemi since early 2011.

“When he went to Iran in 2011, Mehdiansadr and Abolghasemi paid him in dollars and also provided him the SIM card to dodge domestic technical surveillance. He was communicated with and also issued instructions from his handlers in Tehran through this line,” said a senior police officer.

His ‘hotline’ to Tehran, police claimed, played a major role in connecting the technical dots between him, Houshang Irani — the man who executed the attack, and Sedaghatzadeh Masoud, the alleged operational commander of the global operation.


“So far, we have been able to uncover technical evidence linking Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi’s telephonic contact through his Iranian SIM card with 14 Tehran-based telephone numbers,” said a senior officer.

“One belonged to Seyed Ali Mehdiansadr and another was used by Houshang Irani — the man who executed the attack. We are in the process of finding out how many more of the module’s members were in touch with Kazmi the same way.”


“Diplomatic channels may have been used to smuggle the bomb into the country one piece at a time,” the officer said.


India | Updated Mar 21, 2012 at 02:01pm IST

Israeli car blast: Diplomatic channels may have sent explosives


New Delhi: The explosive material used to carry out the blast in a car belonging to the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi could have come through diplomatic channels. Sources have told CNN-IBN that embassy officials and diplomats are exempted from security checks and could have been used to smuggle in the explosives into India to carry out the terror strike.

<embed src='http://static.ibnlive.in.com/swf/video_player_embed_v10.swf?flvName=http://video.tv18online.com.edgesuite.net/cnnibn/flvstore/03_2012/israel_attach_parikxxxx.flv&xmlPath=xml/videos/topibnlivevideos.xml' wmode='transparent' allowFullScreen='true' bgcolor='#333333' width='640' height='391' name='fullscreen' align='middle' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' pluginspage='http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer'/>


Police examining shipment path of Delhi terror bomb parts


03/22/2012 03:29

Test show that components used to make the “sticky bomb” may not have been locally procured.

NEW DELHI – Forensic tests are believed to have revealed that some of the components used to make the “sticky bomb” that was planted on an Israeli Embassy car on February 13 and wounded the defense attaché’s wife may not have been locally procured.

This was the first time that such a bomb with a magnetic base, similar to the one which exploded in Bangkok on February 14, was used in a terrorist attack in India which has seen numerous incidents of terror bombings. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the source of the material for the two bomb was the same.

Since security at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, as at all airports in India, is very high and all baggage is screened, it is unlikely that any of the three Iranians – Houshang Afshar Irani, Syed Ali Mahdiansadr and Mohammadreza Abolghasemi – who have been named as responsible for the attack, carried it on them when they entered India in early January. The bomb is said to have been planted on the car by Iranian citizens.

In view of the possibility that the material for the bomb was brought in from abroad, most possibly from Iran, a source said investigators are exploring whether “the diplomatic route” could have been used. Diplomatic pouches or bags are neither screened nor inspected, as per international protocol.



See also: http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/diplomatic-channels-involved-in-israeli-car-blast_765233.html


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FABRICATION A MOSSAD common Modus operandi

FABRICATING A "SMOKING GUN" TO ATTACK IRAN? Israeli Spies Disguised as Iranian Soldiers on Mission Inside Iran

by Julie Lévesque



Global Research, March 27, 2012


A report published in The Sunday Times on March 25 suggests that “Israel is using a permanent base in Iraqi Kurdistan to launch cross-border intelligence missions in an attempt to find ‘smoking gun’ evidence that Iran is building a nuclear warhead.” (Israeli spies scour Iran in nuclear hunt, The Sunday Times, March 25, 2012)

Western sources told the Times Israel was monitoring “radioactivity and magnitude of explosives tests” and that “special forces used Black Hawk helicopters to carry commandos disguised as members of the Iranian military and using Iranian military vehicles”. The sources believe “Iranians are trying to hide evidence of warhead tests in preparation for a possible IAEA visit”. (Cited in Report: Israeli soldiers scour Iran for nukes, Ynet, March 25, 2012)

The number of Israeli intelligence missions at the Parchin military base in Iran has increased in the past few months, according to the article. During that period, Tehran has been negotiating with the IAEA which had requested to visit Parchin. According to Iran's permanent representative to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, both parties had agreed in early February that the visit would take place in March. (Gareth Porter, Details of Talks with IAEA Belie Charge Iran Refused Cooperation, IPS, March 21, 2012)

The IAEA requested to visit Parchin in late January and late February, after having agreed to a visit in March. The IAEA thus requested to visit the military complex exactly at the same time Israel was intensifying its secret operations to allegedly search for a “smoking gun”.

A few years ago it has been suggested that Israel was the source of fake intelligence, a stolen laptop, related to Iran’s alleged nuclear program. The New York Times reported in 2005 on what was presented as “the strongest evidence” Iran was building nuclear weapons:

American intelligence officials called the leaders of the international atomic inspection agency to the top of a skyscraper overlooking the Danube in Vienna and unveiled the contents of what they said was a stolen Iranian laptop computer.

They presented them as the strongest evidence yet that, despite Iran's insistence that its nuclear program is peaceful, the country is trying to develop a compact warhead to fit atop its Shahab missile, which can reach Israel and other countries in the Middle East. (William J. Broad and David E. Sanger Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims - New York Times, November 13, 2005)

In 2010, an investigative report suggested that those documents were fake:

The warhead shown in the schematics had the familiar "dunce cap" shape of the original North Korean No Dong missile, which Iran had acquired in the mid-1990s [...]

The laptop documents had depicted the wrong re-entry vehicle being redesigned [...]

The origin of the laptop documents may never be proven conclusively, but the accumulated evidence points to Israel as the source. As early as 1995, the head of the Israel Defense Forces' military intelligence research and assessment division, Yaakov Amidror, tried unsuccessfully to persuade his American counterparts that Iran was planning to "go nuclear." By 2003-2004, Mossad's reporting on the Iranian nuclear program was viewed by high-ranking CIA officials as an effort to pressure the Bush administration into considering military action against Iran's nuclear sites, according to Israeli sources cited by a pro-Israeli news service." (Gareth Porter, Exclusive Report: Evidence of Iran Nuclear Weapons Program May Be Fraudulent, Global Research, November 18, 2010).

The fact that Israeli intelligence officers were on a secret mission in Parchin, dressed up as Iranians and driving Iranian military vehicles, while the IAEA was pressuring Tehran to visit that precise location, raises serious questions. The stated goal of those secret missions is the search for a smoking gun. The smoking gun allegations regarding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction have proven that such evidence can be fabricated and used to launch so-called pre-emptive wars.

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So you think Israelis who had snuck into Iran to gather intel. should have worn IDF uniforms? Any evidence that Israelis wearing Iranian uniforms attacked anyone?

The above however are largely irrelevant, the Iranian gov’t has admitted that the men held in Thailand and Malaysia are Iranians and have yet to deny the people accused by Thailand and India are Iranians

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On February 21, 2017 at 9:38 PM, Len Colby said:

Haha a fate far worse than death!



False modesty aside sitting next to me is an enormous privilege. A PRIVILEGE I tell ya! (except when I'm excessively flatulent or fatuous)


Len, do you know what happened to Gaal?

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